Reviews for A Punishment Gone To Far
Guest chapter 1 . 3/8/2014
of all the people WHY THESE TWO?!
Tezuke Fan chapter 1 . 4/16/2013
O God! How did I miss reading these two gems for so long!
I love both the fics! It was a nice treat ;)
Thank you so much for writing them!

Um...I have a request! Reading this fic has turned me into a Nanjiro/tez fan! but I also like Ryoga/Tez..
So, will u combine both and write a Nanjiro Ryoga/ Tez fic?
Begin it with Nanjiro/Tez and voyeur Ryoga...then Nanjiro can notice his son's presence and call him to join in the fun! Let it be a slight non-con ;)

I also want a Inui/Tez fic where Inui is as per usual, fully engrossed in data collection...or rather 'perverted' data collection!
Tez-chan comes across one of Inui's green data notebooks with his (tezuka's) name written on it and decides to take a peek inside... he's appalled by how perverted the data is and wonders where the hell Inui got the data from. Just then Inui will walk in and 'punish' Tez-chan for touching his notebook. It'll be nice if Inui continues to mumble about data and stuff while doing it with time, length etc. it'll make tez feel humiliated and also turned on!

Okay, once again you have two requests from me! ;)
Jellyfish Princess chapter 1 . 4/10/2013
Yay that was really good thank you.
And don't worry, I thought you finished it pretty quickly in my opinion. :)
Just one thing, I'm confused at the ending, I can't tell what's happened to Tezuka and whether Nanjirou been convicted or not.
Sequel? ;)