Reviews for Son of the Moon
DrYakovOliverUlysses chapter 8 . 14h
I have to agree with Checkingdude. You do realize you're setting up relationships between kids who are like around 12 yrs old.
DrYakovOliverUlysses chapter 2 . 14h
I like the little rhyming bout between Artemis and Poseidon.
Checkingdude chapter 12 . 5/20
Okay, so just a quick question. You realize your setting up relationships for these kids while they are extremely young right? Percy is 12 and Nico is 9 just as an example. I think you might want to consider upping a few ages. And speaking of time, man, those romances just keep popping up rather suddenly. Just "Hi, you look pretty to me, imma gunna love you forever!" I think you could slow down that type of thing. It's just way to sudden. All your doing is confusing people. I think with a bit of revisement, this story could be really, truly awesome. Right now, it just feels...rushed. I'm sorry if you disagree, it's just my thoughts on the story. Keep writing though, it's good practice.
Raikaguken chapter 5 . 5/20
is percy half a head shorter than the rest or something?
reptoholic chapter 44 . 5/14
Amazing! I do hope in the future that we see him get more strength and abilities sharpen or evolve. I wonder if he will just stay with his one girl, or if she will encourage more later on.
Allies, would love to see him make more allies or convert some of the titans/enemy forces.
Familiar, some bad ass creature being tamed would be interesting.

Keep up the good work.
reptoholic chapter 43 . 5/14
hah last one
reptoholic chapter 42 . 5/14
that was cool
reptoholic chapter 41 . 5/14
Hope he steals ger swords
reptoholic chapter 40 . 5/14
reptoholic chapter 39 . 5/14
go Hera!
reptoholic chapter 38 . 5/14
Good job
reptoholic chapter 37 . 5/14
Go strong percy
reptoholic chapter 36 . 5/14
Hope they don't escape
reptoholic chapter 35 . 5/14
KEep it up, I hope he starts gaining more allies in the monster and god forms. he also needs a strong familiar.
reptoholic chapter 34 . 5/14
Great job so far
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