Reviews for Tairiku: Land of Souls
Tobi-Douchebag-666 chapter 1 . 5/7/2014
You read Highschool DxD!? Most guys I know stick to the anime and are stuck there for a LOT of chapters and don't know how DxD has more stuff like other mythologies
DragonKing0117 chapter 2 . 7/2/2013
Bladedknight Thank you for reviewing! To answer your question, I kinda forgot to explain it properly so here goes. Basically since this AU is based off of Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance, a bunch of that story's setting is added to this story. However, as there are other series in this story, I've had to add other elements to the story. For this section of the story (Rosario Vampire) the Youkai are Spirits in this. These spirits (let's call them Youkai spirits) are unique in the fact that their humanoid forms are their weaker forms, like in Rosario Vampire. The exception would be the Youkai who are already Humanoid, as they are mostly the strongest of the Youkai spirits, and the Youkai who can't transform into a Human form, as they are mostly the weakest. For the Youkai spirits who aren't Humanoid and can't transform, if you manage to make a contract with them, their power will increase but the extra power will be sealed. They can release it by turning into their Elemental Armament or Ele-Arma (The term I'm going to use instead of Elemental Waffe).
For the Youkai Spirits that have both human and monster forms, it takes more effort to stay in their human forms, so they can only do this for so long. Since having a human form helps them compress their powers, and helps if they don't normally have hands, they change to human forms to get stronger which they can unlock after a time. When these guys make a contract they'll be in their regular monster form or their Ele-Arma most of the time, only changing into Human when necessary as it wastes more power.
For the Spirits that are mostly Humanoid (Succubus/Incubus, Yuki-Onna, Vampire, etc.) they only have their Ele-Arma and their Humanoid forms. The traits they get in monster form only show when they activate their powers in Humanoid form.
In general, the Spirit will be stronger depending on how human it looks in its natural state. not during when it shapeshifts.

Damn that was long.
Bladedknight chapter 2 . 7/2/2013
Hmmm... So humanoid form aren't limited to the strongest spirits now?