Reviews for Family First
Noradin chapter 2 . 11/2
This chapter comes across a bit too biased and unrealistic.
Also, if you thought the last chapter needed three warnings for one spanking, then why did the violence in this chapter not need any? What you described here would have resulted in Harry's death if he was a normal eleven year old.
ar111 chapter 18 . 10/14
awww this was brilliant i cried
1990sMsMedic chapter 2 . 9/21
Harry's injuries are disproportionate to the beating he received, him managing to get away with nothing but serious bruising of his torso and a few cuts is a pipe dream. Along with waking up from being unconscious and unresponsive for several minutes perfectly fine.
Getting struck in the head with a skillet like it was implied he had been, hard enough to be knocked unconscious for so long implies serious damage to the brain, such as swelling or bleeding. Professional fighters who are knocked unconscious and qualify as a K.O. are only out for a few seconds and are always aware enough to respond to someone (their coach, the ref) in some way, verbally or non verbally. Being unresponsive for several minutes, implies a desperate need for medical attention and possibly falling into a coma, or permanent brain damage, or death.
This isn't even taking into the fact that Harry isn't sporting any broken bones, no cracks, nothing. Despite the fact that Skillets are a lot harder than bone, especially the bones of a still growing child, who is likely malnourished, from years of abuse and neglect.
Harry's physical health following this is very cartoonish, real life people getting struck with frying pans, anywhere, doesn't really end with the person getting up and walking away like nothing happened. There are normally broken bones, defensive wounds, and possible bruising or damage to internal organs and the brain.

I'm not trying to be rude, but the fact that Harry got up and walked away from this with a few cuts and bruises really pulled by out of the story. So maybe do a bit of research about the injuries a person or child might receive from a beating such as this one.
SciFiLvr13 chapter 1 . 7/25
While I don't believe in spanking minors (if you wouldn't hit your spouse what makes a hitting a child acceptable?) but I did find the way you wrote this to be acceptable. If a spanking is given a child should be reminded that they are loved and forgiven.
Marty chapter 18 . 7/4
I loved this story. In some places I have to admit that I cried especially when Harry saw his father .
mandancie chapter 18 . 6/10
This was really good. :) I am so happy that I found this story.
Dream Painter chapter 18 . 4/16
A very feel-good sort of tale. I really enjoyed reading this! I especially love Harry's last bit of dialog, omg. Thanks for sharing!
SusanMarieS chapter 18 . 3/27
awesome thank you
Kim chapter 18 . 3/25
Please continue this fanfic it so good in realistic I wanna know what happens next
misuky7 chapter 18 . 2/13
I loved this story. I do so hope you had decided to write more. :3
lilikaco chapter 18 . 2/3
Loved it! Thanks for sharing with us!
Guest chapter 18 . 1/24
Very nice story, I liked it. I really liked how Lucius was portrayed, though I felt the last couple of chapters were a bit rushed.
1sunfun chapter 18 . 1/8
Navyangel85 chapter 18 . 1/2
lovely ending
Navyangel85 chapter 2 . 1/2
liking it so far
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