Reviews for MLP Loops
Guest chapter 156 . 21h
Waffle pranks...or they could just use some of their blackmail material... No. I've got it. Golden Oaks destruction pranks.
Guest chapter 154 . 6/26
I love that line.
Guest chapter 94 . 6/16
ChaosDancer12 chapter 69 . 6/14

A loop based on the film Spaceballs! I love that film.
ChaosDancer12 chapter 65 . 6/13

Another Top Gear Loop! Yay!

I love the Top Gear loops.
ChaosDancer12 chapter 63 . 6/13

A top gear loop with Trixe as one of the presenters and Chrysalis as The Stig.

Everettspartisan chapter 156 . 6/8
... impressive. The compilation was really good. Thanks for doing that, made it actually possible to read all this.
The Imaginatrix chapter 151 . 6/6
I haven't looked at the MLP loop threads in ages owing to how often people went pages without many snips, but I have to say here that the Trek fused loop in this chapter was PERFECT. Like, it was almost like an episode and the whole choices of who would bear which Element were just PERFECT. I loved it. :D
Nahana chapter 156 . 6/6
Love this story /great for laughs, have you every thought about what would happen if pinkie pie would meet monkey d. luffy?
Greatazuredragon chapter 156 . 6/5
Very good work, Love this story, thanks for the updates.
Odeeyou chapter 156 . 6/5
One of these chapters, I hope to see Twilight go on a massive prank splurge against EVERYPONY. Cause it seems like Twilight is getting a lot more than she's giving.
Greatazuredragon chapter 154 . 6/5
Haha loved it! Especyally the all sparkle one and the joke of killing the sweetrool.
Great work.
Firehedgehog chapter 156 . 6/4
Greatazuredragon chapter 153 . 6/4
The last one was hilarious.
Very good work.
Laconeko chapter 150 . 6/4
143.15: I have a feeling librarian Dash started out here.
143.23: This one creeped me out. Though I guess Village of Blanks might have something to do with the poison joke incident.
143.25: A Stupid Book works too. Is it weird that I associate Who's on First with the Animaniacs?
143.26: The Ponic Screwdriver. That'll be one -weird- Dr Who loop.
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