Reviews for Misconstrued
DJ Meltdown of Ground Xero chapter 39 . 3/29
What an interesting chapter to read...and saiyans like fighting even moreso than sex? Lol i always figured that category would be more or less on the same pleasure category haha, but oh well lol. It is what it is i guess, can't wait for the
ArmyWife22079 chapter 38 . 3/23
I'm still wondering how that moron sired one of the best female charicters in the series- I'm discounting gt)
DJ Meltdown of Ground Xero chapter 38 . 3/21
Weird chapter lol...i never liked at all...or Chichi as a matter of fact lol.
silverhawk88 chapter 38 . 3/21
Well I hear yah, Hercule can be a major annoyance, actually I don't have the words to say about him. But he did in a part save the Universe from Buu, and also Videl.
applefanfic chapter 38 . 3/21
Uuuggghhh...Hercule -_-
Hate him so much xD

Good chapter! I liked how the Z-fighters were interacting with Hercule and his crew XD
applefanfic chapter 37 . 3/21
Ohohoho ;D
Does 16 like Zee? Cuz I ship them now XD

Anyway chapter was cute :3
Love the marrige part but...

DJ Meltdown of Ground Xero chapter 37 . 3/20
Interesting chapter lol
DJ Meltdown of Ground Xero chapter 36 . 3/19
maxridelover chapter 35 . 3/18
that could have been worse, but i don't think chi-chi will get over it that easy.
applefanfic chapter 35 . 3/18


DJ Meltdown of Ground Xero chapter 35 . 3/18
Well that chapter did end on a good foot lol
maxridelover chapter 34 . 3/16
this is gonna be rough!
applefanfic chapter 34 . 3/16
Oh craaaappppp.
Their gonna face Chichi D:
DJ Meltdown of Ground Xero chapter 34 . 3/15
Lol man oh man...shit always just hits the fan doesn't it? I hope things turn out good lol
BlackNights24 chapter 34 . 3/15
I don't like Chichi, so have fun! ;3
But lovely chapter. I like how she gets all emotional now because of the bond. But does that mean Goku is going to get more dominant as she got more submissive?
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