Reviews for Double Trouble
BabiSwen chapter 72 . 7/13
i haven't finished reading the last chapter yet, but i need you to know that i'm so thankful you came back and finished this story. even though we (swens) suffered a lot, i feel very fortunate to have so many amazing stories to read. thank you for everything, i hope you have time to write us more stories.
Guest chapter 43 . 6/10
Desde colonbia lei el 1 capitulo y quede enganchada..gracias por tan maravilloso historia ...exitos
Trash chapter 1 . 5/20
its 2018 and Im back because I am still SQ garbage.
OtterBear chapter 72 . 5/15
If only the show were more like this story. I loved this! You did a fantastic job!
HisuiHaru chapter 5 . 5/9
Why is Emma such a donkey and always so mean to Em? Don't like it and wish to bang her head against a table. -.-

Anyway, I like that story!
Ron'sLoverMahima chapter 33 . 4/11
Dude i must tell uh.. The best thing about this fic is the harry potter references man. Love uh and your story for that
Eternal Optimist chapter 55 . 4/4
I am getting major Homestuck vibes with this chapter! I LOVE your story!
Shipthemhard chapter 72 . 2/8
Damn, it took me months to finish this. It was a pretty confusing story but finally it was a good one. I'm still bitter about the fact that we didn't saw a final scene with teen Ri and Em before Ri went back to FTL:( for a while I thought that they were the ones to have the TLK, hahaha:)
chloelove chapter 72 . 1/24
First of all, I can see that it's been a while sinve you finished this story, but I just found it, and I'm greatful for that since every chapter was upload so I didn't have to wait for them
Second, I couldn't stop reading it, it's perfectly well written, you got me hooked. I really, really loved your work, it was fun and sad, all sorts of emotions, you took this little story and brought it to life. Thank you
I'll probably read it more than once
Thank you!
CleanBandit2 chapter 1 . 12/25/2017
I am afraid to read this, HAHAAHAHHA
Timelord2162 chapter 27 . 12/13/2017
Wait wait wait. DEAN?! What exactly are you implying here?
Guest chapter 72 . 12/8/2017
That was just the best. I wanna give a longer review, but that sums it up. 11/10
Guest chapter 55 . 11/28/2017
Everything that gold said and the way you took the time to define how magic works in your world was inspired! I have not seen any other fan fic do it quite as well.
JordanGG13 chapter 52 . 11/27/2017
I can't believe it took Emma that long
Dr.Sunshine chapter 72 . 11/26/2017
Thank you, I mean it .. Thank you for this work of art! You are amazing! I couldn't stop reading it. It's been three days and I still can't believe that I finished it. I like how you write.. I read your other fics. Again, thank you.
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