Reviews for Ice and Fire
Winter VizionZ chapter 47 . 9/18/2018
Lmao marianne talking about lelouch and kallen this chapter had me dying
Winter VizionZ chapter 27 . 9/17/2018
This chapter was great, battle gave me literal chills and I really like how you are portraying lelouch as a general.
G-soma chapter 41 . 8/30/2018
Gods this chapter almost brought a tear to my eye.
G-soma chapter 35 . 8/29/2018
LOL. That omake reminded me of a Futurama episode, with the hall of heads of old celebrities.

Wow. I am very impressed with this story. I love the Kallen and Lelouch dynamic, it's far more interesting then the canon Lulu and Suzaku, at least in my opinion. The history is so fleshed out and I had chills when you hinted at Baldr at a previous chapter opening - it made Todoh's warning of 'Baldr' that much more chilling.
G-soma chapter 31 . 8/29/2018
Damn...I have to work soon.'s getting good, I can't sleep now. Damn, I don't usually like the JLF (I doubt anyone does) but you do a damn good job at making me despise them, except Todoh of course. This is probably one of the most complete stories I've read so far. Political intrigue, warfare, romance (cringy at times but it's romance, its to be expected) - and I love what you've done to Charles' character. He's far more interesting in this iteration.
G-soma chapter 22 . 8/28/2018
I think I've found it. The perfect Code Geass fanfiction to amuse over. Finally, at long last.
arga101 chapter 50 . 8/15/2018
A wonderful work fic. I really enjoyed it. I really do just feel that this first book is just an opening that gave more questions than answers. I respect your determination in writing. Best wishes!
Robert Harrison chapter 46 . 8/6/2018
So... In my last review I opened with a statement that I've since reconsidered in light of some outside discussions on the topic. Part of this comes from the imprecise, catch-all nature of the word "beta" in this community.

I'll be more direct this time, what you needed for this story was a "proof reader," not for grammar - that's actually well handled - but for diction. By and large, your word choice is respectable but there are some instances were you've used words or phrases (or left them out entirely) that while they sound right actually change the meaning of what is being said.

This time I have an example:
Three times, in this chapter alone, you use the phrase "in lieu of" and not once correctly. I will give you credit that the way you've used it, while wrong, has been consistent in that its meaning isn't changing from use to use.

"In lieu of" does not mean 'because of' or 'in light of' or 'in response to', these are all phrases that I would have recommended being used in it's place in this chapter. The irony of this, is that "in lieu of" means 'instead of' or 'to replace'.

'In this chapter, Lelouch gives Euphemia a second chance in lieu of annihilating her political career.'

All that said, the story is still excellent. Easily one of the best I've read in a long time and I look forward to seeing how it ends before picking up with the sequel.
Robert Harrison chapter 34 . 8/4/2018
If it's not his mother's body, I will be shocked and disappointed.
Robert Harrison chapter 31 . 8/4/2018
This is as good a point as any to say this, given the note you left at the top of it. As much as I love this story so far, and I do plan to keep reading it, you definitely needed better Betas. Some chapters back you'd left a note about how that particular chapter hadn't been beta'd, which left me troubled because I'd been reading under the assumption that none of it had been.

As for the story so far. It's excellent, I can't think of a much stronger way to put it without sounding melodramatic. The canon characters are well written and I feel they stay true with the spirit of the source, within the boundaries of of the changes you had to introduce for the sake of telling your story. The original characters are interesting and add to the story without overpowering it.

I like the pacing you've managed up to this point. I also feel the use of dramatic irony is spot on and not only in the case of Lelouch not knowing that Kallen is Zero. The fight scenes have been decent, I've read better and I've read worse.

I could go on but... I think I'm going to get on with reading.
Guest chapter 5 . 8/2/2018
Lol you definitely opened it up Kallen
Hunter63 chapter 50 . 6/21/2018
KnighteWolfe chapter 2 . 4/29/2018
You misspelled Cortez.

It is spelled with a 'z' on the end and not an 's'.
castervill-lucifer chapter 50 . 3/24/2018
I just finished this story, this take a place in the top 5 of my favourite fanfic!
Chaos Nightbringer chapter 33 . 3/11/2018
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