Reviews for Jane's Secret Mate
Alex93 chapter 1 . 2/4
This story is amazing!
Please continue to write it! :D I need an update ASAP
AsOyA chapter 20 . 2/2
God..I LOVE this story so much! :)
Please update!
Guest chapter 8 . 1/25
I've read this story about 4 times and it always makes me cry.
Reallybadatscreennames chapter 20 . 1/25
Hi. Oh this story is really good. I was just wondering it it's going to get continued because there aren't really any long jane/bella fics and it would be so sad for this one to go no where. If you aren't continuing it's that's fine but I'm just wondering.
sexyxox849 chapter 20 . 1/25
please it was getting so good
Clemintine chapter 12 . 1/20
FUCK YOU EDWARD! I love the story by the way
Clemintine chapter 5 . 1/20
Bella is stupid as hell in the beginning for not choosing Jane because I would all over her and just break up with Edward.
JaneVolturiangelwithnightmares chapter 1 . 1/19
Amazing! I do have one question how do I wrote my own fanfiction? I love JaneXBella
twilight-et-the-vampire chapter 20 . 1/17
h√Ęte de la suite
kati chapter 3 . 1/11
Perfect story! You're an amazing writer
kati chapter 3 . 1/10
Love this story but one Question shouldn't it be Amare instead of Amore or do both of them mean love?
Kati chapter 1 . 1/10
I LOVE this story I'm reading it for the second time I Love JaneXBella. Sooooo Adorable please keep writing about them.
zebraprintlover101 chapter 20 . 1/11
Update! Please! This story is one of the best i have read!
Kolista chapter 20 . 1/2
Awesome update soon
Nyaaaaaaah chapter 19 . 11/1/2014
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