Reviews for Harry's Wish
potterfan chapter 2 . 11/10
let sirius live
Anna chapter 5 . 9/29
Ugh, same old ridiculous trope of Harry suddenly realizing that he likes boring, unremarkable, fangirl Ginny Weasley. 'I never realized how pretty she is' Ugh, gag! Oh, and of course Ginny is over her crush and hugs Harry with no hesitation despite the fact that they have barely interacted the past 4 years without her squeaking and blushing. Look out! Here comes Ginny reimagined as a Mary-Sue.
Mary777777 chapter 9 . 9/29
Kind of a harsh punishment for something Harry was never told was off limits... James and Lily really need to brush up on their parenting skills.
lanalight1 chapter 8 . 9/24
I mean come back to life "fic" I always make typos ._.
lanalight1 chapter 10 . 9/24
Please UPDATE!, this is the BEST James and Lily come back to life fix EVVVVVVEEEEERRRR!
lojosmom chapter 9 . 8/11
I know others have begged for an update, but now it is my turn. Please update this amazing story. I really want to see how Harry and his parents deal with the abuse and, hopefully, how James and Lily kick some Dursley ass!
Allie chapter 10 . 7/24
Please update its beeen a loooooonnnnngggggg timeeeee! Your fans neeeeeeeed youuuuuu alotttttt! I love your master piecesssssssssss! Man i am really enthusiastic for the next chapter, if there's gonna be one
missgsmith51 chapter 10 . 7/3
"Girls, please, call me Lily," Lily said with a shiver. "'Mrs. Potter' makes me sound so old and stiff." No kidding! Harry might be 15, and Remus and Sirius might be in their mid-thirties ... but James and Lily probably still look (and maybe feel?) like they are in their early twenties, the ages they were when they were killed.

Well, I was totally sucked in. I forgot to check if this was a completed story. I rarely read incomplete stories anymore, unless they are by a VERY few writers who update regularly and always finish their stories. I do have a small ray of hope, however, as you did update about six months ago.

I have no real suggestions for Snape's note. As it was "hastily scribbled," it is probably a request to meet soon.

The diagnostic scan will no doubt contain information about the Basilisk bite, Phoenix Tears, and the Horcrux in Harry's head (perhaps James and Lily, having been dead for fourteen years, might be able to access info about Voldemort). Wasn't Harry also bitten by an Acromantula in the maze? The report should also contain a list of all the injuries inflicted by the Dursleys over the years. I wonder if it will contain any evidence of times Snape or Dumbledore have scanned Harry's mind. I think it should, because if it is illegal, then the Potters will have some clue to the extent of Harry's abuse ... even in the magical world. It will definitely be an enlightening conversation.
missgsmith51 chapter 9 . 7/3
Why didn't James tell Harry that even Lily is not allowed to know the secrets of his study, that it isn't just Harry? That might go a long way toward soothing Harry's hurt and feelings of rejection, especially if James had already told Harry to stay out of his study. In such a case, then his punishment was probably fair ... with the exception of taking Harry's wand. If Harry didn't know the study was forbidden, however, then I can see him being crushed to earn his dad's anger.

It's funny to think of Sirius acting so adult and responsibly when talking to Harry and to James. It's good that he reminded James that he needs to explain the more appropriate discipline Harry will receive from them. Poor Harry only knows one kind of discipline at the hands of the Dursleys: brutal, over-the-top, and completely inappropriate, even if he had actually done what he was accused of doing. Vernon reminds me of those evil prison wardens in backwater southern towns who take out their own sick, twisted, frustrations through violence on their prisoners ... the kind of wardens who come to very sticky ends.

I can't wait to see Lily deal with Snape. She will be rough. The three remaining Marauders, however ... well, I don't envy Snape.
missgsmith51 chapter 8 . 7/3
"Good night, sweetheart. Mummy loves you." "Darling, you're dreaming. Wake up for Mummy."

I don't know ... You have Lily sounding a lot like Petunia does with her sickening "Diddy Dinkums" baby talk. I realize Lily is probably still coming to grips with the fact that her "baby" is fifteen years rather than fifteen months old. Also, Harry is recovering from severe and life-threatening, traumatic injuries, and her hyper-protective instincts are probably in high gear right now. While Harry is reveling (and deservedly so) in the love and physical affection he is receiving for the first time he can remember, I can see him becoming embarrassed eventually. JM2K.
Nashmiya chapter 10 . 5/11
Desperately waiting for the next chapter
Lynzy80 chapter 10 . 4/21
Interesting story. I have enjoyed ready it.
belkat9aya chapter 10 . 4/1
Uptade sooon pleaaaaaaase ! :D
Guest chapter 10 . 3/6
Can't wait!
Guest chapter 10 . 3/3
Pls show harry explaining each injury he received at hogwarts! That would be interesting...
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