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HoneyBear84 chapter 1 . 8/30/2017
Loved it
CharmedArtist chapter 1 . 4/4/2014
I do love those two :)))
KwBw21 chapter 1 . 6/9/2013
I love the 'ultimate' series. I cant wait for the next one please say its going to be posted soon!
lizzielox96 chapter 1 . 5/3/2013
Again another two fabulous OS in the Ultimate Series. Can't wait until the next installment. Vulnerable Snape is fantastic and works so well throughout all of this series. Please keep up the good work.
KneazleGriff chapter 1 . 4/22/2013
Awww...loved this. What a wonderful addition to this series. Though you nearly had me in tears there for awhile. Just imaging a sick and feverish Severus curled up and crying from a broken heart makes me so sad. But the rest of your story picked up my mood considerably! Now I am really looking forward to their bonding ceremony ! :)
Azrael Jinsei chapter 1 . 4/17/2013
Thank you for writing this.
HersheyKissesLove chapter 1 . 4/10/2013
There is isn't going to be a wedding! Awe! I loved this story, thought it was very sweet and cute. So sad the series is over but loved them all!
YenGirl chapter 1 . 4/8/2013

It’s fun brewing a potion… when the dungeon bat isn’t around to swoop down on you and criticise what you’re doing *wipes her sweat while smiling at a happy Harry, a patient Ron and an excited Hermione* I do feel sorry for Ron (thank Merlin Aurors don’t need to actually brew potions) but Hermione is there to save the day. And yes, I can quite easily imagine Severus and the trio sitting down at the same table for a meal some day… perhaps with Sev and Harry holding hands under the table!

So Severus is building a stable future for the two of them… and it’s great that Harry realises this. *wipes away happy tears as well* Ooh, Severus is going to take a shower! *takes a step forward and has the bathroom door slammed in her face and pouts*

Hmm, it seems like Severus has been building something else as well! *blinks at the Slytherin smile on his face* So… a ceremony that isn’t traditional? Or boring? But unforgettable instead? What on earth are you planning, Severus?! Tell me! *is hit by a hex that starts to push her out of the bedroom* Oy! I want to stay here… you two look so comfortable in your matching pyjamas… and sharing the same blanket… and Harry loves to rest his head on your chest… and you love to stroke his messy hair… and look, there’s a tiny bit of space here at the foot of your bed where I can curl up… *finds herself outside the bedroom and being pushed towards the door*

Well, fine. Since they’re both sleeping now, and that misunderstanding has been resolved between them, and Severus knows Harry thinks him the most wonderful thing, and Harry also knows Severus would endure anything for him, I’ll leave them alone.

A wonderful addition to your Ultimate series, my dear! I never get tired of your Severus and your Harry… even though I confess I’m still curious to read about a certain blond ferret and his red haired girlfriend!
YenGirl chapter 1 . 4/8/2013
You’re welcome as always! *hugs back*

Each of your Ultimate stories is like a magical charm on a shiny, Snarry charm bracelet. You already have 8 wonderful stories hanging from it and this 9th one is no less magical.

With each story, Severus and Harry’s characters grow a little more in the right direction. They haven’t reached perfection yet – where’s the fun in that? – so I’m glad you have painted us another lovely episode of a vulnerable Severus who doesn’t think himself worthy of love, and an impulsive Harry who sometimes makes mistakes. They both are far more endearing like this :D

*takes a moment to stare at the smoking green potion in the cover image an decides it is worth drinking if it promises an immediate cure from flu*

So the dreaded NEWTs are over at last! *smiles and slathers sunscreen before openning umbrella even though she’s under the shade of the large tree* Yes, you all deserve to relax after studying so hard. It’s good that that incident with Malfoy was solved so Harry can still pursue his dreams of becoming an Auror.

I’m glad Ron and Hermione also have their own romance going on so they won’t mind their best friend disappearing now and again to spend time in the dungeons. Of course our dear Harry can’t wait to announce his and Severus’ relationship after having to be so secretive for so long! *pats his shoulder* ... even though a handful of people already know about them - Ron, Hermione, Albus, Sirius, Remus… and Draco!

(And I’ve told you this before but I’m really looking forward to reading about how arrogant and rude Malfoy woos the feisty Ginny Weasley – thefireworks should be noisier and brighter than those made by the Weasley twins! *makes a note to prepare sunglasses and ear plugs at that time*)

Ron and Hermione are true best friends, spending their free time helping Harry with his self-appointed task. The best HP fanfiction always have this trio together forever! *beams at them and applies more sunscreen on her nose*

LOL! Trust Ron to find an interesting potion and end up being the most embarrassed one of the three! *giggles* He really should finish reading that section before saying a word. Trust me, Ron dear *pats his red cheek while winking at Harry* your best mate and Severus will have No Problems At All making that potion work. Hermione already knows this, but Ron of course would rather remain in Obliviland *grins* I can’t help but wonder how far he and Hermione have progressed in terms of physical intimacy? *raises eyebrows at Ron who can now be mistaken for a ripe and freckled tomato on legs*

And Harry forgot his book… *sighs, folds her umbrella and follows the trio*

Oh, poor Severus! I feel so sorry for him since I remember that tired, achy feeling one gets with the flu, but I’m also smiling at the thought of an adult Severus enjoying Muggle activities. Perhaps during the holidays after their relationship is made known and things have quietened down, he and Harry can take the tube together! After being vaccinated against Muggle illnesses! During peak hour! And be pressed up against each other nose to nose! Chest to chest! Hip to – eek! *is glared at by a still red faced Ron who has his hands clapped to his ears *

I’m sure Severus only meant that he didn’t want to see Ron and Hermione right now because he isn’t feeling well and doesn’t want to display any form of weakness in front of them. *whispers to Harry ‘otherwise he might deduct points from Gryffindor if they witness him sneezing or coughing’ and is duly hexed by an ill Potions Master who still has very sharp hearing*

In that case, it’s a good thing Hermione and Ron escaped before that potion could be discussed otherwise Severus might deduct even more points for being embarrassed! *giggles from behind sofa*

(And I’ve also told you this before but I’m quite sure Harry will want to follow Severus on one of his potion ingredient expedition into jungles… if only to carry mosquito repellent spray for his beloved and share a cosy tent with him at nights! *grins*)

I liked how worried your Severus can be – ever since he learned that the trio had brewed Polyjuice in their 2nd year, he gets nervous just because they have an old potions book with them! *hides her grin when Severus looks suspiciously at her*

I wish Harry had noticed Severus was sick, but I suppose it would embarrass Severus if he couldn’t conceal his illness from Harry. Besides, Harry was so excited at that potion that he could explain the requirement without blushing or stammering!

And that excitement led to a classic misunderstanding. *heavy sigh* Poor Severus wasn’t given a chance to explain! *ducks behind the sofa again as the delicious angst explodes between the two of them*

Oh dear oh dear oh dear.. each time I read this part, my heart squeezes up like a dried fruit and I don’t know whether to go and whack Harry upside the head for being so thoughtless *takes two steps towards the bathroom* or stay with Severus to try to comfort him! *takes two steps back to the sofa* What to do, what to do… dithers while going to and fro and ends up doing a weird shuffle next to the sofa *

You are an evil, talented writer, you know that? *smiles* You always pull so hard at my heartstrings with your lovely portrayal of an insecure and vulnerable Severus… *sniffs and wonders ifhe will accept a tissue from her* And when his tears started… *uses tissue on her own nose*

I know part of the reason why he’s thinking all this nonsensical thoughts of not being able to make Harry happy and fearing that Harry will leave him is because of his deep seated insecurity, but it’s also partly due to him feeling so ill.

(I remember when I had a bad case of bronchitis about 12 years ago – I had fever for 2 weeks and each time I was feverish and alone, I felt depressed as if I had nothing to live for. Then when the fever went down, I would feel better and more optimistic again… until the next round).

At least Severus still knows that his bond with Harry was the best gift he has ever received. *tearful smile*

It looks like he needs to hear Harry declare his love for him everyday. *isn’t hexed*

Or perhaps three times a day. *still isn’t hexed this time since Severus is sobbing too hard to notice her*

Or even every hour of everyday? *still isn’t hexed which shows just how hurt poor Severus is*

Ah, here’s Harry now, all remorseful and guilty and realising that Severus as an adult will have more concerns than an excited 17 year old who has just finished sitting for his NEWTs. See? I told you his heart is in the right place! *beams at Severus who is too feverish to notice her at all*

Oh, the angst is… completely heartwrenching! *rubs her chest as Harry sees Severus’ tears* My dear writer, you have no idea how many times I had to rub my aching chest when I was reading this… English may not be your first language, but you still manage to impart all the hurt and agony Severus felt… and all the guilt and love Harry felt – wonderful!

At least he realises it now… and oh, just give the man the entire vial, Harry! I’m sure it won’t harm him… all right, so I’m no Madam Pomfrey, but still… *hovers annoyingly over Severus and tries to touch his forehead and tuck him up tighter until Harry pushes her away*

Fine, I’ll watch over him too. *settles in the other armchair and promptly starts snoring until she’s woken up by the delicious smell of chicken soup*

By the way, isn’t Severus cute? He’s a grown man, but he still resorts to pinching himself whenver he thinks he’s dreaming! *giggles and realises Severus isn’t listening to her and then sighs* He still thinks Harry’s going to leave him at any moment.

Merlin, you’re breaking my heart with Severus’ broken words! How can he think that Harry doesn’t want him anymore? (And if you really don’t want him, Harry, can I have him instead? I’ll wrap him up in the softest blanket, feed him tea and buttered scones and cuddle him on my lap…) *is glared at by disinterested and heartbroken Potions Master*

They both really jumped to the worst conclusions, didn’t they? *smiles and shakes her head* Harry really should know better since Severus loves him enough to agreeto a bonding ceremony. And Severus should know better too since Harry drank that bonding potion with him!

I liked that similarity you brought up – they both had loveless childhoods and had to rely on themselves for a long, long time… but now, they finally have someone who will take good care of them. It’s about time they realised this! *smiles through her tears*

Oh and I loved it when Harry said ‘ I want everyone to know that you belong to me’ – hear that, Severus? He thinks you’re so wonderful that he’s become quite the possessive young man already! Trust me, he won’t ever leave you… *starts sniffling again at the declarations of love and the wonderful embrace that followed*

Ah, feeding his beloved chicken soup and following it up with a kiss – what could be better than that? *pervy mind immediately supplies a few suggestions* Yes, well… we’ll leave those activities to when Severus feels better *grins at a Potions Master who pretends he doesn’t have good hearing all ofa sudden*

He was so cute when Harry was cheeky and he was too ill to do anything about it! *skips to the kitchen to avoid a weak stinging hex*

Oh, this is lovely – Severus not only forgave Harry for his thoughtless words but showed how much he trusted his friends! Of course Harry doesn’t mind that he’s not entrusted to brew the potion himself… not when he can help.

Ah yes, I remember that Severus was asleep the last time Dobby appeared in his quarters, so he only learned about Lucius losing a house elf and Harry gaining one now! *chuckles* I’m sure Dobby would love to attend that bonding ceremony as well…

And I see Harry is making up for his impulsive words – too bad Ron and Hermione came so soon *sighs at the interrupted kiss*

It’s fun brewing a potion… when the dungeon bat isn’t around to swoop down on you and cr
Sheankelor chapter 1 . 4/8/2013
*grins happily* That was wonderful. Just as perfect of a continuation as I can think of.

It did start off so idyllic. Everything was happy and wonderful. I like the potion that they found, by the way, but was a touched worried that Severus wouldn't accept it. But then I had to remember that it was your Severus not mine. *grins* And we know why Ginny and Draco are together... was it one of those dates we orchestrated?

*pouts before switching to a grin* Severus is sick. With the flu... but that he loves to ride the tube is wonderful. A small memory can make such a big difference in our behavior. So, our normally overtly cautious Potions Master opted to get onto a disease ridden train. It is a pity though that he didn't think to stock his cupboard with that all important potion right when he got back.

Harry... *sighs and restarts* Harry should have known better. But it was nice to see him goof up this time. He is normally very cautious when dealing with Severus' emotions. It shows just how much he feels they have progressed that he could loose his temper like that. At least he just went to the bathroom instead of leaving to think.

I love the fact that Severus' mirror is charmed to be unbreakable. That was very telling.

*rubs Severus' shoulders while she can* The self-doubt is still there, but at least it isn't as bad as it once was. They've definitely come a long way since the beginning.

Harry should remember the proper dosage from all his hospital wing visits... no that would be painkillers.

Ever subtle, Severus. What a wonderful way to show Harry that you trust his friends, and that they are welcomed into your life. On your terms. And at least he will not have to suffer a potion made by Harry. Because I think he would have done so if he could not come up with a way to get around it without hurting Harry's feelings.

Harry remembered what was truly important. They are already bonded. The witnesses and such will be icing as he said.

I'm glad that Severus decided not to cancel the ceremony, but now I am anxious to see what Severus has planned for it.
Pink Bead Girl chapter 1 . 4/8/2013
What a lovely story! It was a delightful roller coaster ride through the dips and troughs of misunderstandings and leaping to conclusions and the crests and peaks of explanation, trust and love.

I often find HP stories too complicated to follow but your story appealed to me because it was so well explained and about that most wonderful of things, love.

You described so well the hurt feelings of poor Severus after he thought Harry no longer wanted him that I felt so sorry for him, as I would for an actual real person. You followed that with making me feel every little bit of Harry's remorse when he realized what he had done to his dearest one.

I loved the pathos of Harry brushing away the tears from Severus' face, it was so real! It was lovely then to recover from all that painfulness with the sweet description of Harry admiring the way his lover's lips looked eating that nourishing chicken soup. An unexpected bonus for Harry I think that took him so nicely by surprise.

I am glad things turned out so well when the potion was brewed and that Harry and his friends were warmed by the trust Severus had placed in them by allowing the use of his private lab.

I only really know of the HP universe by the stories that you and dear Yengirl write and you are educating me wonderfully well.

Thank you for your entertaining story and I hope you will be made happy by the many positive reviews you so richly deserve and that you just cast your gaze away from and ignore any that speak unkindly. Be heartened by those that love your work and know that you are an amazing and talented author. Long may your muse reign.
with the very best of wishes,
Tlcatlady chapter 1 . 4/7/2013
Aww, so sweet! TLC
Awelina chapter 1 . 4/7/2013
Just a tiny little thing: wasn't the rapist supposed to be Amycus Carrow? But now he somehow turned into Avery... I thought I would point this out to you...
bkerrmom1 chapter 1 . 4/7/2013
Guest chapter 1 . 4/7/2013
This short story is like GLUCOSE SYRUP !

It's sugary sweet and vere sticky too !

Where's the slow romance ?
Where's the heartache ?
Where's the drama ?
Where's suspens ?

There are so many thing that thing's short story is missing !

The Crimson Mage.
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