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Ersatz Einstein chapter 1 . 4/5/2015
The repetition of "believe her" in the third paragraph was a bit irritating, and the use of "later" in jumping forward and backward around his entrance of the shower made early events a bit confusing. However, there were no major grammatical issues (always a relief).
This was a very well-balanced fic. It had appropriate amounts of exposition, description, and dialogue, none of which overpowered the others. The occasional moments of humor ("pretended to flinch under her gaze") were so placed as to not seriously detract from the tone of the fic as a whole. I particularly liked your choice of opening: a relatable image (relaxing, exhausted, in the shower) with undertones of the events of Knight of Shadows creeping in. (Admittedly, I am fandom-blind, but that wasn't really an issue.)
Legendary Biologist chapter 1 . 4/5/2015
Hi Giry! For starters, I'm fandom blind (again), but I'll do my best.

The first part has amazing descriptions. How hot water warms and relaxes one's body works well as a description when having a shower. Um, yeah, it's like I'm literally having a shower (or at least, standing in a shower room) right now.

Headache! I can sympathize with Nathan, because headache is not an easy disorder to treat. And Nathan appears to be resistant to headache meds. Poor Nathan. Also, what happens to him afterwards is not something nice. It's great that you make headache become something that disturb one's quality of life.

I love the interaction between Kristin and Nathan. It begins with awkwardness (especially Nathan, which is of course, natural), but the awkwardness slowly disappears throughout the story. Then Kristin treating Nathan's sprain and supporting him all the way to bed is a cute imagery. And their banter (I especially love 'hit by a small German sports car or encountered a professional wrestler') throughout the story adds the lighthearted atmosphere and the friendship between the two.

Great work!
Luna Rapunzel chapter 1 . 3/19/2015
Giry, my dear! This was a really cute and lovely snapshot of a sort of inside-joke-worthy incident between Nathan and Kristin that I feel like did a great job of highlighting the dynamic of their relationship, especially coming from a fandom-blind perspective where I'm not already familiar with it but feel like you're doing a good job of familiarizing me, if that makes any sense. There was a very charming sort of awkward humor in how they both handled their embarrassment (although there's maybe a lot more embarrassment on Nathan's part than on Kristin's), and this functioned really well as a character sketch as well - Nathan's stubbornness and preoccupation with not wanting to come across as foolish to the rest of the crew and Kristin's merry amusement at his reaction.

Not super plotty, so I don't have much to comment on as far as plot progression goes, but I don't think that was a disadvantage at all; the purpose and function of this was clearly in capturing a few moments out of the characters' trajectories, and I think you did that very, very well. Your prose is spot-on professional as always, too, but no surprises there. Lovely job, dear!
Igenlode Wordsmith chapter 1 . 2/28/2015
Oh, this one I can *really* sympathise with - I once slipped in the shower and knocked myself blind. I have the most vivid memory of lying there with my eyes wide open, realising that I couldn't see, and wondering if I was going to be able to feel my way across the floor to my clothes and cover myself decently before shouting for help... Mercifully the sight came back in after a minute or so, but I've never been so scared/embarrassed in my life. I've stuck rigidly to baths ever since :-p

"No ions for him this time around; he was going to have a shower with water" - a nice SF touch, making it clear to the readers that showering *with water* is no longer the standard procedure but doing so without a clumsy info-dump.

"He pressed his wet hand to his forehead... Good thing he knew his way around the captain's head like the back of his own hand" - despite having had to scrub out the heads in my time, it took me several paragraphs to work out that the 'captain's head' was *not* the head that the captain had just pressed his hand to, and he wasn't referring to washing his hair :-D

"stepped into the deluge" - again, I did a mental double-take here, since from the first paragraph I'd pictured him already standing under the shower allowing himself "a moment to relax" and "feeling the blissful heat warm his body".

"At the time, he had wanted to believe her. But now, several hours and a few pills later, he had yet to believe her" - I think this may be an intentional repetition, but the second "believe her" sounds a little odd. I was subsconsciously expecting "he had yet to do so", or words to that effect...

"He could feel the heat dispersing the pain of his headache, sending the sensation traveling down the rest of his body" - the headache is migrating down his body? Ouch: no wonder his limbs are trembling :-p

"he knew that they could all get used to water as a part of their showers" - all too easily, I suspect; but probably not advisable for that reason :-(

"he knew that it would be foolish to waste any more of the hot water supply": probably more a question of the *fresh* water supply, I imagine (I wonder how they cope with 'used' water, in a submarine? Pump it out, or keep it in holding tanks to keep the general buoyancy consistent?)

"he realized that he was farther away from the faucet than he had thought" - due to having had his eyes shut, presumably...

"An unconscious cry of pain escaped his lips as he twisted down, his right leg screaming all the way" - slightly odd juxtaposition of the metaphorical 'screaming' with the literal 'cry of pain'; I don;t know if this is a deliberate effect.

A PAL unit is some kind of communicator, evidently.

And evidently Kristin *doesn't* wear hers on her belt!

Interesting that her first assumption is that the captain is going to be pitying her; presumably she thinks that he is checking up to see why she is still awake.

"Her hand found her medical bag" - he hasn't actually specified that he wants her for medical reasons, but she can evidently deduce that from his obvious discomfort.

"Nathan was lying on the tiled floor, barely covered in his uniform as though it was a blanket" - well, at least he managed to drape it over himself before summoning help. Even if his legs are clearly sticking out :-)

He's evidently not in too much pain to find the situation embarrassing: hence the hurt-comfort/humour rating!

"you'll be all better before you know it" - judging by subsequent events, this was a *very* optimistic diagnosis ;-p

Now that he knows the leg isn't broken, he evidently feels more confident about trying to get some clothes on over the top of it. Either that, or he didn't want to wait that long before summoning help.
(As it turns out, he *can't* dress without assistance in sitting up first, so he clearly hadn't tried up to this point.)

"He'd been the one to ask her because he knew that she would help him discreetly" - this seems a bit backwards; not that *he'd* been the one to ask her, but that *she* had been the one he'd asked.

"It was difficult for Kristin to support him... buthe refused to call anyone else in to help" - despite having concluded that "discreet wasn't really an option anymore"? Sounds as if it wasn't just him who was suffering as a consequence of his pride at this point ;-p

"when she took the joint to position it for wrapping" - this does sound a little as if she is taking it *away* rather than taking hold of it... mental image of a butcher's shop :-)

"a small, German sports car" - these are cumulative adjectives rather than 'coordinating' adjectives, so a comma isn't wanted here. (Cumulative adjectives modify each other rather than the noun and thus have to appear in a set order; coordinating adjectives are the ones that form a comma-separated list in any order, e.g. "a big blue box" versus "a frightened, shivering child"/"a shivering, frightened child".)

"My head was spinning and I lost my balance when I took a step" - amazing how unconvincing he manages to make this perfectly factual statement sound :-)

Somehow I get the impression that Kristin doesn't actually believe he took the medication in the first place... (If he has always "been somewhat immune to the general headache meds", maybe she assumes that he is in the habit of not bothering with them? Or maybe as the captain he feels it incumbent upon him to be one of the ridiculously stoical types...)

"he had simply stumbled on a loose bit of carpet in his quarters because he wasn't particularly keen for the entire crew to know that he had slipped in the shower" - and he considers tripping over his own carpet to be an improvement? ;-p
I suppose at least it doesn't conjure up the naked images :-D

"A few weeks after the injury" - and he's still in bed? This is *not* my definition of "all better before you know it" :-p

"She couldn't hide the grin that leapt to her face when she saw how restless and annoyed that he looked" - I'm not sure it ought to be "that he looked"; "she saw how restless and annoyed he looked" would read more smoothly, at any rate.

Doesn't the captain just *sit* on the bridge in a submarine? It doesn't sound like a running-around role... I'm sure some kind of futuristic knee-brace could be fixed up, if bed-rest were not required for plot purposes ;-p

"he allowed himself to breathe as she moved" - so he has previously had to hold his breath when she explores the injury? No, that doesn't sound healthy... :-(

"Does that mean that I'm excused?" - excused having to "sit here and do nothing", presumably: I was slightly confused on first reading as I instinctively associate being 'excused' with being allowed *not* to do something, rather than being allowed to 'overwork'/'overdo' something!

"I'd much appreciate it, Dr. Westphalen."/"Not at all, Captain Bridger." - one of those mock-formal exchanges that indicates the entire lack of formality between the participants :-)
Kandros Fir chapter 1 . 2/13/2015
I'm going in fandom blind for this one, so please bear with me, as i have no clue what the George incident is, or what an ion shower is. That sounds bad for you, like cancer bad.

I like how you portray the relationship between the doctor and the captain. It's clear the doctor cares for the captain in her no nonsense way, and it's clear that the captain can be and has been a difficult patient, especially with the way Kirsten doubted that he took his meds. I also like that while the captain is reluctant to ask for help, he can and does admit his weakness to the doctor and look to her for help. I found the moment when she helps him sit up a testimony to the trust the two share. One thing i also enjoy is that the two aren't in a relationship. It's good to know a man can admit his vulnerabilities to a girl without being in a relationship with her.

My favorite bit is this bit of dialouge: "You were either hit by a small German sports car or you've encountered a professional wrestler in the last 24 hours."
"I would have said run over by a donkey cart to save a child's life."
It illustrates how comfortable the two are with each other. And that is really what I got out of this one shot. The closeness between the captain and the doctor.
Surburia chapter 1 . 2/9/2015
Yay, Seaquest! Yet another fandom blind one for me, but I would say my knowledge is growing from all the questies in the RLT. I feel like I have a pretty good grasp on the characters, so hopefully this review can be helpful.

“No ions for him this time around…” I think this a great bit of character info. We see that Nathan isn’t one to indulge very often unless he’s been pushed to an extreme. And gleaning what I can from what happened on the George it seems there was poisoning and ghost possession, so yeah, I think that would be a reason to partake in something relaxing.

I think you describe Nathan’s headache in a realistic way. I can totally emphasize with him, suffering from migraines myself.

“He had wanted to believe her” “He had yet to believe here” This seemed a little repetitive being so close together. Maybe choose one or the other.

“but reality started to set in” really picky here, but I think the rest of the sentence reads better without this part, as “he knew it would be foolish to waste any more of the hot water supply” shows us that he is aware of the reality of the situation.

“…but he refused to call anyone else to help” excellent characterization here, and from what I know of Nathan it seems like he would be reticent to involve anyone else in in his embarrassing situation.

I love the banter between these two when Dr. Westphalan is helping Nathan with the ACE bandage. You really show how cute their relationship is.

I like the closeness that you show between Kristin and Nathan. She’s the one that he calls when he finds himself in a comprising situation and it clear that they feel they can depend on each other.

Nice work!
zanganito chapter 1 . 1/31/2015
I remember reading your story with Lilian the ghost. So this is the follow-up? Should be fun.

/ No ions for him this time around; he was going to have a shower with water and he was going to enjoy it./ I like that you open with such a deceptively simple statement. On the surface, it seems pretty straightforward: Nathan’s going to take a shower (and with this story in the comedy genre, it probably won’t be a relaxing shower ;). But there’s more implied: he’s been through a lot, he usually doesn’t take a water shower, but he’s been through enough that he justifies enjoying it.

/ but reality started to sink in and he knew that it would be foolish to waste any more of the hot water supply./ Even in the midst of being in pain and trying to feel better, he thinks of the water supply. Really says a lot about his character.

/ His foot had slipped on the smooth surface of the floor, sending him plummeting./ Well, oops. Guess his shower ended up being counter-productive as far as getting rid of pain.

/ "Kristin, I need your help." / It says a lot about how much he trusts her if she’s the one he calls. Since she's still up, obviously the adventure with the ghost bothered her. But we don't get much about that from her. Maybe taking care of Nathan was a good distraction for her.

/ "I did take it," he protested, quite honestly. "It just never kicked in."
She smiled and clipped the bandage,/ Haha, I like how Kristen is basically like “no comment”. Even though he did take the painkiller, I’m sure she hears that line a lot as a doctor. She doesn’t contradict him though, just continues on doctoring.

/ Kristin had laughed merrily when he'd asked her to use that story, but she complied./ Tripping on a piece of carpet? His crew is going to think he’s even more of a klutz than he is. But it says a lot about how close they are that she tells the version of the story that he wants told. Nice work, this was an enjoyable story about two characters and how close they are.
rhinosgirl chapter 1 . 1/30/2015
Hi, Giry! Rhino here –hugs- I see that, thanks to your author’s note, it doesn’t matter that I am completely fandom blind on SeaQuest matters. Good to know!
The first sentence paints a picture of a very stubborn man. This can be a positive thing in a ship’s captain, but not so much in a doctor’s patient.
I can feel his desperation to make the pain stop. Having a body that is “resistant to pain medications” is not fun. Then had to contend with a fall that may have broken his ankle, and having to stretch out, possibly even crawl some, to reach his PAL unit and cover himself in his uniform. OW! –sympathy hugs for Nathan-
I did get a little confused with the different uses of the word “head” in this story. Just to confirm: When Nathan was “knew his way around the captain’s head like the back of his own hand” he was feeling his physical head on his body? And, after his fall, in the sentence “The glass door of the stall had been knocked open during the fall, revealing the rest of the head” you are referring to the rest of his bathroom?
How embarrassing for Kristin to discover Nathan in that position! But she must have had a premonition that something like that was waiting for her since her first thought after his summons was “What in the world has he gotten himself into this time?”. Even then I seriously doubt she expected to see what she saw. No wonder she blushed.
Once they were back in the bedroom and Nathan was safely on the bed, I began to sense an undeclared attraction between the two. Some of their exchanges thereafter, such as the possible origin of his injury and whether he should return to the bridge or not, bordered on the flirtatious. Also, she lied for him. Definitely suspicious.
This story gave me a desperately needed laugh today. Thanks for cheering me up!
MissScorp chapter 1 . 1/30/2015
Hi there! I can’t believe I haven’t read this story beforehand… well, silly Scorp has fixed that! ;)

As you know, I'm not completely fandom blind when it comes to sQ, just mildly clueless about canon events. Well, canon events really don't play much of a part here because you are following up something I have already read and remember, which is awesome. Kristin keeps trying to explain away what the crew experienced on the George with Lillian, but nobody really buys it, though Nathan allows her to have her way simply because it works to make her feel better about what happened. This story though doesn’t follow up the dark spiritual tone that was in TAIH. It takes the screws out of what happened by showing the aftermath of it and how everybody was affected in some way—especially poor Nathan, while adding a touch of humor to the situation. If both stories were told together, this would be a fabulous chapter because of how it takes away that tension and slows the pacing down to allow for a reader to breathe before they might find themselves again dumped into the heart of the next situation. It’s linear storytelling at its finest.

I love how here: ((No ions for him this time around; he was going to have a shower with water and he was going to enjoy it.)) that you showcase how Nathan really doesn’t allow himself the privilege of indulgence much. At least, he doesn’t allow himself this privilege when he’s on the sQ. When he’s on his island and enjoying his well-deserved (and earned) time off is a different matter. When he’s in charge of the sQ, it’s by the books procedure and making sure that everybody else is taken care of. This time, however, Nathan is going to take care of Nathan… and by gum, he’s gonna bloody well enjoy it while he’s at it!

Oy, I can empathize with him here: ((Of all the times to be resistant to pain medications…)). I had the worst headache when I was in Disneyland on vacation and it took almost half a bottle of tension headache pills to allow me to lift my head off my pillow without me wanting to rip it off. Connective elements like this are really critical for me because they connect me with characters and make me identify with them, which is something you really do well IMO. Here I am completely in touch with Nathan and able to understand his pain by using my own and seeing how calamity is gonna befall him because been there, done that.

Oh, man, I know that here: ((The glass door of the stall had been knocked open during the fall, revealing the rest of the head and, more importantly, his PAL unit stuck to the belt of his uniform… just barely out of his reach. "Damn." This was definitely not looking good at all.)) that I should feel bad for laughing at poor Nathan’s situation… but I just can’t help but laugh. I can just imagine poor Nathan lying there, all wet from his shower and naked as the day he came into the world, in agonizing pain from both the leg and his head… but his PAL unit is well out of reach. It’s a frustrating, albeit hilarious predicament… mostly because I’m not the living it ;)

Poor Kristin here: ((Of course you aren't blushing. But he i- no, he isn't.)). Walking in and finding someone on the floor of their bathroom shouldn’t be that big a deal for a doctor, right? Well, it kinda is when the guy naked is the guy you have feelings for. However, as amusing as it is to see Kristin blushing because of finding Nathan on his bathroom floor in a very compromising position… it’s more amusing with Nathan. He’s always so cool and composed that you just don’t imagine him as getting embarrassed over being found in this situation. He fell, he’s injured, and he needs a doctor. Kristin is a logical choice for that. However, again, those emotions which both keep dancing around the pole about feeling…

((She decided not to comment on the fact that his pride was going to be the death of him, but he knew that she was thinking it.))—Yeah, we wouldn’t want to state the obvious here, now would we? ;)

I love the dialogue and interplay between Nathan and Kristin here: ((She grinned, pulling an ACE bandage from her bag and unrolling it. "You were either hit by a small, German sports car or you've encountered a professional wrestler in the last twenty-four hours."))/"I would have said run over by a donkey cart in order to save a child's life.")). It just showcases how they can handle any situation tossed at them, even one that causes them both a little embarrassment. They are clearly friends who care about each other and respect the other enough to be able to joke around with each other about something like one of them getting injured in a mishap.

In all, this was a really great story. Fantabulous job as always m’dear!
Theodore Hawkwood chapter 1 . 4/9/2014
First off, this is only the second SeaQuest DSV fanfiction (after another bit of Kristin/Nathan romance from darkin520) I have ever read and I must say it is a very well written piece of work. I think the pair of you's fanfiction is going to be the standard I see for SeaQuest fanfiction.

By my own admission it has been a good while since I watched SeaQuest DSV twenty-some odd years ago but I do have the series on DVD so it'll be lovely to pop it in sometime.

I particularly found this bit of wit from Dr. Kristin Westphalin to be excedingly funny: "You were either hit by a small, German sports car or you've encountered a professional wrestler in the last twenty-four hours."

Just like Bridger, from what I recall, to be on the proud side when it comes to medical matters to include injuries sustained in such a potentially embarassing sort of way.

Nice touch on the blushing on the part of Nathan while Kristin walked into the room and saw the injury.
Cheile chapter 1 . 4/3/2014
From the start it has a very realistic feel with how you describe Nathan's awful headache. I get migraines from time to time and, quite honestly, sometimes the only thing that will put a stop to it is to spend as long as you can get away with in the shower with the water as hot as you can stand it. (and in the dark, too, but closing the eyes like he does works almost just as well.)

OUCH. The description of his fall made me cringe. (I was glad to find out later on that he hadn't actually broken anything.) Total LOL at the both of them blushing over his state of undress—natural, of course, but still highly amusing, given their relationship; I can just picture the look on her face as that thought runs through her head too, and then later with him after she leaves to go get the ice. Oh Nathan, just admit how you feel about her already! the attraction's been there from the second she caught you snickering at the way she ripped Jonathan a new one :P

Love her repeating that line from the beginning of KOS. :snicker: And her demanding that he stay off-duty to let it heal and his being all grumpy over it is totally adorable, as is their playfulness in the last scene.

my favorite exchange has to be this:
["I don't see why I can't return to the bridge now."
"And why do I feel as though returning to just sit on the bridge would be overdoing it?"] – haha, she's got him there.

This was a lovely little read, dear. Nicely done :) :)
God of a New World chapter 1 . 10/6/2013
Humor is my favorite genre to review for, so I apologize if this is not the exact fic you would have liked me to review. Anyway.

This was a very funny fic; funny to me even more, because this is sort of akin to something that happened to me once, with slightly less pain and embarrassment. The flow right from the beginning was good, and the hook was well written. Nathan, as I said before in another review, is always a fun character to write with, and you nailed both him and Kristin well. The detail and dialogue were balanced well, and the grammar was great. Technicalities aside, I can actually see this happening.

Sometimes humor writers try to 'force' laughs out of the reader with painfully obvious sequences designed to produce screeching laughs, though most times they only end up squeezing out a chuckle. This is not only a realistic fic, with good descriptions to form the picture in the reader's head, but the simplicity of it all makes it all the more funnier. Nathan's attempt to stay professional in the face of embarrassment was very much like him, so you got the characters right.

Funniest part, in my opinion?

"You were either hit by a small, German sports car or you've encountered a professional wrestler in the last twenty-four hours."
murphycat chapter 1 . 7/30/2013
Cute story
SunnyStorms chapter 1 . 7/3/2013
You had me chuckling as I read this. The humor definitely came across, and I enjoyed the playful banter between Nathan and Kristin. I think my favorite bit in that regards is this section:

/"You were either hit by a small, German sports car or you've encountered a professional wrestler in the last twenty-four hours."

"I would have said run over by a donkey cart in order to save a child's life."/ -very laugh-out-loud worthy

As with your other works I have read, your writing was clear and very fluid. There is just the right amount of description too so that I can picture the scene clearly without being too bogged down by superfluous details. How Nathan was physically feeling was gotten across particularly well. Your dialogue was also quite natural sounding, so nice job there as well. Though it is a short piece, I also thought you portrayed well the relationship between the two characters - I could definitely sense the ease and rapport they have with one another.

And of course, I think you definitely nailed the challenge. Awkwardness indeed. Haha.
Edhla chapter 1 . 4/25/2013
*Rubs hands together in glee* WELL :D

You just couldn't resist, could you? You couldn't resist a good ol' sickfic. :D

Fantastic first line. I had a stupid grin on my face from that point on... you always set a scene and tone so well.

"Good thing..." I'm a little confused by this line.

"He had wanted... he had yet..." You were probably going for parallelism with the "believe her" line, but if not, I thought I'd point out the proximity of the expression twice. :)

"He had abandoned his uniform..." OOH ER! Sorry. I'll grow up. But seriously, Giry, you do this so wonderfully well. I would never have thought up that way of phrasing things. Not in a million years.

"An unconscious cry of pain escaped his lips..." I thought perhaps you could amp up that expression to something a little more immediate? Because you're capable of it :) "Escaped his lips" sounded a little clinical to me is all. :)

"Possessed by the ghost..." I figure that this is all canon, but the way you expressed it so succinctly is magnificent. :D

The brevity of the chunk dealing with Nathan's "fix" is nicely paced. Loved it :D

"Aaaahh." This is undeniably nitpicky of me, but that, to me, didn't come across as having enough volume or urgency to be "crying out"... I don't know what you'd do to it to change that, other than an exclamation mark?

"You were either hit..." that whole exchange is hilarious.

Oh, Nathan. Take advantage of being sick-but-not-sick. Sprained ankle is one of the fun ones. You get to sit in bed and watch TV/read/surf the net without actually feeling ill. :p

I feel like I've nitpicked this a lot, but I'm grinning from ear to ear and loved it xx
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