Reviews for Pfhorty Below
Hawki chapter 1 . 5/22/2013
-“It really was just his kind of luck, thought security officer Mark Adichie as he jogged through the Rozinante's halls, that the heating unit in his suit would short out right after those Pfhor corvettes had blown most of the Rozie's life support systems - including the heat - to hell.”

And yet, like in most sci-fi settings, the technology that provides artificial gravity never seems to be damaged. ;)

(This isn’t a criticism, it just reminded me of how sci-fi tropes work).

-Artificial gravity aside, there’s good writing. Space is cold, and that’s shown well here, along with the dialogue between Mark and Durandal.

-The cyborg wrapping himself by Durandal’s core…insert sounds of “d’aww” here.

-Not too much else to comment on specifically, but all in all, very well written. Writing’s good, characters are good, and the nature of heat in space is well done also. Good job.