Reviews for Breaking the Cycle
NlaEid chapter 9 . 9/22/2023
I absolutely love Solaire's characterization (along with everyone else). Really captures the lovable zealot that, while not dumb, can be sometimes too stupid for his own good.
Draher06 chapter 36 . 8/28/2023
A man without goal is as dead as the hollow
Draher06 chapter 36 . 8/28/2023
No way , Abby is alive , Im quite disappointed by this no going to lie
Abd the context of her aparence disturb me
I mean , I'm ok with Lautrec forgiving Ana but Abby herself was the one that brought that suden change , it doesn't felt right to shatter Laurtrec's goal and put and end to his mad rage with a calm spell or whatever it is , is like Lautrec has not forgive her , instead was manipulated to think he do so
Draher06 chapter 33 . 8/27/2023
Damnit , Abby' development was amazing
Her death made my heart crawl and it's remarkable cause I didn't like her personality since the begin but her end was sunch a rollercoaster of emotion and pain , the truly best end for her
NoteMy first reviews were in Spanish cuz it's my first lenguage , but a turn of events like this requires me to take it more seriously and pay my gratitude to the author for their wonderful work
Draher01 chapter 16 . 8/26/2023
Qué forma de bajarle los humos a la chiquilla , Logan tiene mi respeto
Draher01 chapter 12 . 8/25/2023
Que manera de sacar de frecuencia a uno , que onda con ese power up de Abby ?
Osea , casi da asco
Mr. Odd chapter 1 . 12/3/2022
interesting but why is patches playing the idiot in this? a ruse on his part? play dumb? we will see.
NotableNine591 chapter 20 . 1/28/2022
Holy fuck Havel was terrifying here
BirchBurglar chapter 65 . 9/1/2021
this story really is smthn special to me

even if some bits don't quite hold up as they seemed to on the first read all those years ago, it still fuckin hits when it needs to

the ending revelations feel only more poignant and fitting now that I'm cycling back to reading it again

idk where you are, if you still bother to check back here, if you still get notifications

but thanks for sharing this
Guest chapter 65 . 7/18/2021
brilliant. thank you so much.
smolhauz chapter 65 . 4/11/2021
... that was... a perfect ending. In all my time, i fanfic, i have never read a story that made me feel sadness, hope, love and horror. A loveletter to dark souls it very much is. Though you may never answer back, i hope ypu know that the work youp ut into this story, this work of art, was not a waste. This story is beautiful. And speaks of the greatest part of humanity and the worst. Ypu made Lautrec, someone i saw as nothing but a computer made npc, into a profound representation of determination and greed. I thank you, for allowing me to read a story so amazing. I cried when abby died, but i was content with the story. It was truly a journey. Thank you.
smolhauz chapter 60 . 4/10/2021
... on one hand, pharis and the innocents very much could have been spared, less phariz because-well ben and all that. But that death was... deserved.
smolhauz chapter 56 . 4/10/2021
No... not her too. Why... why must all the good fade...
smolhauz chapter 50 . 4/10/2021
Ben. You rotten, filth below human scum. You disgusting, depraved piece of human matter. You unforgivable walking corpse. I hope he dies a death that is meaningless. Devoid of hate or love. Where his death, leads to nothing. But a sigh of relief that a mad man was put down.
smolhauz chapter 47 . 4/10/2021
Wow. I never thought i could be so enraged by a man's sheer dumbassery. Ben. If he so much as lay a hair on anyone, by gods the fucking kids, i would condemn him to the deepest trenches of the abyss.

Pretty good story.
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