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Ren O'neil chapter 25 . 3/3
hasn't severus always been brewing, except for the first year or so after he left? that was stated in Until the Time is right, or does nobody elseknow that he was the brewer for the hospital wing?
serenityselena chapter 27 . 1/4
awesome sequel... loved reading it :)
patolozka chapter 27 . 12/30/2013
So this is the end... Im a bit sorry for it (yes, I know that there are The Colonies and the interludes, and Ill enjoy them too). I like the idea that not only Severus has problems with returning to school, I like how he let Harry choose if he wanted to go or not, oh I like the idea that hes still headmaster of Hogwarts. Im a bit sorry that there wasnt Harry in the epilog, but there was Fawkes and well see, maybe there would be some one-shot from their lifes afterwars... Thank you a lot for the kind tale, I love the peace and love and cuteness of it (dont say it to Sev, he could insult me and not only by words...)
patolozka chapter 18 . 12/30/2013
OMG, I spent my night over this tale and this one chapter was really the funniest from them all. I like the small jokes from both of them (The man was not getting Harrys biscuits.) and all the fight, yum! No chance I wont laugh here! Thank you!
patolozka chapter 15 . 12/29/2013
I just love it. My day starts these days with your tale. I like the tenderness between them and the trust.. I was a bit sorry for Severus that he had to deal with mother Weasley and now with his memories from war, but with Harry by his side hell do it... Thank you for it!
Tlcatlady chapter 27 . 10/24/2013
great story! tlc
Tlcatlady chapter 23 . 10/24/2013
loved this! tlc
Schattengestalt chapter 27 . 10/19/2013
Wow!*wide eyes*

The ending was great!*smiles brightly*
Severus is back as the headmaster and Im sure that he will do a wonderfulI job.*nods at the Potions Master*
Nevertheless, I think that he will have less time to do his research now, but Im sure that he will still manage to brew in his free time.*smiles*

Mhm, are you sure that Minerva and Filius werent put into Slytherin at some point?*grins*
They have definitely played their part very well, although it wouldnt have worked, if Severus hadnt allowed them to manipulate him like this.*grins*
And we cant forget Albus, who was obviously the master mind behind the whole plan.*chuckles*

Ah, so Alexander only gave up, when it was clear that Harry and Severus were married.*glares at the man*
I wonder how someone can be so stupid that he doesnt give up, even if he is hexed and cursed time and time again.*shakes her head*

Im only not sure if I have understood something correctly:
Does Alexander resign now or has he just given up and leaves Severus alone now?

Mhm, I would love to read how Harry reacts to the news, but I assume that he will be happy for Severus, if he is sure that Severus truly wants to be the headmaster of Hogwarts again.*smiles at them*

A wonderful story, dear and Im looking forward of more stories from you!*big smile*

So long!)

Schattengestalt chapter 26 . 10/19/2013
Sweet!*watches Severus and Harry kissing*

I liked this chapter very much, especially the picture of Harry and Severus kissing, while the snow is falling down, hidden between trees... its very romantic.*smiles sappily*
Just like Severus thoughts that he wants to show Harry how the snowmen move to their usual spot, where they will stand waving, until they are melted.*sighs longingly*

Harry is so wonderful.*nods at the young man*
He is truly worried that Severus doesnt truly want to teach at Hogwarts and wants to make sure that Severus doesnt mind not being able to research all day long.*smiles*
But of course, Im sure that Severus will still find time to do his research and that there will certainly be evenings, when Harry has to drag Severus to bed.*grins and winks at Harry*
And the students will be scared of Severus again, but at least, they will be able to brew potions, after they have finished school... well, most of them at least.*glances at Neville*

Only one chapter left.*sniffs*
But Im too curious how it ends to leave it waiting.

So long!)

Schattengestalt chapter 25 . 10/19/2013
Amazing!*big smiles*

I loved this chapter, although Harry wasnt in it... but that doesnt mean that he wasnt important for this chapter.*smirks at Alexander*
I dont get how someone can be so stupid, but I guess that he is so narcisstistic that he cant even imagine that someone wont want him, because he thinks of himself so highly.*shakes her head in disgust*
He made an awful mistake, when he insulted Harry to Severus face and when he was even stupid enough to try touching Severus at the end.*glances at an angry Potions Master*
If he had listened to Minerva that wouldnt have happened, but I hope that he has learned his lesson now and wont come near Severus again... or maybe he will resign.*grins*

By the way, I very much liked how the other teachers welcomed Severus back and Im sure that no serious accidents will occur in Potions anymore from now on.*nods at the Potions Master*

Ill read the next chapter right away.

So long!)

YenGirl chapter 27 . 10/12/2013
I wish it wasn't the last episode, you've spoiled us all, giving a weekly treat to look forward to! But at least we'll still have the CRF tidbits to tide us over until your next multi-chaptered series... you're not stopping them, are you? *innocent look*

Seeing Minerva and Filius working together made me smile. They've both known Severus since he was 11, they have both been his teachers and then his colleagues (albeit senior ones) and yet, they still have to be so, so careful. That they even managed to keep this secret over the past 6 years, together with Albus, was amazing!

Of course Fawkes had a hand in it - such a showoff, not content with ending the last chapter, he had to show up in this one as well *grins and shakes her head* Nice to know he isn't intimidated by Severus!

Oh, it would've been nice to read about their marriage ceremony but I'm sure we still will, via the CRF one. Severus is just as happy 6 years on as I'm sure Harry is.

And man, that Alexander is persistent! *decides not to step on him here since it's a quiet, tying-up-loose-ends chapter* So he's still at Hogwarts and hopefully involved with someone else since he will never get past 'the boy' who just 'happened to' defeat Voldemort and likes sitting on the floor talking to the house elves. He can't see how special Harry is and that alone ensures he will never catch Severus' eye... not even as a friend *smiles at Severus who nods in agreement*

*takes a deep breath and lets it out* A worthy follow up to Until the Time is Right, Ree. Roll on the next one! :D
Dontgotaclue88 chapter 27 . 10/12/2013
LMAO! :) Awesome.
Guest chapter 27 . 10/12/2013
This is a vere long felling story but it's still not a bad one !

This is what I think any but it's up to reviewer if they think the same or not !

The Crimson Mage.
KitElizaKing chapter 27 . 10/11/2013
That's a very interesting place to leave your story. It makes me want to ask more questions, and it makes me want to discover just what is going to happen next. In fact, it leaves me hungry to find out. LOL I did enjoy your description (or lack, thereof) of what happened to Alexander. I liked that you left it up to my imagination to come up with just what it was that Harry did to the man. Well, if one is stupid enough to ignore both Severus and Harry when they try to set your straight...then one deserves what one gets. *smirks*
Thanks for an outstanding addition to your original story. I enjoyed it just as much, and followed it eagerly to see just how my two favourite men's relationship grew. *sighs* And now I'm going to miss it, now that it's done.
YenGirl chapter 26 . 10/10/2013
This is one of those quiet, reflective chapters you do so well, Ree *smiles* It almost... feels like it could be the last chapter, but I hope it isn't.

This chapter only spanned a few minutes, but it was lovely and peaceful. I saw how it all unfolded in my mind... the white snow, the quiet castle and lake, the owls silhouetted against the sky, probably a spiral of smoke rising from Hagrid's chimney (uhm, that isn't a double entendre, is it? *squints* at least I don't think so), how Severus was waiting for Harry and how Harry came to meet him and their little conversation.

The 3 owls were lovely and I liked how Severus can understand them and how they care so deeply for their wonderful masters, oh, and Fawkes too! *pets affronted phoenix* I also loved the little changes Sev and Harry have made to their quarters (we know only one of them will be used most of the time :))

But that ending was lovely. It was, Ree.
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