Reviews for Falling in Love Again
Thornthief27 chapter 5 . 10/17/2016
This is extremely well written, and I'm loving the plotline, but making the characters have different names is a little too OOC for me to be able to fully appreciate this story. I find it helps to pretend that it has nothing to do with Rurouni Kenshin, and that helps. Karen really does have Kaoru' s strength, though.
Thornthief27 chapter 1 . 9/19/2016
I don't know why, but I'm extremely put off by the fact that the characters have American names.
skenshingumi chapter 10 . 2/16/2008
I think this is an amazing story. I find the way you have retained essential elements of the characters while at the same time radically changing so much quite fascinating. Setting it in mid-60’s NY is interesting in itself. All the major lifestyle changes that boil over in just a few years into mainstream awareness are simmering in the NYC underground. I know you have let this story lie fallow for many years but I hope you are inspired to return to it. I also love the little peaks we get of the original Kenshin’s life in the beginning of each chapter. You are able to sketch quite a lot in those short passages.
the sacred night chapter 9 . 12/28/2005
part *one*? i guess this is going to be quite a long story... it seemed as if we'd gotten to the climax, or nearly so.

i like your choice for tomoe's last name. blancanieve: white snow. or Snow White, if you want to go that way. Is she Latina, then, with that last name? that'd be an interesting change... although i love her and the story with her is interesting all around.

does sam know... ha! you don't know the half of it, karen!

actually, although certainly kenshin isn't exactly a communist, i can see the analogy. when you boil it down, the aims of both were to elminate classes, poverty, etc. and in both cases, those aims were corrupted by power seekers. ain't that always the way. in one of my stories saito calls kenshin a communist, but he's not really being serious, it's meant as an insult and therefore exaggerated.

you're so witty. i love your style, and i'm going to have to see your profile for more stories.
the sacred night chapter 8 . 12/27/2005
i guess it makes sense that sano still hasn't come to terms with his sexuality fully. that's why he passes for "the perfect straight guy." part of his machismo act. i'm not saying you have to be Carson from "Queer Eye" in order to come to terms with your sexuality, but sano goes way overkill *trying* to look "straight." so in a way, i suppose he believes the stereotypes that gay men are, well, like Carson from "Queer Eye." he believes the stereotypes, so he tries to prove to himself that he doesn't fit them, when if he would just be himself, he could *see* that the stereotypes are bullshit. well, *all* stereotypes are bullshit. ok, i'm done. *gets down from soapbox* great chapter, btw.
the sacred night chapter 7 . 12/22/2005
actually, it's J. Edgar Hoover, not Edgar J. Hoover. still, i love how you're inolving "current events" of the period in the story so much.

but... WTF kenshin and aoshi? sano will not be happy... and by "not happy" i mean he will throw things. he will curse. he will shout. in the end, he will probably burn something to the ground. or he will beat the crap out of aoshi. OMG, the wrath of sano will be felt. i see that kenshin was basically only doing it because he felt it would help aoshi get off the drugs, but he clearly was enjoying it himself quite a bit. he mentions wanting to do this ever since he first saw aoshi, but i've gotten the impression so far that he's disgusted by aoshi because of his drug use. you could really do something with those complicated mixed feelings. i wonder now what the pairing will be? i'm a big kenshin/aoshi fan, but only if aoshi gets off the drugs; i'm disgusted by it, too. i think kenshin/sano is a little overdone, besides the fact that you almost have to make them a little ooc to pull it off. kenshin/aoshi makes much more sense to me. you didn't have to warn for "sex" (and get our hopes up!). that was really just foreplay. it's implied that they had sex, but we don't actually *see* them do it. too bad.
the sacred night chapter 6 . 12/22/2005
the scene where kenneth and karen danced together was interesting, because it's sad that she's attracted to someone she can never have. i'm wondering who, if anyone, she will be paired with. since she wants to start a family, she ought to end up with somebody.

i'm also wondering about arthur and mimi. even though they weren't really in this chapter, i guess the kenneth/karen interation made me think of them. she's going to go visit him, i assiume, since she has the address now, and boy is she in for a surprise. king arthur a crack addict. still, if determination translates into ability, she'll have him clean in no time.

i vaguely remember the mention of karen's grandmother being bisexual (yay, just like me!), but if you hadn't reminded us in the author's notes, i'd have completely forgotten. "maybe he was like grandma, only in the other way" kind of gave me a hint, though. i wonder how many ppl knew about her, and if her husband knew. karen obviously knew, and maybe that's why she's a little more liberal about it than expected.

i also love your specific references to books, movies, songs, etc. of the time. it makes it feel more like the actual time period, but you're also making excellent use of it to reveal things about the characters and story. great job!
the sacred night chapter 5 . 12/21/2005
kenshin's starting to seem a little more in character. ok, a lot more.

interesing how you metioned kenshin being the femme, because i have the feeling that impression will not last long...

i also find it fascinating that kenshin keeps up the flirting. it's cute how sano is being drawn into an actual relationship without even realizing it :)

which brings me to my next question: will there be a lemon? i'll continue reading either way, but i confess i'm hoping for one...

and on a completely unrelated note, i thought if there would be any 'queens' in this story it would certainly be kamatari. he makes a cute girl, and besides he really does dress as a woman and want to be one, although if you ask him he won't tell you he *is* one. anywho, i'm surprised you made Sae a boy. still, it's nice to see the twins again. are they southerners like in the manga? they're from kansai like chou.
the sacred night chapter 4 . 12/16/2005
the drug use wasn't so shocking; it WAS the sixties. even if it were now it wouldn't be shocking necessarily. every chapter a new set of social issues crops up- racism, sexual orientation prejudice, drug use, poverty, police brutality, internment camps, war, the list goes on. there was a lot of shit going down. i understand that you don't necessarily endorse things you write about. i can't seem to make anyone understand this. there's nothing wrong with having anything in the world in your story as long as it's portrayed in an apprpiriate light- and the drug use clearly isn't portrayed in a flattering light. i wonder if you'll include any of that kanryuu business with the whole drug use theme... i bet kanryuu has already been introduced, as the guy that aoshi gets the stuff from. interesting that aoshi's involved in the drug business in a completely different way than he originally was. will megumi be involved as she was? that'll be kind of a trick to pull off with her present state of affairs, but we'll see.

i'm amazed that there is so much going on in this story, and yet it doesn't feel cluttered or rushed. it's all just in there in a natural way, just like in real life.

there was a mention of an assassin in the last chapter or so. was it kenshin? i kinda thought you had changed everything about his life, but he does still have a sword, so i guess some other things might be intact. i'm realy interested in your interpretation of him and your version of his past.
the sacred night chapter 3 . 12/16/2005
so kaoru is the owner of a school she inherited, but has no students because of damage to the school's reputation. bizarrely accurate, even if there are a few differences. interesting that they're Jewish- you're tackling all SORTS of social issues here, aren't you?

i have gotten completely hooked on this story. there's something about a good historical piece that gets me every time. especially when there are passionate boy on boy make out scenes... or girl on girl... or even that freaky hetero stuff they're doing nowadays...
the sacred night chapter 2 . 12/15/2005
god, the names are confusing... and it took me an embarrassingly long time to recognize Misao, lol, even thought i ADORE her... she's on my desktop right now!

i liked how you incorporated both of kenshin's names, shinta into shintaro and kenshin into kenneth. his name isn't the least bit confusing, and a lot of them at least sound like their real names a little bit.

i've definitely never seen megumi-katsu... that's got to be the most original pairing to date.

i like how you're incorporating a lot of early underground LGBT culture- i'm bisexual, and i love to see my people acknowledged! i hope there'll be some acknowledgement of female members of that culture, too, since i feel we're a little underappreciated. plus, since i'm bisexual, or equal-opportunity-horny as i like to say, i love yuri as much as i love yaoi!

in spite of the ooc moments, this is a really good story. besides, i have faith that as you said, the ooc would be explained so it's actually not ooc. you're very good at creating a certain atmosphere you want us to feel. it's a little weird for me to see soujirou as a bartender, or sano as a singer, or kenshin as a dancer (!), but you are clearly an excellent writer.

you said the fact that kenshin smokes is a mark of his past... i find that a little strange since the fact that someone smokes doesn't usually mean anything deep, but if he's a dancer, maybe it does. for him to smoke even though he's a dancer and obviously needs to be healthy and whatnot... maybe.

i noticed the chapters are named after songs. i never knew there was a song called "poetry in motion," but i'm assuming it's a song because the other titles are. anywho, there's a one shot called poetry in motion on and it's EXCELLENT. it's a kenshin/aoshi lemon, and extremely well written. it turned me onto that particular pairing, since before i read that i never really thought they fit together, but they do.
ForbiddenFox chapter 10 . 8/4/2005
ForbiddenFox chapter 1 . 8/3/2005
DAMN this is a good story! I love Kenshin, and (in my opinion) I can see him as a dancer (He pratically dances with his sword when he fights). I can't wait to read the rest of the story! -x I miss his scar ...BUT I SHALL LIVE WITHOUT IT! I love the fc! It's great.

Ja Ne!
Kenshin's Soul chapter 1 . 3/24/2005
I forgot to tell you this!

I want to say your fic is very, very original and I haven't seen anything like it anywhere in the RK fic-dome.

I love how you change the characters' skin color and it's so interesting. Sanosuke as a lighted skinned black and Misao as a black person. I'm assuming Yahiko is lighter skinned than he origially was.

I am so looking forward for future chapters. I can't get your story out of my mind. It's driving me crazy.

More! More!

P.S. As for the Stonewall riot, I thought I read somewhere in the newspapers or a TV program that the riot started because I think someone killed a well-known gay man by the name Stonewall. I have read Judy Garland's book and I remembered she died from a drug overdose. I no longer have that book. What you said is true, I'll believe you that the riot due to Judy Garland's death.

Thanks for writing a great fic.
Kenshin's Soul chapter 6 . 3/21/2005
I love reading your fic. It's very well written and I feel like I'm back in the 60s. Even I wasn't born in 1965 but was born in 1969 and alot of things has happened. Stonewall is one of them and also Judy Garland's death. I'll get back to you on Stonewall, something's off and I need to check it out.
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