Reviews for Harry Potter and the Knight of the Radiant Heart
ArtimuosJackson chapter 25 . 7/21
Good story and very much divergent from Canon by introducing sir firecam and staying with Harry for whole summer Hermione actually began to see him in romantic sense and so is Harry which could happened during fifth year if he was not angry with everyone.
And Update soon
DaDemigodWizard chapter 19 . 7/16
Starting to not like this. Hopefully you pull it around. Love is what he knows not.
DaDemigodWizard chapter 9 . 7/15
Ok i dont care for the Keldorns part, i want more HARMONY! But besides that its pretty good so far. This is a romance fic right?
DaDemigodWizard chapter 7 . 7/15
Whens the Harmony gonna kick in?
J'aimel'anime44163 chapter 2 . 6/30
Is asking who the inspiration behind the knight considered spoiler material?
night199596 chapter 6 . 6/28
just finished chapter 6 really great story so far I wish more people would right Harry having a good Mentor
ColeMacGrath chapter 2 . 6/23
Glad to know this is still up and running
csheila chapter 25 . 5/29
Love the story, especially your OC. It's a nice change to think back toward honor and low tech.

Love your H/HR - banter reminds me of 1930's Nick an Nora. It took them awhile to get there but worth the wait. It's also great to see other kids be less clueless and not jealous. Possible someone for Minivera is icing on top.

Though the more u toss in Luna the happier I will be (no pressure or anything ;).
TyrStarlight chapter 3 . 5/27
I must agree, knights are stoopid, Paladins are badarse tho. ;-) great story so far, just starting chapter three. Hope this story continues.
Difdi chapter 25 . 4/16
...and the last thing Voldemort heard before his long overdue meeting with Death, was the words "Go for the eyes, Boo! The eyes!"
Blinck22 chapter 25 . 4/15
I love your story you combined two of my favorite things Harry Potter and Bulders Gate! I use to play this game all the time in high school. I hope you keep this story going because I love it!
Son of Zeus0001 chapter 3 . 4/12
I only made it about half way through this chapter. While I enjoy the idea of a paladin suddenly appearing to screw everything up... Harry is extremely out of character in this story and there isn't any good reason for it as far as I can tell.
hypnoticageregression chapter 25 . 4/6
Hahahahahhaa fun chapter and loved the omake!
A Week Of Sundays chapter 25 . 4/5
harmless bystander chapter 25 . 4/5
OH man oh man oh man! I was expecting a shout-out to Minsc and Boo with Hedwig or maybe Buckbeak, but this blows my expectations out of the water! An actual cameo by Minsc and Boo themselves! Sure, an Omake, but, so much butt-kicking! And the quotes! You've managed to work at least seven quotes in there, and some of my favorite ones as well (who am I kidding? ALL of Minsc's quotes are my favorite ones!)! You, sir, have inspired me by CHARGING BLINDLY ON! Also, Hermione's a healer! Get her to learn some support spells (Gryffindor fought with a sword, there's gotta be support spells lying around somewhere, and Hermione is both uniquely suited AND motivated to find them) and she'll be a mage/cleric! Like Aerie (though I always did hate Aerie, she's whiny as all hell). But still, preferred romantic partner to the Good players (like paladins), I sense me some parallels! Anyways, thank you for this wonderful treat, Harmless Bystander, signing out!
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