Reviews for The Sharingan Devil
Guest chapter 111 . 9/10
A mastery of storytelling
The likes of which I have never seen before on this site
I will always remember this story with great fondness
Well done
IndianaJohhney chapter 1 . 9/10
English is your third language? The grammer more than passable. Only a weird case here and there. Honestly it's better than about 40% of teenagers grammer nowadays.
Diehard gamer chapter 1 . 9/3
This chapter sucked (grammar, sentence structure and dialogue, among other things) but Iam going to keep reading cuz the story looks interesting
Midnight Sin 009 chapter 111 . 9/1
This is the best Naruto/Kurenai i ever read. A darker Naruto with a root ANBU background not many could pull it off. Now people will say one thing or other to criticise but truth is I see Naruto's actions as grey not black not pure. I felt Konoha deserved his wrath they were not innocent either. I am sure it was complex with a lot of roller coaster rides but you sir are a genius I enjoyed the ride thank you! Sure Naruto was married to Haku and thanks to two women in his life Naruto managed to come out fine. This was fucking great Good job.
Ilikebedtimestories chapter 111 . 8/30
Second time I've read this story, it's awesome. Hasn't lost its repeat value so I might re-read this again
naimad1272 chapter 111 . 8/16
What a great story
Nightangel52 chapter 2 . 8/4
I feel as if you are making naruto too strong too fast. I understand you want to make him godlike but still...he's six. That's too young to be this strong right now.
TkAnime chapter 111 . 7/16
Finally i finished this story which took me 4 months to finish coz there were times i lost interest but i always came back hoping to see Naruto get the Rinnegan but to my dismay he gets it at the end. I feel like i wasted my time coz when i found this story i was looking for Rinnegan Naruto stories. But good story for the Sharingan side. Though i personally ddnt really enjoy it coz i ddnt get to see what i was looking for
Guest chapter 59 . 7/5
Somebody's been watching Tokyo Ghoul
Guest chapter 111 . 6/28
That was the best option, all things considered. The other one was just too sad.
TkAnime chapter 78 . 6/24
i like the relationship between Naruto and Kakashi
TkAnime chapter 78 . 6/24
i like the relationship between Naruto and Kakashi
Rogue Survivor chapter 1 . 6/23
If you sit back and think on it, you can come up with more imaginative (less cliche) ways of getting him attacked. Ie. Word got out he was a Namikaze, and the Tsuchikage sent Chuunin assassination squads after him. That's going in my next FanFic, The Life and Legend of Naruto Namikaze. Or you could use schoolyard bullies, who nearly kill him accidentally or something. It's just... WHY CLICHES? Don't worry, I keep trying to use them as well, and have to keep forcing myself not to.
TkAnime chapter 78 . 6/22
i like the relationship between Naruto and Kakashi
Vishnu Manohar chapter 78 . 6/9
I don't know when this was written but the dialogueI must be someone else, I must be something else" reminds me of Arrow
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