Reviews for The Shenanigans of Flame and Fullmetal
Lilla chapter 46 . 3/22
"Don't be a pervert in front of Mr. Doodles!" _
Tilla chapter 43 . 3/22
I liked the ending for this chapter.
lol chapter 35 . 3/21
Too funny!
Akiros chapter 61 . 3/9
Hello. I was just reading your profile, and I just wanted to say I understand, the whole falling out of love with a pairing and losing the will to write anything at all. Of course, I'll be missing your RoyEd stories, but it's always better to write for things you love. I'm sure no matter what you write it'll be great no matter what.

- Akiros

PS, I sound so sappy, urgh.
LeFay Strent chapter 61 . 3/7
Why do your drabbles make me so ridiculously happy? I don't think I'll ever get tired of them. _ When Ed was waking up and he curled up to Roy and...GAH! It's too fucking cute!
LeFay Strent chapter 60 . 3/7
Good God! When Ed was like, "You have to build a snowman with me!" I just died from the adorableness. Although I would have liked to see them build the actual snowman, this was sweet and cute as it is. Makes me wish I had someone to play in the snow with like that...or just snow at all...
LeFay Strent chapter 59 . 3/7
Did Ed really just call Roy a wench? lmao

Wowzers, that sounds like it hurts. I probably would have never been able to tell someone the truth like that, no matter how close we were.
cocopower chapter 27 . 2/26
Lovely last line.
Super Derp chapter 61 . 2/15
Omg please update soon. This is definitely my favorite story on the entire site and the lack of updates is just killing me. I know that you have things to do other than write fanfiction, but these little drabbles are adorable, well written, and in character. Please update soon. Xoxo
cocopower chapter 18 . 2/13
Super cuuuuute! lol
Alancer chapter 61 . 2/6
Short, funny, sweet and accurate. Just how I love my drabbles. Awesome Work!
cocopower1 chapter 5 . 1/26
Fav line, "...curses and swears flying from his mouth in a way that could make a sailor shed a tear of pride."
ColdInnocence chapter 12 . 1/23
I love milk. It gives me chocolate, whipped cream, marang, cake, and those Japanese milk candies... They taste really good. On the other hand I can agree with ed, because do u know what happens to it after being exposed to high levels of acid (like in ur stomach)? No? Well take some lemon juice and pour it in the same amount of milk, don't minx it just let it sit for a while. Then u will see why milk is gross, but it makes a great substitute for breast milk and a lot less offensive than just sucking someone's tit or them sucking urs. Sorry about my grammar, habit when typing on a phone but I'm also to lazy to do anything about it.
ColdInnocence chapter 4 . 1/18
Ed wears the pants, Roy should wear a kilt. Hmm, kinky.
Misaki Takahashi Akihiko chapter 61 . 1/5
Im confused. Is the story finished? It says complete, but you say you'll write more, plus Switched isn't over yet...

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