Reviews for The Prince That Was Promised
Guest chapter 9 . 7/27
Bewarel who read this. The story has been abandoned and the so called rewrite ihasnt been updated since March
372259 chapter 6 . 7/9
Wow I NEVER thought of Tywin's political reasons (i.e. Robert's backlash on the Westerlands) as a possible cause to kill Elia's kids - was that in the books? (I'm just a show watcher, haven't been able to grab myself some time for the books yet) Amazing writing!
roger9481 chapter 10 . 6/22
can I tell you how much I HATE harry potter right now with his stubborn attitude
OtakuNegus chapter 5 . 6/16
This has to be one of the best stories i've read, and your depiction of Cersei is by far the best I've seen! This is really good writing!
pigeon chapter 2 . 6/8
You suck you know! Waiting we did and this is what had in store for us all this time. I hope you never write again.
roger9481 chapter 4 . 6/5
wow...the conversation between tyrion and harry was fantastic
Guest chapter 1 . 5/5
I disagree author with crimson bolt. He wants harry to have an awsome wand right away. That breaks the plot. He wants the characters to be identical to GOT. thats boring. He wants the plot to be driven by characters identical to GOT. He hates the epic descriptions of casterly fking rock. I loved reading about it! Rock on with this story. I love it. Show me how harry chooses to deal with Joffrey. Show me how he deals with his duty. His love for his family, his hate and guilt over elia. His pride in his family! And his vices. Nobodies perfect. I love this story. Been reading since chapter one
claidibabaa chapter 10 . 4/23
This is such an amazing story. I couldn't put it down till I had got to the last chapter. Finished it in a day and a half. I know you're doing a rewrite and I eagerly look forward to seeing more of it. You've made Harry's addition to this world very natural and seamless. Most of your characterization and description is also spot on and I felt like I was reading something written by GRRM himself.

The only part I felt was not so much in character was Harry's relationship with Aeryn. Hard to believe an honorable man like him would embark on a sexual relationship with someone he knew he would not marry (much like Ned Stark would never do). The relationship also seems forced to me. I'm not sure why he loves her other than the fact that she is beautiful and he pities her. Lastly as this is a Harry Potter/ASOIAF crossover I was hoping to see more interactions with the other characters of ASOIAF (the Starks, Martells, Targaryens), rather than so much on this new and unknown character.

All in all a great fic, I reallly look forward to seeing more of your rewrite!
UntiedHeartbeat chapter 4 . 4/2
Harry has ghosts on his side who can tell him about murders and such. He knows about equality. He has lived another life. He IS better than everyone in Games of Thrones solely because he's kind. I couldn't fault him for being naive or foolish or trying to find his own way in a cruel world. He will be strong.
Guest chapter 7 . 3/27
Please remember He Is Nine!
tito chapter 10 . 3/21
Haha! I don't think you even remember my review (it was at the fifth or sixth chapter), but I told you so! With such a lengthy setup you were never gonna finish, or even go far into this fic unless you were one of the handful of authors on this site that can write a million word long fic...
Try to remember that for your retry, and good luck!
Admiral Saris chapter 10 . 3/18
Looking forward to it.
Blueline chapter 1 . 3/17
Urg, you dumbass..

You should delete and repost all the chapters starting at "The First Lesson" using THIS; fanfiction_net_9215879 story listing

You've already got like 2000 reviews HERE, and it's not like anyone is going to STOP reading because the frickin' TITLE has changed


Good luck regardless of my comments, producing new fiction is something I'll support even if I think you're acting like an idiot with this location change

Happy trails :D
moosejuice5 chapter 10 . 3/18
liked it very much, i look forward to reading more of the re-write
Inner Self chapter 10 . 3/17
OK. Please don't delete this draft as many people might enjoy reading the before and after works.
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