Reviews for Thump
LolaBleu chapter 1 . 4/18/2013
I love it. That goes without saying because I love everything you write. But still, I do. And I totally lol'd at Tropical Temptation. such a Billy color (and now every time I use it I'll start waving my hands around going 'look at my Billy Dean manicure!' because I'm a lunatic (apparently).
jandjsalmon chapter 1 . 4/15/2013
I'm very glad you've returned - and you returned with something really deep and great. I enjoyed it a lot.
sothereyougo chapter 1 . 4/15/2013
The review that starts off "Wowsa, another stunner! I love the image of the not-well-tended aquarium for the House." is me. I thought I was signed in. Sorry about that and for a couple of typos in the review.
Guest chapter 1 . 4/15/2013
Wowsa, another stunner! I love the image of the not-well-tended aquarium for the House. It's perfect because it also calls to mind how we as the audience are like voyeurs of the fish bowl. Your language and images and just descriptions of what Violet and Tate and everybody else have been up to, down to in most cases, Hee! Hee! fits the timeline so well for Michael having grown up and moved away. You so wonderfully capture the horrifically-twisted version of ennui engulfing all of them, eve the ones who act out to fight the crushing effects of the ennui. I love the excerpts from Violet's reading list - Dr. Freud says Girlfriend has some serious issues around rape and incest and violence and sexuality, and don't we know it!

All of the stuff about and with Michael is just brilliant, such as:
"He's got one foot in the grave, climbing out or falling in. No one's really sure."

That is just - Guh! Perfection!

Then there's the contrast in the way Michael makes Violet feel like she's awake, almost "alive" again and how being with her and just being in the house makes Michael feel the opposite with the added bonus that it feels better to him than the world outside. That reaction from him hit me as a momentary jolt of unexpectedness, but then almost instantly made so much sense, especially when we get his explanation and Violet's supremely canny observations about what it says about Michael, which is a triumph of beautiful word-play and writing:

"He told her that outside the world was telephone line static and malevolence, that everywhere there was only the icy frisson of inherent badness in everyone, languor taking over and turning everyone's soul into a swamp where things lived that even animals who eat carrion wouldn't want to consume.

Violet could never tell if there was something to the things he said or if he was just an introspective flavor of crazy in contrast to his father's far more bombastic insanity.

Maybe he is the antichrist. She doesn't think he's subtle enough for that yet, if ever."

It's just SO wonderful that Violet's experiences with Tate and the other insanity she's been around make her perfect one to "diagnose" Michael, but then, after all, Michael is just foreplay for Violet circling back around to Tate.

This version of Tate going around fucking the other women in the house as opposed to the more commonly written version of him pining for Violet and maybe erupting into periodic outbursts of violence is really fascinating and works great for me. It's even better that you didn't write it with any overt hints that Tate is doing any of it to hurt or anger or entice Violet, although it has that effect in a perverse, very perverse, way. Just the title image of Tate stomping around in his heavy boots when he could instead be silent and wraithy if wanted to is all the hint needed that he either doesn't care if Violet knows what he's up to or, more like, does actually want her to know.

Then, when you use the same word, "Thump", for what Violet gets up to as well, it's a wonderful, subtle way of showing that both of them are just banging their heads against the glass of the aquarium until they find a way to bang into each other again and work their way, using violence, into a sexual relationship again, not that their violence isn't sexually-tinged too.

It's all fascinating and painful and degraded and jaded and yet hot and insightful and enthralling (even if some of the violence pains me personally into this unsettled feeling I don't know what to do with, but then that's probably on purpose). Wonderful work! I'll be looking forward to the other promised treats too!