Reviews for The Outcast
ZabuzasGirl chapter 81 . 7/31
Maybe you can have Helena marry James.
Update immediately, please!
Lightan117 chapter 81 . 7/31
I've always been watching but whenever I try to review someone pulls me away and I forget to, I'm sorry. But I've always been reading and screaming at you at the same time lol. Another wonderful chapter but it's only wishful thinking that Helena get better but it's your call. I'll be in the corner crying when you do! Keep up the great work!
wabi-sabi1090 chapter 81 . 7/31
Sandor made sure everyone learned a lesson. I'm glad that Helana is such a strong girl. Mentally and physically she is strong, definitely gets it from both her parents. Leana had to mentally stay strong and Sandor had to physically be strong. Great chapter.
Strange Demise chapter 80 . 7/2
Holy shit! I nearly had a heart attack! DON'T DO THAT! D'X
Lightan117 chapter 80 . 6/28
Why? Why would u do that to us?
ZabuzasGirl chapter 80 . 6/28
Update immediately, please!
wabi-sabi1090 chapter 80 . 6/28
This was heartbreaking. Those men are disgusting. Glad James and Sandor killed them. Helena was just trying to get her dog back. Sandor is going to probably teach Helena every attack and defense move he's ever learned. I could see him giving her a weapon for her birthday.
Loki Tethras chapter 14 . 6/16
This is my third time reading the story and I love it more each time! Keep up the good work!
dhh chapter 9 . 6/11
This story is NOTHING but TRASH! Just letting a girl get BEATEN and ABUSED by a MAN 100X her size etc.. No reason whatsoever. Utter garbage.
dhh chapter 4 . 6/11
This story is so flawed and NEEDS major back-ground..First off, why does she need to wear the mask to cover her face? So what if she's the child of a Lannister*whom I still am confused about* and a Stark*Benjen* and if so, why doesn't SHE refer/call him father in the beginning?

Is her mother Tywin daughter since she calles Jamie, Tyrion etc Uncles and Joffery a cousin?

Why is her FACE a danger to her by the Lannister or overall? Do you even explain or go into it and even so, how can her existent have that much HATRED just becuz half of her is a Stark! YOU make no sense!
sandradee27 chapter 79 . 6/2
High five! woohoo! ooo naughty helena! but like mother like daughter eh?! lol keep it up! much love
ZabuzasGirl chapter 79 . 5/29
Update immediately, please!
Lightan117 chapter 79 . 5/29
Awww, it's so sweet! Thank god you updated, I was begining to worry you lost interest in this story. Please,update when you can!
wabi-sabi1090 chapter 79 . 5/29
I'm getting nervous. When you wrote that Helena was almost lost are you referring to her almost dying, being taken by someone, or literally being lost? So many questions. I seriously love when Sandor and Leana have their time together. Also love how the children haven't changed when it comes to disturbing their parents. They still argue outside their parents bedroom door and I find that hilarious. They probably swear they're being quiet. Helena had her rebellious streak early. Love how she went to a brothel and had such an "innocent" experience. Homegirl was catered to. She was fed and engaged in conversation. This girl is going to be someone important. She determined, headstrong, caring, empathetic, and protective. Leana and Sandor did an amazing job raising their children. Another great chapter.
time.means.nothing chapter 78 . 5/7
Absolutely fantastic fic!

I have really enjoyed what you have written so far :) looking forward to more!
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