Reviews for Dark Paradise
Sandy2348 chapter 8 . 4/23/2022
So dark twisted and absolutely beautiful! Bravo!
DawnBreaker8 chapter 8 . 5/28/2021
Okay so I didn’t review each chapter like a good little girl lol BUT OMG this had me on edge the whole time. I loved it. I love the dark and twisted Edward so crazy and sexy and hot! I am about to dive into the sequel now. Seriously though this was so good.
Elle Whitecap chapter 8 . 5/25/2021
Wtf did I just read? That’s some psycho shit
Xxx chapter 8 . 2/25/2021
EdwardsVampTramp chapter 8 . 10/30/2019
No words...
Thank you so much for this journey!
EdwardsVampTramp chapter 5 . 10/30/2019
Rut Roh!
EdwardsVampTramp chapter 3 . 10/29/2019
Definitely love this dark Edward. I'm constantly watching crime porn!
EdwardsVampTramp chapter 1 . 10/29/2019
Ooooohhh! So excited!
This has been on my TBR list for years. I just finished Liv's 'Que Sera, Sera' and I know you helped her with it. So if course my next fic to choose would be one of yours!
Can't wait!
macullen0 chapter 8 . 10/22/2019
It's so fuck insane
GoreLoverGirl chapter 8 . 8/18/2019
I love psycho Edward. Great story.
AtLoveForTwilight chapter 8 . 4/19/2019
HOOOOOLLLYYYYYY CRAAAAAAPPPP. Dude I have no words I’m like shaking right now. This was amazing. So powerful. I both lived and hated how short it was but man what a masterpiece. Amazing. Thank you so much for this!
Guest chapter 2 . 10/10/2017
oh ya that makes perfect sense. He raped and killed all those women because he was dating a girl...yup makes perfect sense.

Not only is he a cheater, and a whore, but a fucking sicko too
Guest chapter 1 . 10/10/2017
This is fucking gross.
jk chapter 2 . 6/1/2017
um wtf? this is your story...Edward rapes and kills over 20 women while dating bella? that's really fucking sick.
JustARead chapter 8 . 4/20/2017
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