Reviews for How To Survive In Middle Earth When You're A Teenaged Girl
adelphe24 chapter 25 . 11/2 no no. You can't leave it like that it's against all the rules. Always finish a good fanfic. Sorry but you gotta write on.
KEJunge chapter 25 . 10/6
Oh I looooove your story! I like all the twists and turns and being uncertain of liking or despising some characters. You are a brilliant writer and I dearly hope that you will find the time to continue this fantastic story!
do0m chapter 3 . 9/29
This is FAB! I love that you're addressing the actual problems that would be faced, and that you addressed the language barrier! why does no-one notice that they aren't speaking English. Once more, you're FAB!
Genevieve2015 chapter 25 . 8/21
I have enjoyed reading this so much! Are you going to finish it?
SMILEH123 chapter 25 . 7/23
I know you probably like it when someone points out both flaws and points of awesome, but I was too busy reading such a wonderful story to think "Huh, she could have done this differently!"

tinyhobbit chapter 25 . 7/13
Really enjoyed reading this story - really hope you update again! :) x
Naruto4Evar chapter 9 . 7/1
Guest chapter 25 . 6/10
awesome story! Excited for the next chapter! I'm into really slow progressing romance stuff but even just a hint of attraction here and there is plenty exciting enough for this story. Otherwise, it's pretty cool anyway!
dark-wolf-howl chapter 25 . 3/11
Wow. That is one realistic approach to middle earth. I am completely surprise on how so many things can go wrong and poor Priscilla jut keep getting even more unfortunate happenings throw her way. I would kill of Brian so quickly. He really is an annoying little dick. Cilla is there because of him if we really want to point fingers. I sincerely hope he gets a beating.

The story is really well done; you have done an amazing good job
tadah2 chapter 25 . 2/9
This was easily one of the best GDIMEs on the site until about the time you decided to bring one of the least-likable OCs ever back-Brian. And now it's been a cool six months since you have updated. I honestly think this is unlikely to be completed. It's a shame, it had such an overwhelmingly good start.
Luizals chapter 25 . 12/31/2014
This is SO awesome! One of the few tenth walker fics that actually work and make sense and have a good OC. Thank you so much
Cupcake155 chapter 25 . 11/20/2014
Please update soon!
Cupcake155 chapter 12 . 11/20/2014
This is going to be interesting...
can't wait to read more!
Cupcake155 chapter 6 . 11/20/2014
Although I do really love the books, I appreciate this as the movies are equally interesting. XD
otakuchamasherlockluvr chapter 25 . 11/15/2014
Hi! I have loved this story so much and just wanted to tell you that I admire you for not only keeping this story rolling, but for also making it interesting enough for us readers to enjoy! I hope you make it through college(I personally do not look forward to the homework :P ), and CONGRATS FOR GETTING OVER 400 REVIEWS! Whoop whoop(delayed, as it's been over 460 for a while now...)! X3
Have a great day!
OCSluvr is out!
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