Reviews for Of Love and Other Feelings
Hellzz-on-Earth chapter 10 . 1/19
Awww Caroline remembered their first kiss.
Hellzz-on-Earth chapter 9 . 1/19
Stupid Scooby gang!
Awww love Liz giving Caroline some truth.
Hellzz-on-Earth chapter 8 . 1/19
Tyler sucks & Caroline didn't seem to enjoy his kids either!
chillwithJyl chapter 18 . 1/19
Omg yes to the baby Caroline multi-chartered fic!
jessnicole chapter 18 . 1/18
kath chapter 18 . 1/18
Yes please! It's so fluffy, im gonna die!
LaLainaJ chapter 18 . 1/18
These last two drabbles are painfully cute. They make me happy, so thanks for writing!

And I've a bit of a soft spot for de-aging fics so I would read the crap out of a full length one, should you choose to write it.
KlausIsMyEverything chapter 18 . 1/18
ASDFGHJKL OMG YOU DEDICATED IT TO ME! OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. MY BABY KLAROLINE DEDICATED BABY CAROLINE TO ME! UGH YOU'RE SO PERFECT. (P.S. I didn't even know you posted it yet, but my cousins found my tumblr through your post O_O *hides under covers*
LOL anyways.
Giulia how do manage to always be sooo cute? Omg I'm reading it and I keep thinking that I can see Giulia everywhere in this. You were destined to write Baby Klaroline. Like no one will ever be able to top you in writing baby Klaroline.
Like omg the chubbiness! Stahhhpp. She's the chubbiest and squishiest baby ever!
Klaus is already sweating because he can't bear to see her unhappy and she knows it and she abuses her power! Omg I love Caroline so so much. Ugh. Like the way her lips wobbles and her eyes are so big and curious. Omg I can see you in paper Caroline Giulia! *heart eyes*
The way she babbles is just so Caroline and it has Klaus's and everybody's heart aching. That smile and genuine giggle makes his heart practically stop and just asdfghjkl.
And she grabs his finger! Omg dead! And they were drawingggggggff noooooooooo omg how dare you! Ughhhhhhh.
It was so so perfect and it was dedicated to me! Omg this made me soooo happy! Your fluff is the bestest thing ever. Like its better than candy.
And that might "might" better turn into a "will" missy. *uses stern voice* We want Baby Caroline *voices of army echos behind me*
Okay, thank you, ily, write me more fluff and baby klaroline, gratzi! *angel emoji*
Guest chapter 18 . 1/18
Yes... I like that idea...
SweetyK chapter 18 . 1/18
Love this, it was so cute, even better that the first version with a baby Klaus.
And I would love it if you turn it into a real fiction :)
joeyprue chapter 18 . 1/18
the kind of cute and fluffy that we needed. And multi-chaptered story? Sign me.
LoveDeb chapter 18 . 1/18
That's was really adorable, I would love to see this as a multi chapter story!
klaroline4everlove chapter 18 . 1/18
omg, this is so cute story.. baby caroline is so adorable and have klaus babysitt her is so cute... and i definitelly on board if you want to turn baby caroline in multi chapter fic... love their moment together..
DelaneyDay chapter 17 . 1/18
I'm such a sucker for these baby chapters!
MrsLeaMorgan chapter 18 . 1/18
That was super cute! I love it :)
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