Reviews for Ana and Christian - Having A Baby
Jtaag chapter 107 . 6/7
Best story I have ever read. I have read it twice and parts of it a third time. I love the in-depth characters and feel like I know the family. You are an amazing writer and I wish films would be made about your version. Gramps is one of my favorite characters and I just think it is excellent. Thank you for writing and sharing it with everyone.
CupcakeW chapter 103 . 5/21
No sé si aún estás leyendo reseñas y espero que después de todos estos años estés bien de salud. Leí tu historia hace unos años y leyendo aquí con Flynn, me percaté que reivindicaste el papel de Flynn y que diga que el dinero lo dona es algo valioso y a mi personalmente me agradó siempre Flynn, pues un doctor no puede ayudar a un paciente sino el paciente no pone de su parte y no tiene un deseo real de superarse.
Y no entiendo porqué CG no puede identificarse con Caleb si el mismo le tomó tantos años sanar.
Para mí Taylor ya es familia junto con Gail. Deberían ser parte de lo que sucede con Caleb.
cottondean19 chapter 104 . 5/18
Ms. Lillie
What can I say other than Bravo! I can't stop reading your story in your perception. YAR! LOL! I had hoped you wrote a few things differently but they were your thoughts, not mine. I just wished you had gotten Elena more, lol, but you know, my opinion doesn't matter, but please know this, You are a greater writer and I will say this, I really believe in true love more through your writing. A great man like Christian never cheats on his wife and neither does Anna cheat on her husband. The sons were taught to do the same things. I love how they were taught to forgive and accept their errors and man up. I love the staff of Christian Grey and how loving they were to their wives. I love how Christian loved Anna and Luke Sawyer fell in love through Christian examples. I have through your story have ministered spiritual message and helped couples, single men, and women through a fictional story mend their love life. I truly thank God for Mrs. James and you Ms. Lillie. I cried knowing Christian, Elliot and the Entire Grey clan were getting old. I wish I could meet you and Mrs. James. I was truly touched in many ways through this book and especially how you never let them cheat but really reminded me as i seen through my parents true love is real and cheating is never an option.
CupcakeW chapter 82 . 5/8
Este capítulo; aunque triste, es uno de mis preferidos de toda la serie. Amo al abuelo Teo. Fue extraordinario.
CupcakeW chapter 77 . 5/7
Y el otro novio? De acostaba con el también y no estaban comprometidos. Unm?
CupcakeW chapter 69 . 5/4
Sólo no creo que con una cesárea a las 7 semanas ya puedas estar subida aún pole dance, aunque te dan el visto bueno a las 6 semanas para relaciones sexuales, la herida no ha curado realmente internamente para hacer ese tipo de movimiento y fuerzas. Toma más meses para curar completamente.
CupcakeW chapter 62 . 5/4
The judge sentenced JH to 45 years not 35. 10201545. No?
CupcakeW chapter 43 . 5/1
Well, Andrea has a generous bonus of $25k and she said she always wants a LV ? Come she can have a dozen of any of them with the bonus only.
CupcakeW chapter 37 . 5/1
I am reading the story again and I love it. And I found this errors when C mentioned Luke, but he is out of service. Is Reynolds who is Ana's CPO now and is in the now.
RoseSarev chapter 106 . 2/27
This was an amazing story, I laughed and cried... keep writing
RoseSarev chapter 101 . 2/27
This is wow, I love gramps too. What a wonderful grandpa
king greezy chapter 98 . 2/12
Guest chapter 71 . 2/4
I love this fav character is Kate I love her personality and I think she's good for Elliot, yeah they are different and Kate isn't really what Elliot has always I guess envisioned as his future wife but I think maybe if he got a his "dream wife" he'd probably be disappointed and not what he expected. that's what I think yeah I Know I don't make sense :)
mysticeyes1 chapter 107 . 1/14
This is the second time I have read the whole story and have really enjoyed it, thinking after all this time you might have finished it. Maybe you have and I just don't know where to look if you have would you please let me know. if you haven't that's a shame but let me know as well so I stop going back back and looking or it.
Fifty Shades Girl chapter 107 . 1/4
Wow wow wow! I had a blast reading this wonderful story, i was hooked from the start. Thanks for sharing, and now I'm off to the sequel (;
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