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RyanB chapter 41 . 7h
It's been quite some time since I was last seriously into FanFiction, but after rewatching all of Code Geass last week, I was once again drawn into the joys of FanFiction and this Fandom in particular.

I've slowly read through this fic over the past couple of days, and as each chapter went by, I kept telling myself 'just one more chapter' but I just kept on reading, kept on enjoying such a wonderful piece of FanFiction. The only thing that I find myself being disappointed in, is that there isn't more to read beyond this chapter as I write this review (3rd May 2015).

I've loved every single word of this fic, and as such I feel it is only right that I not only follow this story and you as an author, but to add both you and this story to my favourites.

I hope the next update is coming soon, but I am more than prepared to wait for what promises to be yet another dose of excitement and awesome writing.

Kind Regards

Guest chapter 40 . 4/24
So, I visit your tumblr page now and again, and it sounds like you're pushing yourself too hard. While I do like the frequent updates it sounds like you'll stress yourself put too much. Take a break once in a while, we wouldn't want you to get sick of writing.

Anyway awesome chapter. Lots of action and drama. Great as usual!
MadHat886 chapter 12 . 4/23
Good fic
scorpioneldar chapter 33 . 4/20
oh my poor lulu
oh kallen you never ever ever call yourself by your masked secret identity name without the mask on
rule number 0 of evil overlording (well overladying but still) even if you drop the evil part
never know which walls have eyes which have ears and which feel like talking
Republic chapter 41 . 4/19
I know I probably shouldn't put this here; but here it goes: Could some one; some how eventually get Francis456 to update Euphemia of the Revelation because it is one of the best stories on the site! I actually would put this on the aproperate review page, but unfortunately other than me no one has posted since February 3rd. So please I ask that some one please get the author to update this astonishingly awesome story please. Please if anyone agrees with me please respond! That store NEEDS updating!
scorpioneldar chapter 8 . 4/19
and C.C. steals home on a strike sliding right under the catchers mit and safe! she really stole the march on this one
wonder how mister black deamon of Britannia will react to kallen plus geass
wonder what it will be
scorpioneldar chapter 3 . 4/19
oh the poetic irony
i love it so much
i cant wait to read more
GalanthaDreams chapter 41 . 4/17
I am so solidly impressed by this story. Every chapter leaves me bowled over with how much detail is given to politics and strategy. And the way you develop characters and character relationships-Kallen and Lelouch are such natural and achingly beautiful compliments. They balance each other but also throw each other into flux.
Angel-the-hedge chapter 41 . 4/12
interesting...wish we could see a bit of LeLouch X Kallen action
redwave166 chapter 41 . 4/11
I just finished reading the entire story so far and I must say i’m very impressed, and I can’t wait to see were the story goes. The only real criticism I have after binge reading the entire story is the very occasional spelling error but their really nothing to write home about. Other than that kudos and I can’t wait for more.
splitice chapter 41 . 4/11
Took a while but finally up to date. Ended up starting from chapter 1 it had been so long :)

guest chapter 41 . 4/10
yeah liking the story a lot, and for the past few chapter Caedron's been kind of a ass, as much as he has done a lot of good, a part of me wishes he still suffers painfully in the end. ironically I find Kallen to be more like Emperor Charles in the story for some reason but I really wish you update it soon hopefully
Dragorion chapter 10 . 4/8
Technically, Kallen's Name wouldn't take the Vi from Lelouch's if they got married. Each of the Emperors wives take a different prefix to their last name to differentiate them, and the children born from that mother share her prefix.

Loving the fic btw.
amerdism chapter 41 . 4/1
Awesome I hope to see more soon when will the next chapter be up
sniperpal chapter 41 . 3/31
So, I just read the entirey of the story thus far in one week. Consensus?
Excellent writing, it's literally a novelization of an AU code Geass. The few bumps here and there barely detract from the massive amount of creativity and effort put into this story. It's one hell of a read
I love those little prologues that are snippets from characters in the future that hint at the stories outcome. Delicious foreshadowing lolol
Please keep it up, I'm highly impressed- and that's saying a LOT. There aren't many people on FanFiction that impress me XD
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