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Cha chapter 30 . 4/16
Thank you for uploading this chapter. Take care.
Sezthekitty chapter 30 . 4/11
Since I did not review the previous chapters- due to me being and idiot and forgetting, I'll just write an extra bit for chapter 28 on to here. I don't like spam reviewing, so I'll weave them together in to one review, although I do feel slightly bad as even though you have so many reviews I still think you deserve more.

There's no need to apologize for anything really, from the little glimpse of you that you have shown on here it is clear that you are such a strong and loving person, this happening to your family is devastating and I really wish you well and strength to get through this. Even though I am not religious I do hope that if you are so there is a helping hand somewhere to help you through this.

You posting this chapter means a lot, when I saw your last A/N I was so sure that it would be months before we heard from you, but for you to actually post this so soon in a time like this. I can't thank you enough. This is a wonderful chapter and I really can't wait to see where it goes with it, the humor in it is still clear- how Asami gives hickey's to Akihito just so he won't be able to go in to the public bath made me laugh. I'm loving the direction it's going in and I would love to read more when you do eventually get round to it. You don't need to rush this though, I've seen many more people completely abandon stories because of hardships and though I really do love this story so much and I can't stand the thought of it being left alone- I really do think that you should take your time, we'll all be here waiting no matter what, even if it's years we'll be happy as long as you are happy. I'm so thankful you posted this chapter and I wish you well through this time.

- Review for chapter 28:
I really don't get how you do it but sometimes I just get an urge to reread this story. This normally a while after an update so I slowly go through the chapters- and on several occasions (such as this one) I randomly get an alert saying you updated it. It's sooo weird, almost a little spooky that just when I crave to read this story and I'm rereading it I almost always get a message saying it's updated, it's almost a little spooky.

I can't help but laugh at how the first thing that Akihito's friends think of is if he's been kidnapped again or not. I guess it pokes fun at the canon a lot, where I swear every time Akihito is alone in a seen I just know that he's gonna go missing and Asami's gonna have to find him or he' s going to have crawl back to him injured. I swear he's cursed.

I keep forgetting what type of phone he has until it's mentioned, it has me wondering since technology is pretty advanced these days, with new releases coming out almost every year, is Akihito's phone out of date by now? I wonder if Asami would buy him a new one purely because a new one got released. I mean it's like those people would would buy a gold plated iphone- but really it'll be out of date in a year or so. (I myself only have an Iphone 4s, pretty sure I'll only get a new one when it breaks or the iphone 8 comes out, or the iphone 10 which they'll probably call it something like the iphone XX. Then they'll probably have an iphone XXL to go with it, so well you can only imagine how much that's going to cost if they go up about £/$50-100 each phone).

Akihito in the business room is both adorable and cool, I can't help but feel it's a little out of character with how dumb he's sometimes made to be, but to be honest he's probably quite smart to make it in the photography business, especially the part of the media he's in where most people are fighting for every story they have. So his smartness makes sense, also his determination for his brother is adorable, although he doesn't want to reward him. I do kind of get some of the businesses with their reputation problem, I study business right now so I understand that image is important, but honestly they're too stubborn, as you said their growth would completely stop with the way it is- I can't imagine a place like Marukoshi earning a lot of new customers (after all if someone is rich enough to shop there they are probably rich enough to just eat out at restaurants every night) so they either have to draw them in with new products or keep the old customers interested, they seem to be doing neither with the way they're working. Asami's input just makes me want to smile, I like how he just doesn't really care about the businesses and just wants to let Akihito do as he likes, I'm guessing that he's just waiting to buy Akihito new places if something goes down. Although I do wonder if he makes a lot of profit from having these new companies, he earns a lot already and I'm sure he budgets well but I'm pretty sure that a place like Marukoshi (if it had good sales) would earn him a remarkable amount of income (which as stated may just be insignificant to him but if they managed to really pick the business up it could do remarkable things).

Akihito learning how to fight I think has been a long time coming, you know with being kidnapped in every other chapter, being almost killed half a dozen times and being injured pretty much at every turn, it's a wonder it didn't happen sooner. I'm looking forward to badass Akihito, of course not any time soon but I'm looking forward to seeing how he turns out after a lot of training, Asami's kitten can finally become his wild cat.

Poor Kou and Takato, it's all just a misunderstanding but I can't help but feel bad for them, they were just looking out for Akihito after all and noticed something odd and Asami is strong enough to do that type of thing. I'm betting if it was anyone else they'd be thrown in the harbor or kept in a warehouse just to prove exactly how far Asami will go for Akihito. I swear just Asami saying "Kou-Kun" is probably just as threatening as torturing him, it gave me the chills just reading it.

I can't wait to see where this goes from here, look forward to all the trouble Akihito's bound to throw himself in to :D.

-End of 28 review.

I really wish you well, thank you so much of giving us what you have already written, take your time and I hope we hear from you in the future :D.
Guest chapter 30 . 4/11
*Big hug*
SageSapis chapter 30 . 4/11
Sending prayers to you and your family. this was a nice chap.
Pariya chapter 30 . 4/10
Thank you soooo much great as always . I'll wish you happyness agian. And we will wait til you come back.
Ana chapter 30 . 4/10
Dear Kadzuki,
I am sending you my prayers. Be strong for your family. Take care
We will be waiting for your return.
akiasami chapter 30 . 4/10
Thank you for the strong and take care.
Samerys707 chapter 1 . 4/10
Dear Kadzuki,
A lot of people can say they know what your going through. The truth is they have an inkling but in reality they have NO idea of what is happening around you. Our life is on repeat, wake up, work, eat, sleep and repeat. It only stops when something changes. Your loved ones have been diagnosed with an illness, you've had a car crash, you won the lottery etc. I hope you find the strength you'll need for the next few days because otherwise you will feel as if everything is failing around you. Take every day as your last. Live to the moment because nobody knows whether we live or die. Whether it be now or a few years into the future. I hope you find the will to take care of yourself. I hope the best for your family and I wish you all the best for the future, whatever it may bring. I will be thinking of you x
*Hugs and kisses*
serenyty82 chapter 30 . 4/10
First of all I hope that things will get better, I understand exactly what you're going through even I've been there with some of my family members, and 2014 was a very bad year because of a serious illness that has my father and almost we lost so I can understand perfectly. He has 6 years who has a degenerative disease and last year got worse I spent nights and days to cry but thank God you saved, I will pray for your father and for anything you need are here.

Thank you for this piece of the chapter, I hope to see you soon here and with the news that things are better. A hug you are nearby.
Reinri13 chapter 30 . 4/10
Hats off to you dear Kadzuki.
Despite the trial that you and your family is facing you still took time to post a new chapter, thank you so much. Regardless it being incomplete or unedited, the plot is still solid and it is still a good read, thank you for sharing.

Don't worry about putting the story in hiatus, like one of your guests had written 'family is more important' and this is the one of the few moments in our lives where family should remain strong. Be praying for you dad and his immediate recovery.

The road ahead may seem bleak and hopeless, but remember a small fleck of light can become a glimmer of hope.

Stay strong Kadzuki. It may look like you're alone but rest assured we're here for you :D
Guest chapter 30 . 4/10
Thank you very much. Take go pi d care of your father. We are all waiting for your return.
Angelling chapter 30 . 4/10
hey, hope you to cope well this day with all your problems. and hopefully your father getting better with cemo. just spend time and smile when you're with him, don't show your weak side in front of him.
and just want you to know, while I rarely write review I always read your fics, every time I open finder series fics, always hope i see your update on top of the site and keep thinking while the page loading 'is kadzuki update today?'(so that you know how much I waiting for your story).
so take your time and don't lose hope ever.
I wish I get know you personally and can be by your side, so I can give you a big hugs.
take care Kadzuki, hope your family all well and this is not goodbye, I'm sure I'll see your story again in the near future. So.. see you soon...
Angel4EverLostInLife chapter 30 . 4/10
More please! XD
CassieFujho12 chapter 30 . 4/10
This was my most favorite story ever... thank you for share and update...
And... stay strong, author-san ...
Girl-luvs-manga chapter 30 . 4/10
It's nice and the reunion will be interesting.
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