Reviews for Naruto of the cloud
Guest chapter 61 . 10/2
Super good chapter one of my favorite stories keep it up :D
Doc scherer chapter 21 . 8/23
No you forget the caged Bird seal it makes the genetic code irrelevant because it completely shuts the buyakugan off including through genetics hence its sole purpose of stopping the Kekki genkie from being stolen so no negotiations would have been stupid to kidnap because they would only gain one user of the buyakugan that couldn't pass the trait down hinata was the best choice because she was older than hanabi but not too old that she couldn't fight back or be brainwashed to follow Kumo your intire argument is irrelevant because of the caged Bird seal
vampwalker709 chapter 1 . 8/22
Great start but hope you don't make it so naruto is

only strong thanks to kurama i mean uzumaki's had extremely

large reserves of there own so naruto's should be high naturally

then factor in his mother was a jinkuriki and his dad the hokage

naruto's natural reserves would have been beast as shit even

without kurama.
YuukiAsuna-Chan chapter 5 . 8/22
this is crap...
Flameraven chapter 9 . 8/21
Wait, was that Ron Simmons? LOL.
gamelover41592 chapter 61 . 8/20
great work on this chapter worth the wait as always
my 2 guys chapter 60 . 8/8
that was good keep the chapters coming
roboguy45 chapter 60 . 7/25
I am liking this story, can't wait for Naruto to learn Fuinjutsu, at least I hope he learns it from Genji. I am looking forward to Tayuya and Mr. Insane to die, so Naruto can get Karin away from them. Hope Karin isn't going to get knocked up.
roboguy45 chapter 36 . 7/24
Wonder if Karin will be happy to be away from those two nutjobs.
roboguy45 chapter 20 . 7/22
LOL they thought Karui was a lesbian.
imagine this chapter 53 . 7/13
Naruto with a Rasengan in each hand, his wind cloak (like the raikages lightning cloak), and Kuramas chakra shroud. I'm foaming at the mouth while rocking back and forth slowly while laughing hysterically. Good? Bad? Op? Vs madara I think nothing is op
question chapter 26 . 7/12
Is "mysterious boy" some clone of naruto or something orochimaru made?
roboguy45 chapter 2 . 7/10
Just started reading this and I am wondering about the pairing, I mean Hinata's family would never let her be with Naruto if he was a cloud ninja right? Maybe if it was a politic thing be even then very hard to figure out they will be together lol.
thor94 chapter 60 . 7/10
lol poor naruto, seriously: the amazing secret is "shadow clone", something most of shinobi know.
ask what genji will tell when he see how horrible naruto shinobi skills are without kyuubi brute power or his poor fuinjutsu level even for usual shinobi (you can't suddenly turn naruto into fuinjutsu genius when you shown him horrible with it during most of the previous chapters)
61394 chapter 60 . 7/10
I liked the insane guy getting killed by his subordinates and Sasuke's brat destroying a couple dozen of them
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