Reviews for Bejeweled
multyfangirl18 chapter 14 . 6/15
nnoooo! that is a horrible horrible fate to have to raise one's child alone because the father died after having their great love along the journey and getting him back from dragon sickness. ok i've ranted my feels at the ending being much the same as the movie and book. i guess since i've been reading Bagginsheild storys with happy endings , mostly happy endings, i was expecting something the same for this one. i guess i was expecting Frodo to be able to meet his cousin the queen under the mountain as well.
over all this is a pretty good story , and a bit different since it end the same as the book and movie. most have fem Bilbo become queen under the mountain and have 2 or three children . it's not a favorite but it one i want to remember.
multyfangirl18 chapter 13 . 6/15
and here comes the army lead by Asoz and Bolg
multyfangirl18 chapter 12 . 6/15
well its not as bad... ok i can think of him getting very very jealous and protective of her to the point that he won't let anyone look as her.
multyfangirl18 chapter 8 . 6/15
did i ever comment on the chapter back when they were talking about piercings? and the part(s) that were pierced on a certain some one or other? let me guess the part(s) that wasn't polite to talk about around a lady were male parts.
multyfangirl18 chapter 3 . 6/14
Yes , you should, never anger the one who cooks your food. Something could be slipped in to give you cramps or an upset stomic if you to anger her
Acacia Cottonwood chapter 14 . 3/16
Loved most of the story. I liked your cannon divergence. Wish Thorin and the boys had lived but other than that it was amazing.
xXxOtAkU-444xXx chapter 14 . 3/5
I like it! **
viridianaln9 chapter 14 . 3/5
Aw, this was sad, but I liked it.
Anime Princess chapter 14 . 3/5
There had better BE a better ending to Blessed Be! This was an awful ending! Even if the death of Thorin, Kili, and Fili were 'needed', the quick ending wasn't exactly!
Mistra Rose chapter 14 . 3/5
Needed yes wanted no... the chapter was good but very very sad.
NESSAANCALIME6913 chapter 14 . 3/5
definitely enjyed this and sad to see how it ended but happy at the same time. Truly a bittersweet ending.
Mistra Rose chapter 13 . 2/29
Well I have to say that that's an interesting way to get someone's attention. I like that you're taking the plot but making it your own and I have to say that I love Belinda's fiery attitude. She is a hoot!

I hope your mother and your grandmother doing well. I can't wait for you to update soon and I hope you take care.
kurokazeryuu chapter 13 . 2/24
Thanks for the update.
But ? When did you have Thorin and Belinda make love? I know you put down Rivendell...but what confuses me was that you had Thorin thinking, "He planned to claim one and reclaim the other, but he would wait for her to be ready as he had told her…it would do him no good if he frightened her away from him after all." in chapter 6... So I was under the misconception Thorin was going to wait until Erebor was claimed before he claim Belinda...
viridianaln9 chapter 13 . 2/23
I like the chapter. I cannot wait for the next one.
xXxOtAkU-444xXx chapter 13 . 2/23
I really like it! **
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