Reviews for Business as usual
Birdy567 chapter 37 . 11/14
I NEED MORE!, it’s sooooo good. I love this story. It’s my favourite out of every fanfiction I have ever read.
Aleschia-Kho chapter 37 . 11/10
Hello, Kadzuki Fuchoin-sensei! I normally don’t leave any reviews on fanfics (which is very rude of me, I apologize) as I am not good with words. But I remember leaving one here before because your BAU is one of my favorites, and an amazing work of art for the Finder universe. And I would really really like to express my thanks for this wonderful series! As always, you never disappoint. It has been a while with the updates but it was worth the wait! I can’t even remember how many times I re-read this series of yours and I’m sure I will never get tired of it. I love your OCs, I’m definitely in love with Toru. I would love to hear from you more and will patiently wait for you future updates. Looking forward to the next one! Thanks again, sensei! With love, from your fan. 3
Hiruzent.1 chapter 37 . 11/10
its pity , my english is bad. i want to express what i feel after reading every chapter , but i can't.
this is fanfiction that i read except "yunjae" . just yours. and i'm follow every chapter of BAU.
and very glad that you updating this. thankyou...
your work is good. and really attratctive me who didn't like other OP except yunjae.
saharaloto chapter 37 . 11/9
English is not my first language, but I really enjoy your work. This is one of the best Finder fanfiction
Regards from El Salvador in Central America
bishyfreak chapter 37 . 11/7
Thanks for the update. Really enjoy your stories. Is there any chance that both Business as Usual and It's a Family Affair does a cross over? Maybe they help Asami when they find out who did this to Akihito they all go after who did it.
Pigyz-kun chapter 37 . 11/7
Thank you so much for updating! I always look forward to reading the new chapters for “ business as usual”.
I thought you had dropped this series and weren’t going to continue writing it anymore! I was so excited when I saw an update I nearly fainted.
Thank you so much!
I can’t wait for the next chapter!
Ie chapter 37 . 11/5
Please updateeee...
Guest chapter 37 . 11/4
I realllyyyyy wish keichii will appear and work with Toru they all
I really cant wait for nxt chp
Mint-chi chapter 37 . 11/5
I bet that snake killed wu n the son too. Hope Asami tortures her to death slowly with her ingesting poison too!
KaiKai00 chapter 37 . 11/4
Really cant wait for new chp~~~
Will keichi appear and work with toru they all?
Erlangga Andika Yudha chapter 37 . 11/3

Thank you for updating
Pipopuri chapter 37 . 11/2
thank you God!i've been waiting for your update, i didn't even know how many time i've been reread this story of yours. Thank you thank you, in my preference your fanfic are the best on this fandom. i love your creative mind (づ )づ. i will always waiting for your update. once again, thank you (ε )
Lelouch chapter 37 . 10/29
Hello. I must say, l like the torture methods. They are definitely creative every time. l can say with utmost sincerity that your story is the best finder fanfiction that l've read. l look forward to your next update.
loren1415 chapter 37 . 10/30
Ah, its so good to see you again! Out of all the authors that went dormant on this site, you're the one I was always hoping that would come back. I seriously love this series and am so happy to see its being updated again!
Words cannot describe how happy I am to see you back!
xDarklightx chapter 37 . 10/30
I like it.
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