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Guest chapter 16 . 1/22/2017
Just found this story its awesome to bad it stopped at 2014 because it would of been a good story
charie01 chapter 13 . 6/28/2016
Brilliant chapter.
viktories chapter 16 . 3/16/2016
No, really. I beseech you. Please finish this. It has completely changed my view of Shane.
phoebe9509 chapter 16 . 5/1/2015
Noooo, you're gonna finish this right?! I just found it and I need more!
Veggeta889 chapter 16 . 4/22/2015
WOU ! Tell me please that you are gonna end this!
Please ! Is so good! You write is amazing ! I love the plot ! I really wanna know what will happen with Carol and daryl
mikkash68 chapter 16 . 4/22/2015
Love this fanfic !
Hope you end this. ! :D
JessicaWakefield chapter 1 . 11/27/2014
I just stumbled upon this story and I think it may be my most favorite Caryl story ever! I never would have thought of adding Shane to the mix but you make it work so well. Please tell em there will be more to this story. I'm dying to know how things turn out and just what Shane is plotting.
Anasazi Darkmoon chapter 2 . 10/31/2014
Just wanted you to know that I busted out laughing at your "Boondock Saints" reference. I loved those movies! XD
Bias chapter 13 . 10/20/2014
Why the sigh? You do know i wasn't referring to you it was just a general comment.

And its fanfiction is just a catch all excuse to avoid criticism, because by that logic no story can ever be criticized and that doesn't wash with me. Because its fanfiction doesn't mean it cant be critiqued. It seems like me trying to explain my pov is getting you annoyed so i'll just leave you to it.
zenofbeingmommy chapter 14 . 10/19/2014

it is fanfiction
Bias chapter 14 . 10/19/2014
I have passed over with no comment bad stories from bad writers but where we seem to differ is if i see a good writer writing a bad story i review because it makes me feel they are better than that. And its such an easy thing to fix once its acknowledged. Now if they are aware of there bias and are revelling in it and don't care that its a detriment to the story i don't waste my time. If it was me and i was unaware of it i would want someone to tell me. I find a lot of authors don't even realize how much of a personal bias can creep into the story to the point it becomes a parody. To be a good writer self awareness is very important, always check your motivation for why you are writing something. Favorite character bias is how canon characters become mary sues.
zenofbeingmommy chapter 15 . 10/18/2014

*note: the conversation seen on this chapter in review was actually began in a Chapter 16 review for reference - but I think that doesn't allow more than one review per chapter - so if you'd like to read the start of this - start with Chapter 16's review*

Of course I post all reviews - it is only fair to my readers. But in that same vein, you really have no fear in posting it under your username, unless this is a pattern that has caused you issues in the past - if you post it that way I believe it doesn't hit my moderation filter.

Thank you for clarifying your opinions, I appreciate it.

This self-perpetuating problem you hint at though? Well, this is FAN FICTION.

Let me tell you what fan fiction means to me:

It is a fan, writing fiction.

Overly idealistic or simplified stories, I tend to pass them over. Ships not to my taste (haha - I ship about everything though), I pass them over. Bad writing, I pass them over.

What do I do when I see a story that isn't to my taste? I don't write a review. Because I think people have a sense of the stories they like to read. Fans that find themselves on this site, usually know what they are looking for. I have a friend who has started watching Shameless and has a new favorite ship. She is smart, intelligent, and read every single thing for that ship, wishing there were more. She said some of them were so bad. But you know what she didn't do? She didn't leave negative reviews on what she didn't like.

You never know if the writer you discourage today, would have been the writer of your favorite story two years from now, because that story will never get written.

My best advice is, if you think you know what would make a good fanfic, write one.


That bias person chapter 15 . 10/18/2014
The only thing i accused you of is fangirl bias and that its written(pun intended) all over this story. I was harsh down to frustration with Carol fanfic writers and this st Carol myth that is perpetuated. The reason i take that approach is that i'm trying to show with derision how ridiculous it is and that it can ruin good writers and good stories. When fellow Carol fans are reinforcing that bias in reviews its hard to get the message through. I am guilty of assuming that you hadn't matured as a writer and as a fan. The more love and identification you feel with a character the more careful you have to be, especially as a writer. OTT bias is a story killer, except for the people who share your level of bias.

The funny thing is i expected you to block my review, the message was intended for you really. I could only judge your intent from what the story is telling me and it was screaming bias. If i had known you had already realized this yourself i would have been less harsh. The fact that you posted my review and explained things more is a credit to you. Walking away if you don't find a story agreeable is a valid choice but then the author may go on thinking this kind of thing makes for good stories especially when the majority of their audience is similarly biased. My intent is to shock them out of that bubble. Now you could say why not leave them to it they aren't hurting anyone, but fandom is symbiotic and it spreads from one story to the next one author to another. So if i can get one author to acknowledge and stop it, i consider that a win. I would never judge your character from a story, it tells me nothing about you as a person. And nothing wrong with being a fangirl you just sometimes have to keep the fangirl away from certain things. My intent would never be to stop someone doing what they enjoy. But that also wont stop me being honest when i review their story. Just maybe sometimes i have a point and it helps them improve their writing. I apologize for the tone of my first review, your mind isn't closed off like your story led me to believe. I thought i would have to fight the inner fangirl to get you to see the bias and i was wrong.

I tend to review in a style that i think will have the most beneficiary effect.
zenofbeingmommy chapter 16 . 10/18/2014

I'm going to publish this because even when people are rude in their delivery, I don't believe that they should silenced. Your voice and your opinion matters, even when kindness is not part of the core skill set. If you would take note of when this story was started and how frequently it has been updated recently, you will notice, that even I too have issues with the obvious idealism with which this story may have been written. Is it why I find it difficult to complete the last chapter or two? Yes. I have grown so much as a writer and a person since I started this story, and with a couple more seasons of TWD under my belt, if I started this same story idea today, it would be written much differently.

But you know what? If we want to grow as writers and creative people, we need to start somewhere. And honestly, this is also, incase you hadn't noticed, fanfiction. It has every right to be fangirly. And if you tortured yourself through 16 chapters of bad fanfic that doesn't meet your personal criteria, then maybe an evaluation should be made of your reading methods. I personally try to decide within the first two chapters of a story whether it is worth my precious time.

Attack my story. Attack my plot. My writing style. My grammar. Attack my ship. My Rendering of each character's unique voice. But personal attacks, based on you not knowing shit about me, and "assuming" things about me as a fangirl? That is not cool. There are writers who are not able to look at a review like this and recover. There are writers that would delete everything. There are writers that would stop. Constructive criticism is always welcome. Personal attacks are not. I would hope that you, or anyone reading this who is not even the least bit thoughtful in their delivery in a review should know that there are reasons people think this fandom is full of assholes. I personally know a lot of amazing people in it. But I also know when to spot the rotters.
The bias burns chapter 16 . 10/17/2014
LOL i love how this story is all about how much Daryl cant give Carol whilst completely ignoring the fact that the Carol of this story and in canon isn't exactly a great catch. Shane is welcome to her, i think Daryl is too good for her. This story makes her sound like a heartless bitch, she has options now, WOW classy. Way to make it seem like she was only interested in Daryl because she had no other options. So what Daryl isn't perfect but neither is she, there are plenty of character flaws that Carol has. My question is what does Daryl see in this Carol that makes him even want to be with her? The arrogance of her is astounding, Is Daryl good enough, is Shane good enough maybe neither are good enough for this former super model with an iq of 160. How about is she good enough for them, in this story no. How about Daryl or Shane getting a choice but we cant have that they must pursue this unlikable person. They are just cardboard caricatures of them selves who's sole purpose is to worship st Carol. The Carol fangirl writing the story wont let them do anything else.

I love it when fans are so biased in their love of a character that they write a story where their fav behaves horribly but they don't even notice it because they are so blinded. If Daryl acted Like Carol does in this story and treated Carol like this you would scream bloody murder about how horrible he is. How about a story where a younger girl wants Daryl and he's all Carol has grey hair and is too old to have children and now i have other options. Let me just mess around with both of them until i can lower myself enough to make a decision because i'm just so great. I'm so glad the canon Carol is NOTHING like this arrogant terrible person with no class. And double LOL at the women who was terrified of her husbands violent temper having no problems getting involved with the king of violent tempers. But lets not let sanity creep into our Fangirl wish fullfillment.

I like the idea of Daryl with Carol but stories and Fangirls like you make me glad it isn't canon.
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