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Guest chapter 6 . 9/17
I feel like this story is some sort of love letter written to spankings. At the very least it's reading like a guidebook for "How to Lovingly Spank Your Child And Truly Make It An Educating Discipline And Not Just Gratuitous Violence: It's All About The Hugs And Forgiveness Afterwards, Not Just The Spanking Itself" Magazine... Which sounds like a horrific publication and I truly hope it doesn't exist.

Seriously though, your profile says you're an 18 year old college student studying business, or at least I think that's what you said your major was, & if I'm wrong I apologize. That said, why are four out of five of your stories focusing on spanking 11 year old boys? I feel like this isn't a subject you should be spending so much time thinking and writing about... Or maybe I'm just an idiot who is sharing an opinion that DEFINITELY WASN'T asked for, yes I know that, and NO, I am NOT "flaming" you, that's not what this is about, because honestly I am enjoying the parts of your story that don't include these extremely detailed punishments, and mainly the only reason I'm paying so much attention to it is because of your warning you write at the beginning of the story about how the fanfic includes the punishment and how you want people who have a problem with it to ignore it or go read something else. Honestly if it were JUST a story about Lucius and Narcissa taking Harry in and raising him properly I wouldn't have a problem, it's just I can't help but feel as if you're writing this for some sort of spanking loving niche audience... And if that's the case FINE... Or maybe not fine, but if that's the case say THAT in your warning. Or if that's way your warning is meant to be saying then trust me: IT IS NOT SAYING EXACTLY THAT AND YOU MIGHT WANT TO ACTUALLY SAY THAT TO PEOPLE BEFORE THEY START TO READ THIS:

Because frankly the story is starting to make me feel a tad dirty, and if it's supposed to be dirty it needs to be rated that way and the disclaimer needs to spell that out clearly. And if this wasn't your intention then maybe examine your writing and look for WHY people might read it as such, you know?
Guest chapter 1 . 9/17
You know just because you put up a warning for readers about the spanking doesn't mean it isn't damned graphic and detailed like crazy! I mean... I guess my question is why did you, as a writer, feel the need to write such a detailed description of a man spanking his son? What did you get from it? What do you expect your readers to take from it? I really don't understand this. I understand your warning and everything and it's not the punishment I have a problem with, I guess it's just I didn't expect there to be SO MUCH time and words spent on this damn spanking thing. Is this a spanking story or something? I mean, hell, you've already told us that there is actually a MAGICAL SPANKING SHOE that's kind of a Malfoy HEIRLOOM, and THEN YOU HAVE HIM USE A HUGE HAIR BRUSH TO SPANK HIM WITH AS WELL! Anyone else think that the spanking is a TOUCH excessive? I mean, I feel like your warning for readers is kind of like when someone says "I mean no offense..." Or "With all due respect..." Before insulting someone. Where the pre-talk just nullifies itself once someone is done speaking... I guess that's what I'm saying: no warning was gonna prepare me for this. In the future I guess, just write in the story description "I like spanking, and there's a LOT OF IT IN THE STORY." See? It isn't difficult!

Guest chapter 18 . 8/13
This was a delightful story, I really enjoy stories where Harry is rescued from the abusive life he led at the Dursleys' home, and I felt like you wrote a very compelling story. While some might object to the AU treatment of the Malfoy family as anything less than the firmly Dark-aligned canon portrayal, I thought you did a marvelous job of carefully balancing your alterations with canon-fact. I was especially impressed with the care and attention you put into providing back story to either explain away or justify their canon attitudes and positions. Things like the story of Lucius' sister or Narcissa's having raised such that she never even considered doing things the elves do for them add depth and believability to the story, and I thought you did an excellent job of depicting them as reasonable people willing to consider things outside their own experiences or prejudices and be proven wrong. I especially liked how you worked them through the animosity between the boys with the rather devastating revelation of the truth behind the deaths of the Potters being the lynchpin that brought Harry and Draco together. Thank you for sharing your story with us.
Guest chapter 7 . 8/10
Hope you come back! Love your story
First Lucius and Draco , Harry story I love !
wandamarie chapter 18 . 7/17
oh my loved the chapter and story thank you for your time and talent
wandamarie chapter 17 . 7/17
oh my getting good
wandamarie chapter 16 . 7/17
wandamarie chapter 15 . 7/17
keep up the great work and thank you
wandamarie chapter 14 . 7/17
wandamarie chapter 13 . 7/17
oh my getting good
wandamarie chapter 12 . 7/17
love the story
wandamarie chapter 9 . 7/17
thanks for the chapter
wandamarie chapter 10 . 7/17
thanks for the chapter
wandamarie chapter 9 . 7/17
getting good thanks
wandamarie chapter 8 . 7/17
thanks for the chapter
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