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ChoiGiGi chapter 21 . 16h
Love Love Loved it! I think I have read every story, so imma cry cause I have nothing to read now T.T
Thankyou for you brilliant talent in stories. You kept my last few weeks mornings and evening's entertained I'm sure I will come back and reread all my favouites XD
Choi GiGi
ChoiGiGi chapter 5 . 9/26
I'm laughing so hard because of the part where Harry has the mental image of meeting Draco, and how it goes from Angry scratching to crashing lips. then you put 'Harry blinked...well that was unexpected'
I freaking laughed so hard Bhahahahahahaahaahhahahahahahaaha

Okay continue tomorrow I really should sleep.
sunset oasis chapter 21 . 9/11
Blinny! They are an adorable pair, those 2.
I absolutely LOVE Blaise's apology and his proposal ... it's so sincere and honest and revealing his weakness but the end has that Blaise-styled humor in it I love so much "So I guess what I'm saying is ... Ginny, will you marry me?"
Blaise is fantastic and so is Ginny ... (and I love that she gave up smoking for him XD)

Andromeda and Lucius is really sweet, too.
But above all, Drarry is just adorable. And lovely. Makes my heart flutter.
Wonderful story :)
sunset oasis chapter 20 . 9/11
Quite agree that Harry has to earn his trust back ... and glad that Draco gave him a chance, but didn't go right back into his arms right away.

But I love this ... "What if it's never?" "Then it's never. That's my problem. Not yours."
This ... is so good. I like Harry giving Draco time to start anew as friends first.
sunset oasis chapter 19 . 9/11
Blaise Zabini is the most AWESOME person in the world. He totally is.
I love how he is so protective of Draco. Draco & Blaise brotp is the best.
"That's my best friend and you nearly shattered him"
"I like you, Potter. Nobody wanted the two of you to work out more than me. But I'm not going to help you wreck him again." "Now get going, Potter. And please, do it right this time?"

And his sigh and resignation when he decided to tell Harry ... "Merlin, he's going to hate me forever"
gods, he really wanted them to work out ... I love Blaise so much. Best wingman ever.

Sooo in love with Blaise.
sunset oasis chapter 18 . 9/11
the angst and bitterness ... *wipe tears*
Poor Draco ... it's such a blow to him ... and now he's thinking Harry doesn't really like him ...
I want to cuddle Draco so much ..
sunset oasis chapter 17 . 9/11
Ginny's awesome, and I love how she sassed and smoked and everything.
Blaise's interest in her is so hot. I love it.

'nobody's taking me down without a fight.' 'sound familiar, Draco?' OMG, this is utterly cool. I love these two sentences.

Blaise is a really good friend to Draco ... I love how he tried to protect Draco.

Rita ... things are about to get interesting now ...
sunset oasis chapter 16 . 9/11
Andromeda and Lucius, they are quite lovely too XD
sunset oasis chapter 15 . 9/11
Ah ... Rita. Even though she's a menace I still am quite fond of her in the strangest way XD
Drarry is so sweet :)

'sorry, cutie, I'm taken. Engaged, actually.' I love that. It's hilarious.
sunset oasis chapter 14 . 9/11
They are so lovely together - and some moments are just so sweet :)
Slughorn saying Harry has no potion talent makes me chuckled XD
Ginny's awesome.
sunset oasis chapter 12 . 9/11
They are so adorable XD

And I love them being nostalgic!
sunset oasis chapter 11 . 9/11
"Where does Zabini live?" "Our place or with whoever he's shagging." "Why am I not surprised?"
God, I love that. Blaise is a bit of a lech but I adore this guy.

Harry protecting Draco is sweet.

Lucius ... you cunning devil.
sunset oasis chapter 10 . 9/11
Harry's ... a bit of a bastard ...
Draco is starting to have feelings for him too, though XD
sunset oasis chapter 9 . 9/11
Ah, Harry's driving Draco crazy! XD
sunset oasis chapter 8 . 9/11
Harry's so predatory ... wow.
Blaise is brilliant. I love his style and his humor and most importantly - how he cared about Draco.
"hurt my Malfoy and I'll kill you."
"I mean it, Potter. If he ever finds out about your little arrangement with Lucius, Draco would be least of your problems. It's me you'll have to worry about."
And seeing through Harry and realizing that couldn't be the only reason Harry agreed with Lucius's arrangement - I love how smart Blaise is.
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