Reviews for Degrees of Separation
angelangie07 chapter 14 . 7/21
I love your story and the way Katniss is handling her new situation. However I just wanted to ask if Katniss had post partum depression with Aran? Was that why she was in such a bad way mentally for awhile? you don't have to answer my question I just wanted to ask on the offhand that you do answer.
lovemesomehungergames1029 chapter 14 . 7/17
I love this story! I really hope you keep up with it and finish it, it's one of my favorites! And it's driving me crazy, I just want them to get back together already!
MPJ chapter 14 . 7/12
Please, please, please continue this soon! I just read the whole thing in a few hours and need more! Lol I need me some real Katniss and Peeta interaction! These fools love each other so much they're just too stupid to realize it!
So happy chapter 14 . 7/11
OMG finally i just loved it because keep it coming
Shibbychick chapter 14 . 7/11
I've just discovered this story and spent the day binge reading it much to my family's annoyance. Wonderful. And heartbreaking. I've been on the verge of tears throughout the whole story. I was listening to Say Something by Great Big World while reading the divorce mediation chapter. All the feels. I just want to hug them. Please have mercy on us and update this soon. I'm so emotionally drained that I want to curl up with the Limetime channel and bing eat ice cream. What have you done to me?!
jdw12 chapter 14 . 7/9
I was SO HAPPY to see an update to this story! Please keep it going. I love this flawed, struggling version of K & P, and I have faith that they'll get their HEA. I am looking forward to it!
Good luck with Camp NaNoWroMo. I'm off to find that other WIP you mentioned now. B-)
DandelionSunset chapter 14 . 7/9
What a beautifully written, bittersweet chapter. Skye is so adorable - my heart breaks for her, being so young and just wishing her parents were together again for Christmas. You're doing such a great job with this story. You don't rush a reconciliation; you allow time for healing and reflection, which Peeta and Katniss both desperately need in order to ever rekindle their relationship. This is such a tough topic to tackle, but you handle it gracefully and realistically. Thank you for a wonderful chapter, Lou. It was well worth the wait!
kikipotter23 chapter 14 . 7/8
I've been waiting for an update! I hope these two airheads realize that they are still in love with each other. I hope the next chapter will be up soon. Poor Peeta, give him some happiness please.
Emilie80 chapter 1 . 7/8
Merci,merci,merci pour cet update!
isabb229 chapter 14 . 7/7
Ohhhh it's been so long! I'm so happy and so sad at the same time! Happy for the update and sad for everlark. Oh poor Peeta. I'm feel so sorry for him. Wake up Katniss! It's not easy to find a husband like actually it's impossible. Is it ok that a like more Peeta than Katniss right now? I love everlark couple and I want madly for them to be together but sometimes I just wish Peeta could find another sweet girl he deserves and make Katniss jealous.
So many emotions right now. I hope Peeta doesn't do something he's going to regret.
I love your writing and I'm so glad your back!
Please update soon!
BenHan chapter 1 . 7/7
It never ceases to amaze me how everyone is ready to excuse Katniss when she betrays Peeta, or subjects Peeta to all kinds of emotional abuse. We expect her to eventually come around to the ever patient and waiting arms of Peeta. The few times Peeta is less than understanding to the insensitive and abusive behaviour of Katniss, he gets called a jerk. That's Everlark, especially angsty Everlark. Peeta is probably wrong for not believing Katniss on the true nature of her friendship with Gale, but I wouldn't either if I was Peeta. A solid majority of the human race wouldn't believe their romantic partner if he/she runs off to the home of their romantic rival and lie about their whereabouts, and actively avoid communication for 2 months. And wasn't Katniss wrong too to rush to agree to a divorce? Peeta waited and endured 60 days of desertion and lies before giving up on his marriage. Plus he was trying to protect his two kids. What's Katniss excuse for rushing the divorce despite the advice she got from her lawyer about being able to delay the divorce? She couldn't even give Peeta a few days to cool off. She still hasn't told him how bad things were, and like an irresponsible teen still hasn't gotten therapy for her problems. I understand the PND excuse; I've seen how debilitating it can be. It's her behaviour since her recovery that has irritated me to no end. It's time for her to clear the air with Gale and get treatment for her condition. It time for her to get her priorities straight and face the problems she caused squarely. The blame for the breakdown of the marriage is mostly on Katniss. She has rarely acted in the best interest of her kids or Peeta, putting her friendship with Gale and her ego above everything else. "Gale is mine and I'm his" was probably the worst thing she said all story.

I do love this story though, even if Katniss is getting harder and harder to sympathise with. Don't stop. It's still the best Everlark angst I've come across.
Sole chapter 14 . 7/7
So, Katniss was worried Gale overheard her talking about her renouncing to love, really? And "Gale is mine, and Im his", really? She thinks, feels and declares that, but treated Peeta like a jealous crazy.

The best thing Peeta can do is go on with his life, and forget about her. chapter 14 . 7/6
Thank you so much for finally update. Amazing story Amazing writter. Sorry for ma english i'm actualy french. J'adore cette histoire et vous remercie vraiment de faire une suite nous n' avions pas perdus espoir et bien sûr f*ck les rageux ils sont juste jaloux ;) courage
Guest chapter 14 . 7/6
OK, so this kind of annoys me. But, Peeta IS wrong. Sure, he was right that Gale has feelings for Katniss. But he was wrong not to trust Katniss. Distrust Gale maybe, although in fairness to Gale, he has never once acted or said anything to Katniss about his feelings. He respected her marriage to Peeta the entire time they were together.
PrettyLu chapter 14 . 7/6
This story is great that good that you decided to continue it because I do had my heart on a string and mourn in some please follow this fantastic story and no longer make me suffer but to them or us that my heart can not resist plus. regards ;)
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