Reviews for Breaking the Cycle
patrickgroeger1 chapter 42 . 10/9
Very good
GoingBlargh chapter 65 . 8/14
That was beautiful. Excellent work here! Keep up the good writes!
bigbook29 chapter 65 . 7/11
Two words...freaking amazing! From the characters to the battles, oh my lord, you did by far the best Dark Soul story I've...ever seen written on this site. Thank you so much for putting all this thought and effort into this.
Rankin de Merthyr chapter 16 . 7/7
Fucking Abby! She already met SOMEONE that told her Logan was crazy! A reliable and honest someone and she STILL goes to Logan! Damn it all she should have fought! She's still just a girl and hasn't learned her fucking lesson!
Guest chapter 65 . 6/30
Okay, just to let you know. I've never read a better fanfic ever. I'm going to read this again in a few weeks to get hurt all over again. The bandaid at the end is nice, but I'm still hurt. I love it so much. You changed canon for me. I will never be able to play the game the same way as I did before this fic. Solaire being an older guy was a little weird at first (since he seemed so young in the game, especially if you remove his helmet) but it honestly grew on me. (was it really necessary to have him beaten up so much? Poor old sunlight fart... Someone hug him some more) Also, I'm absolutely in love with your Tarkus. I'd give you my first born "sun", but I guess that would be a bad idea. But honestly, this work is amazing and you deserve all the praise you get. I've been reading this with the same eagerness as the "song of ice and fire" books. It's beautiful.
Thunderweb chapter 37 . 6/20
Oops, Ben is beginning an unhealthy journey to become a hero.
Thunderweb chapter 23 . 6/16
Looks like they're becoming some kind of a creepy cult. (Not sure if the otherthe dragon cultis a good alternative, though.)
Thunderweb chapter 19 . 6/16
Everyone looks like a decent person on one moment, and like a mad one on another moment. I'm not sure who is the bad one, or who hasn't gone mad.
Thunderweb chapter 11 . 6/15
Oh no, Lautrec has yet to cut off Patches' finger, as he promised in chapter 2! He can't die like this!
Thunderweb chapter 8 . 6/15
I thought Dark Souls was a dark game. Didn't know there could be a darker one. It feels so cold and creepy with all fires gone. (shudder)
Jisturae chapter 1 . 6/9
Before I begin, let me just say that this fic is by far one of the top ten best fanfictions that exist on the vast web. 10/10, Five Platinum stars, diamond edition. Okay, fangasm done.

This is a shining example of what a fanfiction should be. It not only takes the existing lord and the storyline that is set in stone, but it works around it by throwing the game mechanics as a plot device. New game is just another cycle of the same old thing, this takes theme of the Dark Souls Story and uses it as its own device. The cycle of rebirth. It shatters the cycle and gives us a long and thrilling look at what would happen should the cycle ever be disturbed.

The choice of character couldn't be better to break the cycle. Lautrec has always been a character that knows more than he lets on, we never truly know what his intentions are, we assume he's an ass for the sake of storyline. True characterization of the characters is always a trial that writers encounter and this does it perfectly I believe. It felt like a truly plausible scenario and the characters felt true. Kudo's there.

What really makes this story in my humble opinion however, is the characters themselves. The characters actions drive the story, not the other way around. Instead of the world influencing the decision of the characters; the characters actions impact the entirety of the story. Every decision that each character made had an impact on the world as a whole. That, I believe is what makes this grossly incandescent. Thank you for writing this magnificent piece of work.

Final Verdict: Platinum; A must read for anyone who appreciates a magnificent adventure. One need not even know Dark Souls to enjoy it. Easily one of the greatest fanfiction in the entirety of the Internet.
A crying anon chapter 65 . 5/17
You have me in tears. Why. I'm a good person. Let a girl live okay?! I'll fight anything, but this entire story has me in pieces. This is a foe I cannot engage in battle damn it... Tarkus dying was the worst thing ever. People smacking Solaire around. Ben becoming an dark lord, gods. This has been a roller-coaster from the start and I hope you don't mind I told all my fellow dark souls fans about this so I won't suffer alone... (honestly this is the best dark souls fanfic I've read out there, it's fucking literature)
H chapter 64 . 5/1
Guest chapter 65 . 4/27
FIRST OFF! I will kill Logan every single fucking time! I already learn his filthy sorcery so he will due by my chosen hand in every play through. Now with the story XD
Dude this is the best story of Dark Souls in the world, and the internet others be dammed. I love the game a lot and I found fondness in many of the characters but siegmeyer, solaire, Andre, , always will have an special place on my heart. The first time I saw Lautrec I free him not knowing a thing about him because it was right to free him, then along the way I kept saving the characters and every one of them was there in firelink shrine and even the crestfallen warrior was there finally changing his perspective but the more I went they dissapeared and found them hollowing. It was unfair, everything seemed to bright for you but then it was taken away from you. And then I met solaire fate at lost izalith and I couldn't anymore. It wasn't fair the game wasn't fair. But then it began anew like nothing happened.

Lautrec annoyed me to no end, but here you protrayed him so good that I loved him, I don't think that I will kill him the next time. He was the hero of the story the whole time and I knew that he will come and save the day. The moment I started reading I thought many things will happen but not what really happened. I don't mind reading this story again.
Quelana was also well portrayed, I never expected to fall for each other until latter on the story where things made itself apparent but since that moment I really wanted them to end up together. No matter what that was my real wish. It was like them were made for each other.
Kirk was too...too steryotiped I mean he was put too cliche here he is chaos servant under the veil of darkwraith but the way he was put here left a bad taste on my mouth. Chester fitted very well despite very little is known still likeable villian nevertheless. Laurentions fit well surprisingly after all he was obbesed with the flame which led him to hollow. Logan ohmygod I never felt so much hate for a villian before I don't know if I should let him rot there or just kill him with acid or set him on fire. But surprisingly a great villian very fitting for the lore.
I can say that this universe of yours would fit very well in the real dark souls.
You know a bad ending would have also worked but I am sucker for good endings.
I really thank you for wrtting this piece of art, **** all the Popular stories out there with that their main focus is on a Yuri pairing or self insterts those dont they deserve such attention but your story deserve more. You must be proud of this.
Thank you,
And farewell.
Unless one of us had gone hollow
Guest chapter 12 . 4/8
Abby is nutty.
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