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RileyHawthorn chapter 31 . 5/17
This is my third time reading this story and I've enjoyed it each time! This was beautifully written! Brava! Keep up the good work!
Karano chapter 1 . 2/27
Okay, so this is really strange...
It hurts to read about that sword being destroyed. It really does. It just became such an important part of Pitch, a thing that aged with him, that seeing it changed, altered...
...It almost makes me cry. As a sword owner (and quite a good wielder), I can say, if you start with a blade, you get so attached to it that you treat it like a lover. And Pitch would probably rather be killed than have that blade shattered.
Morgan Stares K'Treva chapter 31 . 2/14
Will you do anything about Seraphina being Mother Nature?
Havoc's-Tears chapter 31 . 11/25/2014
It has taken me exactly a month to finish both of these stories, and I have enjoyed every single minute of it. I do not miss all the time that I have lost while reading. These stories were amazing and filled with so many emotions, feels, and angst! So much angst! Thank you for your beautiful writing and sharing this stunning series. It was a truly amazing ride!
IceQueenForLife chapter 31 . 11/18/2014
Its taken me forever to finish this story both of them and by Odin's beard was it worth it and beautiful. Ugh I feel so happy and great right now. Thank you for this amazing story and your welcome as well.
TARDISbluu chapter 31 . 10/18/2014
Oh my god. I can't believe I'm at the end. This series has been... amazing. Seriously though - I can't believe I'm at the end. That's a testament to your excellent story-telling skills, I think, because usually when there's this much angst in a fic I turn tail and run as fast I can. I mean, generally I can handle some angst - such as a traumatic event happening, and then all the emotional aftermath of it... but this? This was traumatic event, after traumatic event, after traumatic event, after... well, you get the picture. There was a little buildup of emotional aftermath in between each event, and you start to think it may start to get better, then BAM, here's another one. It HURT to read, oh my gosh, it really did! I get so emotionally invested in the characters that it makes it really, really hard to read heart-wrenching stuff, and let me tell ya - you've got heart-wrenching down pat.

So. I started the first story the day before yesterday, and I've been reading every moment of my spare time to finish it. When I first started reading, I thought from the general mood Jack was putting off that this was going to be another Jack Black story, so I was a bit wary(those rarely turn out good stories, after all). However, I was definitely pleasantly surprised when I realised it wasn't.

I also appreciated the very, very slow-burn BlackIce, because it seems like most authors of BlackIce just throw the two characters together and within no time they're just mindlessly fucking each other's brains out, when it seemed like ten seconds before they still completely hated each other. You took the time to really have them connect emotionally(at least to some extent), and it was a very nice change from most of what I've been reading.

This was most definitely a very long emotional roller coaster ride, for me - a ride that had many gradual rises and sharp falls. Due to my sometimes unfortunate ability to completely immerse myself into a story so much so that I feel as though I'm living it, you might be able to imagine that this was a bit difficult to read, seeing as I'm not usually a masochist...

Anyway, don't get me wrong - even though I'm near to complaining about how hard the story is, I'm not -really- complaining, and I did enjoy reading this. This story - two books, but one story - is absolutely incredible, a must-read for any BlackIce fan, and is definitely being bookmarked into my story favorite(both literally and also into my FF favorite's list).

Only three real critical things I can think of: The use of apostrophes instead of quotation marks around speech, and the occasional slip-up of using 'then' rather than 'than' and 'you're' instead of 'your', and the general lack of Bunny being in either fic(even though I guess one could explain it as being a result of the tension between Jack and him). Other than that, no complaints!

Your characterizations are really incredible. I love how you made it so obvious what everyone's - except maybe Bunny - center was/is, and how it so clearly affected how everyone spoke and acted.

OH! and speaking of centers - I WAS RIGHT! I was fucking RIGHT! I literally fist-pumped on the epilogue, because I was FUCKING RIGHT, that Jack's new center was freedom! I had guessed it about two or three chapters before that part. Granted, you made it pretty obvious - at least to me - that's what it was, what all the "free to do this" and "free to do that" business, especially around living with Pitch. But still! I was right, and I'm proud of myself. xD

Alright, so I think this may be the longest review I've written... You should feel pretty dang special, 'cuz most of the time I write short and sweet, "Loved this!" or "This is great!"

But, in case you didn't get the memo so thoroughly placed in here... I fucking loved this, and this is fucking great.

Hopefully this all makes sense, because it is too freakin' long for me to even WANT to try and proofread.

You're awesome.
Uniasus chapter 31 . 10/5/2014
Man, I really, really enjoyed this fic. (How did I find you here instead of AO3 first? The pool is much smaller there.) I haven't seen any good ones that really take centers into account like you did, and the Nain Rouge? I'm from Detroit and never heard of her, and since you're from Australia I have to give you lots of kudos for research. And now that I now live on the west coast I'm sad I can't go to a Nain Rouge parade.

But yeah, this was excellent, and destroyed my school life cuz I'm pretty sure I stayed up past midnight several times reading this and the prequel. But it was worth it, you weave in mythological elements so well and I love the psycho analysis of Jack, and Pitch, you have going here. It's super realistic compared to some other fics.

Great job.
CassBerry chapter 31 . 9/29/2014
Aghhhhhhh soooo gooooood! I finished both of these stories in two day. Two days! I don't think you understand how amazing these stories are. You have one of the best writing styles that's I have ever read. Thank you for writing these amazing works of art. Now I need to go read about a billion more rise of the guardians fics. Good luck in you future projects!
HaylieLavonne chapter 1 . 6/16/2014
This is one of the best fics I've read. I loved it. You put together such a wonderful world and amazing characters. It seriously put my emotions through a lot that's for sure haha.
Rikki Clock chapter 31 . 6/12/2014
This two stories by far are the best of the ROTG septories I have read. I loved it so much, I really cannot wait to read more!
Mocha Flavored Jelly Beans chapter 31 . 6/5/2014
Its ridiculous to me that there won't be a third installment. This is one of the best stories I've ever read, fanfic or other wise. I LOVE THIS.
Sora Tayuya chapter 31 . 4/28/2014
I adored the snowday, and I am so pleased about the center. I totally called it.

A brilliant end for a brilliant work. I am dreadfully sorry I had to pause reading halfway, but now I have completed what you presented, and am so glad for it. All things worked out, in the end. Just the way they always should.

Thank you
Sora Tayuya chapter 30 . 4/28/2014
How wonderful this chapter was. I believe it to be at once the most heartbreaking, and joyous chapter you have written. It is pure loveliness.

I do wish that Mother Nature could be in this fiction, though I sincerely doubt it possible, seeing the direction. You are moving everyone.
Sora Tayuya chapter 29 . 4/28/2014
I was waiting for two things, and the one that has been delivered is more splendid than I could have imagined. The house is akin to Peter's tree home, and I love it. All of it fits Jack so well. All I need to see now is what Jack's new center is: though my guess is that it is freedom.
Sora Tayuya chapter 28 . 4/27/2014
Many points for Pokemon. All of the points.
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