Reviews for fifty shades of Cluster-FK
4 Ezria chapter 26 . 9/18
Omg I love gay Jose! Love love love him!
Guest chapter 102 . 9/15
What's happened to Stan, Maurice and the sugar babes? What happened to the story?
Guest chapter 91 . 9/15
so sweet...I am glad that I reread was great!
Guest chapter 77 . 9/13
such a GREAT chapter...even if it the 5th time I've read it!
Guest chapter 56 . 9/9
evyn...reading your story for about the 5th it...and absolutely love the crazy sisters story...please write more about them...your writing is so descriptive that I feel I am right there with all the characters...absolutely love jose and blue go girl...
Sweet Peach75 chapter 102 . 9/6
OMG, this was by far one of the BEST FF stories I have read in a while. It kept me on my toes laughing. I love, love, LOVED it.
Cameron chapter 87 . 9/5
I. LOVE. JOSE! How dare another guest reviewer ask you to make him go away. No, No, NOOOOOO, Jose MUST stay :-)
Bimini chapter 46 . 8/30
Omg. That last line!
Guest chapter 102 . 8/29
Again, what can I say but I love this story...absolutely the best of the best of the best that I have ever read...the humor was fantastic...the McGovern ladies were great...and Aunt Talulah fabulous! I cannot wait to read more...thanks for the smile you brought to my face...
detsinbaby chapter 102 . 8/25
Will you tell the family tree of Anna and the sisters.
Guest chapter 33 . 8/22
Omg. Your columns! Hell to the No and Horse shit! I thought I was going to need oxygen! I can just see Christian's face while she's telling him this. I lost it. You could write g ok r Saturday night live. You are we hilarious! I love love this story!
Guest chapter 27 . 8/22
Oh my gosh! I have tears running down my cheeks from laughing so hard. Bug bad Don't Christian has his mom on the phone talking to Ana. I lost it! You are a brilliant story teller and your comedic writing, hilarious. The bad guy dieing fom a seasame seed! What a hoot! I'm sooooooo loving this story.
Guest chapter 8 . 8/21
Honest you God I have never laughed so much reading a book as I have with cluster f#$k! I'm crying I have laughed so hard. I love this! It's 8/21/17 and I just found this. Undoubtedly a great great storyline. I can't wait to see what happens next. You are truly talented. Thanks for sharing! JaneMannPyle on Facebook. Have you written anything else?
dorisalynne2003 chapter 15 . 8/21
I know this story has been on here for a while but I just wanted to say I love it! It us just too funny!
justallen406 chapter 21 . 8/10
wow...just wow
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