Reviews for Into Shadows We Fall
Hezu chapter 29 . 10/21
Wow. This has been a long story, I am amazed!
It's great to FINALLY see some character development and recovery with Jack, I was really glad when that started to pick up again. The blackice comfort
I got especially in "The Favor" chapter was deeply emotional and other characters in this Rick are really great, it's been a lovely adventure to read this fic. 9/10!
Kentario chapter 21 . 8/10
Ah, you have no idea how much I like Makara. At least those two are back in action. I can't wait to see how Jack approaches North and Sandy, I'll go find out!
Kentario chapter 19 . 8/10
…oh my Glob. That bastard! *sigh* I hate him with a passion but he's also one interesting character. Poor North, though…
Kentario chapter 18 . 8/10
It's supposed to be the hot week but all I feel is cold and dread. How dare he…Seraphina…his home…I can't wait, I'll just go read!
Kentario chapter 11 . 8/9
It's going well but I still feel the stress Jack's under, trying to hide a part of himself. I can say, I've been reading for six hours non-stop(and counting) and my excitement for the next chapter hasn't depleted at all!
Kentario chapter 9 . 8/9
*siiigh* How sad. At least he's talking about it. Wait, lunge? OH SHIIIIIIII-
Kentario chapter 8 . 8/9
This is what I forgot to add last time:
Because of you I learned all about shorthand. I didn't know that existed, I'll have to try it out! You've not only improved my vocabulary with your rarely used words that make it all even better, you've introduced me to a new way to write!
And here's about this chapter:
…ouch. This time I really felt the pain Jack felt. Also fear from figures in the dark since that's where I am. Excellent(and excited!) as always!
Kentario chapter 7 . 8/9
…this chapter was just…wow. Wow. Amazing. You've completely blown me away with emotions.
I couldn't figure out what plan Jack had in mind last chapter but wow, that? Riskey! It struck me as an audible gasp when I understood. And then the battle, the intensity of it all, and the end left me breathless. I thought Jack was done for all this time. What a rollercoaster that was.
Kentario chapter 6 . 8/9
Wow, Makara's a cool guy! Again, I felt like I was THERE, with them and it is simply amazing. I could barely hold myself together at Gwyn's behavior at the end. And MOORAAA! That's so sweet! And poor North and Sandy… I wonder what Jack's plan is, I can hardly hold myself back from reading it before finishing this review. You are a genius writer.
Kentario chapter 5 . 8/9
You're so good at describing what Jack sees and hears, I got scared when he went to the Nain Rouge, fell in the tunnel and especially when the growl sounded. These places are amazing!
Kentario chapter 4 . 8/9
Daaaaaaamn, that's CRUEL! I can't believe him! You, dear writer, are a genius. You've nailed the bad characters perfectly, I was afraid to read on!
Kentario chapter 2 . 8/9
You still keep me on the edge of my seat, this story is incredible! These summaries are great, there's no way I'll be able to stop for at least a few hours.
BigJellyMonster chapter 31 . 8/2
I feel that the only thing I can do is stand up and applaude. It was fantastic. I think I cried a few times.
Oval power chapter 1 . 7/23
I'm going to cry, I don't want it to be over
Oval power chapter 31 . 7/23
It's over, what do I do with my life now? I feel really sad now, ugh so sad. This was a masterpiece story and I loved it so, I'm sad to see it end. Thank you for this gift of literature.
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