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Calculated Artificiality chapter 1 . 1/3
This is lovely.
Guest chapter 4 . 11/23/2013
:)) I just wanted to say thank you. I have been reading your amazing sga, sparky stories and wanted to say thank you for they are truly amazing :))

Any chance you will revisit writing sparky new stories and finishing awake before rising?

Sorry to hijack this story, but I just wanted to say Thank you for sharing you talents :))
BeckyPo chapter 4 . 4/28/2013
Great chapter from Deacon's perspective! Wonderful. Love how he is torn between letting go of what he has held on so tightly for vs. the idea of someone new. Choose Reyna! It's the only choice we will accept.
KarenES chapter 4 . 4/28/2013
Really enjoyed this look into Deacon's thoughts, but you already know that! :-) Lots of great insights and I loved that you quoted the Serenity Prayer. That must run through his head all the time by now.

Looking forward to the next chapter!
AHeadyTale chapter 4 . 4/28/2013
I honestly created an account just to follow this story, please keep it going! It's so refreshing to read good fanfiction! I'm so glad you're writing for Nashville, such a good show. Loving this story so far, can't wait for the next update!
Shiny Jewel chapter 4 . 4/28/2013
Wonderful chapter! You capture Deacon so perfectly here. I can picture him alone with his thoughts like this so easily. As Glenn once said to him, "All I've ever seen you do is think," which is so true about Deacon's character (most of the time). Looking forward to more of this!
Annseline chapter 4 . 4/28/2013
Really, really, really great chapter! Please update soon! :)
crimarkable chapter 4 . 4/27/2013
Beautiful chapter, you write with such clarity.
BeckyPo chapter 3 . 4/24/2013
I like Liam making Rayna come to the realization that she needs to make a decision. I like it when he acts as a friend toward her.

Love Liam's comment about how Deacon has waited for Rayna all these years.
KarenES chapter 3 . 4/24/2013
I love this, it's really thoughtful and a really fun read. The fact that Liam would be giving her relationship advice rings so true after their last episode together, and I like that he calls her out on the unattractive Midlife angst!

The dialogue is sharp and real and its nice how adult it is, too. Great job!
BrittonFAN chapter 3 . 4/24/2013
so so SOOO good.
Shiny Jewel chapter 3 . 4/23/2013
Liam's voice is right on point here, equal parts snarky, cynical and even insightful and slightly compassionate. Well done! (I really don't like Liam, so that is a huge compliment coming from me...haha) The one thing I DO appreciate about Liam is that he calls Rayna on her crap, which really, not many people do, and I like how you have him doing that here and forcing her to work through her feelings. I'm looking forward to reading more of this!
natbenson chapter 2 . 4/22/2013
update soon :D
KarenES chapter 2 . 4/15/2013
This is really wonderful. You're getting at some deeper issues with all the characters and that just makes it fun to read.

The bit about Rayna realizing she is cynical about young love - and regretting how far she's come from those days herself - is such a great insight. Loved this:

"Love had been a battlefield for so long for her now. Not something she could rely and count on, not the kind of soft, padded support system it was for these two, but something that kept swiping the carpet out from under her, complicating all the decisions that would have been so straightforward otherwise.

She glanced quickly at Deacon, who was still unaware of her presence. She could vaguely remember it being just that simple once, taking lightheartedly for granted that the love would always be there, within her reach, lifting her up and propelling her forwards. It had seemed like breathing then, a natural, intrinsic part of her. Until, somehow, it had suddenly become about hard work and compromises and absence. Until she had to give it up as a reason for doing things."

That just rings so true - well done!
Shiny Jewel chapter 2 . 4/15/2013
It's always an ambitious thing to involve many characters in one scene, and you do such a good job here of weaving their unique voices and stories together so seamlessly. (Even better than the writers have managed to do it at times). I like the comparison of Rayna/Deacon early in their careers to Scarlett and Gunnar, and how the men, although not the ones in the spotlight, play such an important role to these women. Rayna's awkwardness (and then feeling bad about it right after) was totally on point. Looking forward to the next chapter :) (and when Stacey is eventually gone!)
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