Reviews for Degrees of Separation
Suze chapter 10 . 7/2
Well "Samizat" Peeta could have been suffering from depression too. What's your point? That Peeta's depression wipes out Katniss's depression? Or that even without the depression, Peeta's experience lessens Katniss's? I don't need a DSM-IV to employ simple logic.

I made no claim that whatever ails Peeta isn't a mental illness or that his experience wasn't as bad. My point to you is that it's unreasonable to expect someone who is mentally ill and isn't thinking straight to behave as if they are.
Guest chapter 14 . 7/1
Brilliant story, cant wait to read what you have planned!
Meg2211 chapter 9 . 7/2
J.S. Sorry for the late response. I’ve just noticed your post.

Women do get better without treatment. It just takes longer. Diagnosis and treatment shorten the duration and severity. In any case, Katniss “treated” herself by removing herself from the situation and getting the rest she needed.

Unless you are qualified in the treatment of mental illness, your opinion doesn’t hold any weight in respect to ascertaining whether Katniss’s recovery was possible without professional treatment. I don’t mean to sound nasty, but it’s a fact. It also needs to be remembered that this is fiction. If the story says she’s recovered, she’s recovered.

Re. Katniss’s inability to explain what she was thinking while she was in the midst of her crisis after it had passed. If she had any clarity about it, it would put doubt on whether she had actually been ill. If her brain was in a fog, that’s what she would remember – that her brain was in a fog.

Her inability to understand the predicament she put Peeta in was part of the illness. In her mind, she was failing as wife and mother and she wouldn’t be missed. That’s why it comes as a surprise that she was. However, once it’s made clear to her, she understands only too well. Her feelings of guilt is demonstrated throughout the story. In the most recent chapter, she’s aware that other mothers are saying hurtful things about her. Eg. "—poor Peeta. Such a lovely man, and devoted to his family. How could she do that to him?"
"— she abandoned her children, you know. What kind of mother does that? Disappears for months and leaves them behind."
"—then she comes crawling back, thinking Peeta would be waiting with open arms. She could live a hundred lifetimes and not deserve him."
And Katniss “believed she deserved them”

Katniss running to the woods didn’t postpone the crisis. It fixed the crisis. But it created a new one. Katniss goes to Gale’s house because Hazelle and Posy are there. Haymitch wouldn’t have let her stay for long, and why would she go to a hotel? The whole point is that Katniss isn’t thinking clearly – she’s operating on instinct. She retreats to the place and people she finds nurturing. ie Seam and Hazelle.

You are leaving out intent in your dictionary definitions of abandon. In all your scenarios, there is intent to abandon. When Katniss left, she left her children in the care of their father. There wasn’t intent to never go back. Moreover, Katniss wasn’t responsible for her actions during this time.

Why is it too late to ask for counseling after Peeta asked for a divorce? She had only got back that day, and didn’t know what was happening with him. I think when the “D” word is mentioned, that’s exactly the time you should think about counseling. Katniss’s lawyer advised counseling first, and that’s after the divorce papers were served.

He didn’t ask her to come back and solve it together. Solve what? From Peeta’s POV he didn’t know there was something to solve. He just saw Katniss on holiday and imagined her having a good time with Gale. A month into her absence he visited her at Seam, found she was staying at Gale’s house, saw her with him and that was the last of the communication until she returned a month later. In his mind, Katniss was unhappy with him and wanted Gale. The reality was that Katniss was ill with PND and had retreated to Seam to recover. Unfortunately she didn’t know that is what she was doing because she was ill.

People only know what they see. No one knows about Katniss’s PND, even Annie. All she knows is that Peeta was on his own for 2 months while Katniss was in Seam and has made the same deductions as everyone else. However, things aren’t as they seem.

Peeta has his own POV. No doubt about it. But he has misunderstood the motivation behind Katniss’s actions, interpreting them according to the insecurities instilled in him by his mother.
Katniss and Peeta had a very happy relationship until the PND struck. It wasn't toxic. He’s known Katniss for years, has two children with her and this behaviour was out of character, but when she tried to explain he simply wasn’t listening. She wasn’t given the benefit of the doubt, or any kind of chance. Everyone (Rye, Finnick, his father), who know Peeta’s POV, all agree he was too hasty going straight for divorce.

Which friends has Peeta lost?

Peeta will need to exorcise his demons if he’s to get an understanding of his own part in this. Katniss’s absence was simply the catalyst for underlying insecurities to emerge.

Illness, mental or physical, affects more than the sufferer. You are bringing your experience with your niece into it if you think it was worth mentioning it to begin with.
Guest chapter 14 . 6/28
I can't wait for this next update! Looking forward to it.
Camila Belarmino chapter 14 . 6/20
Abandoned? Please continue.
Snopes chapter 14 . 6/12
Even after chapter 14 it's hard not to think the worst of Katniss. Peeta has his issues, of course, but for K to act like she had no idea that Peeta's concerns about her "best friend" weren't baseless is a bit much. She's not that oblivious. She knew exactly how and when to lie about her whereabouts but yet she's not savvy enough to pick up on Gale's feelings I Simply don't buy that.

“Just because your pain is understandable, doesn't mean your behavior is acceptable” - perfect line.
stjohn27 chapter 14 . 6/8
Wow...what a roller-coasterride. I just read this straight through for the first time yesterday and today!
I know longer think the worst of Katniss, but jeez Louise (pardon the she and Peeta gave got to use their words like big boys and girls. Even crafty little Skye can state what she wants, while being a little devious to get there.
I can't imagine how it hurt Peeta to see his daughter in Gale's lap with their Saturday night ritual laid out for everyone but him...:( please don't let him do something dumb at the bar...please! Or get in an accident.
(And he wore the red sweater she gave him...)
Thank goodness to Annie for pointing out Katniss' cluelessness when it comes to Gale'S Non brotherly interest in her... bout time!

I hope we see an update on this soon. It's such a wonderfully written and emotionally challenging piece of writing.
stjohn27 chapter 7 . 6/8
I can't think of another fanfic where I like Katniss less than I do with the Katniss as she's written here. She is so incredibly selfish and myopic and refuses to accept responsibility for how her actions affected everyone, but in particular, her children and husband.
They are both making incorrect assumptions and reactions about the other based on emotions, but she won't take responsibility for putting all of this on motion by leaving, lying about where she was and who she was with and most importantly, never calling and asking about her children and their welfare while she was gone. That's something anyone would have a hard time getting past, then she thought she could come back like nothing happened...w t heckkkk?

That's kudos to loueze for writing a story that brings up such strong emotions in all who read it, including me. Good job!
stjohn27 chapter 3 . 6/7
Knowing her mother's history with depression, I'm astounded that Hazelle nor Gale tried to get her help with a therapist. They just let her stay for two months, abandoning her children and husband, knowing something was seriously wrong and made no effort to get her help. Didn't call Peeta, Haymitch, and idk, Prim, Her FREAKIN Sister and
Your daughter in law?
I totally get Peeta's reaction to her a month of her being gone, caring for his kids and the stress he's under, he gets to assume whatever he wants.
J.S chapter 14 . 5/30
Meg, I dont mind you commenting about my post, as long the author allows it; and you accept I have different expriencies and ideas than yours.

I dont think I miss anything. According to what Ive been reading, a woman suffering a “severe PND” case requires professional and family support in order to get better. Unfortunately, Katniss condition and recovery werent developed in the story. In my opinion, considering her background, she definitely would have needed psychological therapy.
Her inability to explain what happened to her, her inability to really understand the predicament she put Peeta through her actions (she had to ask Prim!), make me think she didnt recover at all. I dont want to think she is so selfish she doesntt care about him and their kids.

By her “thing” I mean her tendency to run to the “woods” (Gales house, actually; not Haymitchs or a hotel), which never solved anything, just posponed the crisis. This time, Peeta felt it was enough.

Abandon: To withdraw one's support or help from, especially in spite of duty, allegiance, or responsibility; desert: “Abandon a friend in trouble”. Leave someone who needs or counts on you: "The mother deserted her children" (the free dictionary). Its not about how long a person stay away or his/her intentions of coming back.
For two months Katniss deserted phisically and emotionally her husband and kids. Thats a fact.
Katniss didnt go back “home” until she had “no excuse for staying away any longer”, and Hazzelle cornered her and asked he to face her problems with Peeta.
This behavoir wasnt out of character: it wasnt the first time she left Peeta without a clue.
She even was so comfortable at Gales, she felt the bed unfamiliar when she was at Prims.

I dont agree with you about Katniss accepting responsability. Its not about saying “Im sorry” or feeling guilty.
Taking responsability is about changing wrong attittudes, behavoirs, decisions making... Katniss didnt change anything. She is still avoiding her problems Gale included. Her obliviousness about her “best friend” feelings for her, at this time and age is preposterous.

Her offer to go to counseling was after Peeta asked for the divorce. Too late. When he asked her to come back and solve it together, she stoped answering his calls.
His insecurities were seed by his mother and fuel by his wife actions. Blaming him for her wrong decisions (lying) was ignoble.
Apart from that, there must be much more than Peeta insecurities if her friend (Annie) had to ask to stop being naif, and suggested to give Gale a chance. She even had to ask Katniss who would she choose.

Yes, according to her expectations (“Peeta has to understand”) he let her down. But he reacted in view of her actions.
It wasnt him thinking the worst of her. She lied to him. He saw her happy with Gale. Those are facts.
From my POV, even when it hurts him the most, asking for divorce was the right thing to do. He took responsability and broke a vicious circle, an unhealthy relationship. Even when in the process he lost everything (even his friends).
I hope the author will give Peeta the oportunity to exorcises his demons. Its what he does in canon. Contrary to Katniss, he faces (through his paintings) his nightmares pos hunger games, and accepts help to overcome the hijacking.

About my niece: she was diagnosed and is doing treatment, even if she doesnt like it. Im not angry with her, nor projecting my feelings to the character, just expressing my concerns for a situation which affect the whole family, not just one person.

“Just because your pain is understanble, doesnt mean your behavoir is aceptable”.
I hope the author continues this polemic story.
Guest chapter 14 . 5/22
I don't know what story the last couple of reviewers have been reading, but its not this one. They must have left their comments on the wrong story because no one with half a brain could read this and jump to such ridiculous conclusions. Example : "Katniss rushed to divorce her devoted husband" Eh, in what chapter did that happen? Do you mean the one where she came home ready to talk things out with Peeta and HE threw divorce papers at HER before throwing her out of her home?

There is an appropriate GIF for this on tumblr. READ THE F***ING BOOK. Or in this case, what the author has actually written, and next time, please engage your brain while doing so. Hopefully it will prevent you from embarrassing yourself further.

No wonder the author hasn't bothered to finish the story if they have to put up with these stupid comments.
Gabby chapter 14 . 5/22
And the fact that Katniss agreed to divorce her husband days after her long vacation away from her family showed just how much she cared. Then she uses her kids to further justify her irresponsible behaviour in rushing to divorce her devoted husband. It had nothing to do with the kids. It was all about her humongous ego. Peeta is supposed to accept her bullshit. If she scolds Peeta enough, the poor guy will bend to her almighty will. It's what she told Hazel: Peeta usually let's her win their fights. The one time her actions were too outrageous to sweep under the carpet, it ended in divorce. She just couldn't be the humble person.

Saying she got the divorce for the kids is rationalisation. If it was all about the kids why hasn't she sought medical help? She should want to get to the bottom of what traumatised her kids so much. Instead she was more interested in picking up guys at bars. The divorce was all about her pride, period. Katniss has seldom acted like an adult in this story.

I do hope the author continues with the story. I want to see how Katniss fixes her life and her immature ways.
1 more Guest chapter 14 . 5/16
When commenters have shared their personal stories here they have all said they checked into a facility and got help. They reached out and received the help they needed. Let's not conflate appropriate action with abandoning your family for 2 months and lying about your whereabouts. That's just drama for the sake of drama and minimizes real experiences. Katniss could have checked into an out of town facility. There would be no debate here about that aspect of the story. But then I guess that wouldn't be enough drama angst pain to get over 800 reviews. Too realistic.
Yet Another Gues chapter 14 . 5/16
How are people saying there's proof that Katniss has pnd? Whatever the author says is extratextual and has no bearing on the story. It's called death of the author. Look it up. . There is no evidence in the story that points to pnd so all these comments asserting and affirming this diagnosis are merely speculation. A person who has a history of running away to the woods has no credibility to claim mental illness when they have that same reaction to every situation. If she is aware enough to lie about her whereabouts she is damn sure well enough to seek help. All the TLDR replies are just buckshot excuses for bad behavior and not assigning responsibility. Using mental illness as an excuse discredits the work that's been done to ensure mental illness is properly seen as illness.
Samizdat chapter 11 . 5/16
Well "Suze" Peeta could have been suffering from depression too. How the hell do you know that his impulsive behavior wasn't a mental illness. Unless you're a walking DSM-IV you have no idea whether ones "mental illness" was worse than the others. You'd look it up.
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