Reviews for Pretend Love
novo-o-caine chapter 65 . 18h
Update omg
Deadpool-girl chapter 65 . 19h
Oh no Hideo, you're making me dislike you for that comment. Anyways, loved the chapter, please update soon
Raindra chapter 65 . 20h
awwww, I love how his cousin see it, can't wait to see more of your story
lara5170 chapter 65 . 21h
I just started reading this story and while I'm enjoying it , I can't help but wonder what Kagome's true destiny is, or if it's just being mentioned repeatedly because of the prompts. I've never cared for drabbles much because I often find that they don't really have a true end & I'm a bit confused as to whether this is an actual story with a plot that is more than just Sessh trying to get out of the arranged mating by using Kagome or if this is simply a drabble series with prompts. It's listed as a Romance/Humor but it's already been shown that Sessh's mom has already been made aware that Kimiko has been using her, then it mentioned Sessh & his mother going to his study (I think, I don't really recall if that is where they were going) so they could together discuss a way to save the western lands from Kimiko's plotting (or that's what it seemed). Yet, even after Sessh's mom was let in on the fact that he was just using Kagome to get out of the pre-arranged mating to Komiko, his mom still basically wants Kagome gone or dead before she serves her purpose. I'm going to continue reading this to see where or when the romance part of this will begin or if Kagome is simply being used, because it appears as if Sessh truly dislikes her & wants nothing to do with her once she serves her purpose & if that happens then how is this story considered either 'Romance or Humor' ? I'm just confused.
SweetHunniiBunnii chapter 64 . 23h
Nice work! Glad to see Kagome trying with Sesshomaru!
SweetHunniiBunnii chapter 65 . 7/1
dun Dun DUN! Hopefully Sesshomaru won't mess it up. Nice work!
Veraozao chapter 65 . 7/1
love it, kiss
kimmico chapter 65 . 7/1
Things just took a turn for the dark lane O.o
Ldysabella chapter 65 . 7/1
Ooh this does not seem like a good way to win friends and influence people like Kagome. He's really digging himself in deep.
munford chapter 65 . 7/1
Oh no don't do it Sesshomaru. Keep up the good work.
Sachiko Harada chapter 65 . 7/1
Wօա tɦat ɛռɖɛɖ ʍɨsċɦɨɛʋօʊsʟʏ
Veraozao chapter 64 . 6/30
love it, kiss
KitBitMe chapter 64 . 6/30
Wait I'm confused. Is Kagome under the influence of the love potion or not?
Ldysabella chapter 64 . 6/30
Touche. They are virtually strangers. The fact that he dreamed she'd go quietly along with all of this should be proof enough. Sesshoumaru will have to work for her cooperation after all.
Smile Black chapter 64 . 6/30
xD yea that sounds like Kagome alright
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