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ForeverAlone08 chapter 4 . 2/5
Excellent plot and writing. I really enjoyed reading this, once I started, I couldn't stop. Some parts really get to you. I felt bad for both Madara and Hashirama. Although I'm against Madara being an uke, but you still did a good job!
akatsuki lover 890 chapter 4 . 12/23/2014
That was really awesome I felt so sad for madara I almost cried. You're an excellent writer. Well done
Moonlily13 chapter 4 . 11/11/2014
That was so sad, why cant madara have wat he wants without feeling despair and pain. I want madara 2 find happiness with hashirama or hikaku
Dynamo chapter 4 . 2/17/2014
What? WHAT? WHAT?! How dareth you leave-eth me onto this? I haven't cried...


I feel my heart throb when I read this even after reading it a second time T-T.. Them feels.. Please update when you have the time T-T..
HashiMadaTobiIzuxxx chapter 4 . 12/13/2013
I cried a lot for reading this chapter.I felt my heart r broken. Poor Maddie, poor him so much. .

That was a cruel fate for Uchiha clan, even was Maddie. Huhu :((. Hashirama who crushed Madara so much, love him. Dont make Hashi broke up Maddie, please. Poor them.

I think it poor for Hikaku himself cause of his one-sided loving. .! . Threesomes HashiMadaHika (they both love Maddie chan ;))).

Lovely author, please do not stop writing, ok. Your loyal fan now waiting it much. I crazy for this fic.

see ya and wait for update new chapter anytime soon.
HashiMadaTobiIzuxxx chapter 2 . 12/10/2013
Oh, No. Tobi was Mr Ice blender, hahaha. why did he always break a happy time between Hashi and Maddie chan?. :)). Ok, I can say it if Tobi had fallen in love Maddie although he didn't except his feeling for Madara. It will be dramatically when Senju brothers had fallen in love with leader Uchiha. Haha.

I love it, I like it. :)), evil Tobirama. Author, I really really you keep writing it. :(.

Ok move on the chapter 3.
HashiMadaTobiIzuxxx chapter 1 . 12/9/2013
So hurt and Dam Tobirama, he was raping Maddie. He did it cause he hate Maddie or love? I think it hated more than loved.

It's cursed clan, sure. Poor Maddie, and Hikaku was a great friend after Hashirama who want to bring a happiness for my Maddie chan. 3 .

I've read this story for briefly, and now I am going to read again each chapters to leave a feedback for you, my author. 3
mortimermortman chapter 4 . 9/25/2013
I love that you added drama with Hikaku in this. This is a great story and i hope that you continue it soon! I must know what happens :)
Yamiga chapter 1 . 7/23/2013
I like it! Tobirama is such a prick though, he's a little OCC but that's a good thing for this story. I feel terrible for Madara and Hashirama is just...clueless! Anyway, THIS story is a keeper for sure. And BTW, I suggest you block "narutosuck", if you haven't already. They're like an annoying tick.
FromBefore chapter 4 . 7/16/2013
I like the concept of Akuma though he doesnt show up that much, is he meant to be Madara's dark conscious or something else or what the jinchuuriki have
Good story!
Guest chapter 4 . 7/13/2013
Akuma is a real mean person but Hashirama is so nice to Madara, when no one is
I love this story
sound-sasuke chapter 4 . 7/12/2013
Wooh! Wow, that escalated quickly! XD But still awesome!

You know, this whole 'nobody believes Madara is sane' stuff sort of hits home with me. Makes me sad :(

Also, poor Hikaku. I can't wait to see how his relationship with Madara changes and what comes of it!

Great chapter, as always! :)
hanayu chapter 4 . 7/9/2013
"tear" madara finally gets a little peace
narusaku chapter 1 . 7/9/2013
Unbalanced Minds

Warning - M rated content

Hollow - Submersed

Madara, you failed!" came a cold hard voice. Madara glared at the scenery in front of him. The training field had survived as much as possible through Madara's wrath and intense training. The raven Uchiha ignored the familiar voice and continued staring forward, panting a little in exhaustion. He paid no attention to the person who entered the field behind him. Madara was about to continue on with his training as if the person approaching him didn't exist but the other's persistence was undeniable. "I am your father, Madara Uchiha and you will listen to me" Tajima scolded in a tone of anger.

Madara's felt the larger hands of his father on his shoulders as he spun him around to face him. The taller and older Uchiha glared down at his son who return the intense eye contact. Red meeting red, Sharingan meeting Sharingan. Tajima's hands tightened around his shoulders causing the Uchiha to shake him off irritably.

"You couldn't do one thing, one thing!" the older man snapped. Madara didn't reply to the tall man but merely stared with uninterested eyes. This seemed to anger his father even more so. "Your brother asked you one thing and you couldn't keep your promise to him!"

Madara immediately tensed at the mention of his younger brother. He clenched his fist at the words he knew was yet to come. Tajima had been like this since Konohagakure had been established, throwing his insecurities in his face. Tajima seemed to almost smirk at the visible pain the name he used against Madara. Though the man didn't stop his rant, nor did he ever. "Izuna's last wish was for you to protect the Uchiha, and look at us now. We are being oppressed by the Senju clan. You are not going to be chosen for Hokage, so how is this protecting us. Your placing us under the Senju, where they control us. You failed at protecting our clan. You're a pathetic excuse for an Uchiha leader and... a pathetic excuse for an older brother"

Tajima's words burned like acid onto his wounds. The cold hard reality of those words had crushed him inside long before Tajima had thrown it into his face. He didn't need his father's explanations for he already knew this. He had failed... What good was he if he couldn't even protect his brother in the first place. Madara knew the last thing he had to do, to make it up to his little brother. To appease his last wish was to protect the clan. The alliance with the Senju clan seemed like a good thing, but the entire clan was blind. Only Madara and Tajima had seen the outcome. The Senju clan would take control of the village and Uchiha would be left with nothing, probably even pushed into a secluded area of the village like unwanted pets.

Madara had tried addressing these issues with his clan but they had shunned him, calling him a selfish brother who enjoyed the flames of war. They were each beginning to turn their backs on him, one by one. The clan so desperately desired peace which they would blindly trust and follow the Senju's orders. There was nothing more he could do for them but warn them of what was to come. One day they will see what he was trying to warn them of but he knew it was going to be too late. He was even trust by the people he wanted to protect.

The Uchiha's father watched his son as the words took their toll on Madara's inner self. He didn't feel guilty for putting his son into such inner turmoil. Madara's shoulders beneath his blue yukata were tensed, almost shaking in emotion. Tajima actually watched in great satisfaction and accomplishment. He knew he was feeding to Madara's hatred for himself and the Senju. The older man was just making him a better shinobi.

"It's a shame I didn't teach you better" Tajima decided to add, finishing off the wound with salt. Madara didn't say anything, he couldn't. Tajima left in victory.

Once Tajima had left the premises, and his chakra signature was gone, Madara's tense shoulders eased just a bit. Maybe it was enough training for today.
The Uchiha leader packed away his kunai and shuriken, giving one last glance at the training ground before leaving to head for the village. The village he helped dream and create. The not-so-long walk through the wooded forests brought him to the gates of Konohagakure. Madara gave it a longing look before walking into his home village and strolled the streets. It was at a peak hour, children were out playing, adults were out flirting, the streets were full of many people that were once before separate. The roadway hadn't been concreted yet so Madara's shoes kicked along the dirt. He watched the particles of the dirt fly a few centimeters before falling back down, to be lifted up again. Konoha was still under great construction and re-planning.

Madara had been a little inattentive and careless by forgetting his surroundings for a quick second. Two young boys burst from around the corner from an alley and the child in lead collided right into Madara. The Uchiha lost balanced slightly, and stumbled back lightly. The young boy wasn't that lucky, and landed on his back in the dirt. The boy's pursuer looked scared as he noticed who he had run into and took off back around the corner. Madara felt annoyance tug at his core but kneeled down to the fallen child.

"Are you fine?" The Uchiha leader asked. The boy jumped to his feet quickly in alarm. Madara caught fear and terror in the boys frightened eyes.

"It's Uchiha Madara" the kid stuttered before immediately scrambling away calling out for his friend who earlier took off. Madara Uchiha watched as the kid ran away from him before frowning. He stood himself up before resuming his walk.


The Hokage's office was already a total mess despite not having a leader yet. Piles of unfiled paperwork scattered all over the table. Tobirama swallowed thinking what it would be like for Hashirama for when he became Hokage. He took the liberty for himself to clean as much s possible since his older brother was out of the village, he deserved a break.
The office's door was suddenly pushed open and he sensed a very familiar sinister chakra. He turned from the desk to face the knowingly Uchiha. The Uchiha seemed to be displeased as well to be met with him. He could see Madara instantly frown upon being met with him. he could almost feel himself smirk in response.

"Madara Uchiha, what business would you ever have here?" he sneered sarcastically. He could sense the Uchiha's foul chakra miles away. The Uchiha's eyes narrowed slightly but he somehow ignored Tobirama's snide remark.

"Where's Hashirama" Madara asked, cutting the younger but taller man off. The white haired male didn't seem to be bothered by Madara's attitude.

"Hmm... Here and there... What's it to you?" Tobirama demanded rather than asked. He knew voices dripping with sarcasm really angered the Uchiha but he could tell the other was trying to keep his cool. Tobirama dared to stare into the pools of red eyes. Those eyes that could send him into a world of red in a instant.

In the few moments he stared at the Uchiha, he took in the other's appearance like he always did. Madara's long, dark, unruly hair was the same as always. It looked so messily perfect and tainted. The Uchiha's pale skin held only perfection and purity. His lips were curled into a slight frown of annoyance. The pink lips seemed so dry, Tobirama himself wanting to fix it. Only the red eyes of the man comprised his innocence. The most deceiving and dangerous feature of this being. Madara was lean and skinny, a bit back on height with the other men his age. The Uchiha had a obvious liking to dark yukata's which he kept slightly open to reveal a bit of his firm chest. His choice in dark clothing matching that of mainly people of the Uchiha. Despite his angelic beauty, there was an unhealthy side of Madara

The white haired had to admit Madara was the most appealing body he had laid eyes on. He wanted to make the pale body flush underneath him, has those pink lips parted in screams and moans. Madara's flaws included his horrid personality, traits and heritage. The man was so dangerously consumed in hatred. From all the Uchiha he had studied and observed Madara had fallen the most and become entrapped in some odd symptoms. This new profound fascination with Madara helped him to discover what the Uchiha really are.

A cursed clan.

Madara had lost the ability to love, so drowned in his despair and anguish after the death of Izuna. It caused a change in his brain which has made him harder to reason with. His external chances was the eternal Mangekyou Sharingan. The further they fall, the more corrupted and powerful they become. Madara was a shining example of this.
Madara Uchiha was a pure Uchiha. He was so alienated and difficult. Each passing day would prove him harder to control. A way to end this was to put the Uchiha to submission and under the law of Senju. To put a clan into obedience, you must start with its leader.

"I do not need to explain myself to you Senju" Madara retorted, he deactivated his sharingan to symbolize Tobirama was no threat to him. This fueled to Madara's rebellious acts and Tobirama's ideals. Madara and everyone else were unaware of Tobirama's conclusion. Even Hashirama was blind to the curse of the Uchiha clan, despite being close friends with the clan leader.

Madara ended the heated conversation with a quick turn as he headed back for the door. Tobirama was no prodigy expert in agility or speed but he was able to catch the Uchiha off guard. Quickly and stealthy he was able to slam the raven haired into the door, having it shut upon the force. Before Madara had any chances to react he tore the shorter's arms behind his back and held them together with his hand while pressing his body hard into Madara's to keep him trapped between himself and the door.

Madara had realized the situation, he was literally seething in anger. He tried to tug his arms from the white hair male's gri
kiki8o chapter 4 . 7/9/2013
hashirama really loves madara and he must have noticed it, i hope tobirama will leave him alone, i'm sure he is jealous
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