Reviews for MLP Loops
Lady In Shadows chapter 171 . 3/10/2019
I mean, Sweetie Bell used the universe and music to ascend, too, what with helping sing a world into being! And it's nice to see the versions of Blueblood that aren't utter pricks- sure, he was still a jerk, but at least he was being a jerk because he was reasonably concerned that someone was damaging someone's presumably expensive piece of equipment.
Josher chapter 119 . 3/1/2019
Two 113.12...
Guest chapter 115 . 2/23/2019
Clearly the Beatles are the best music ever invented then.
Guest chapter 100 . 2/22/2019
Serious question though, when fighting the being made of sunfire, why was non-one's first reaction "hey, Celestia should be ok now, let's grab her and get her to just use her sun-controlling powers"?
Dragon Book Addict chapter 77 . 1/29/2019
Real quick about 73.13 in this chapter. As far as I know, if you look at their molecular structure, gems are more closely related to metals like iron than rocks, so calling them gem "stones" is actually a bit of a misnomer.
Gfish59 chapter 214 . 1/15/2019
I get that it’s one of the main traits for the loops... but can Octavia and Bon Bon loop soon? Both waking up in the same loop would be amazing, and I want to see Lyra and Vinyl’s reactions!
Savannah chapter 213 . 12/28/2018
"This is an unusual idea for how to run a town, Starlight," Twilight said. "What was your inspiration?" (Whoever takes my idea, put Starlight telling her story of her friend leaving because he gained a cutie mark here.) "He just left like that? Without saying goodbye?" (whichever pony this line fits) exclaimed. "You said he went to Princess Celestia's Magic Academy?" Twilight asked. "Yes," Starlight answered. (Please make up dialog for her asking why she wanted to know.) "I wonder what Princess Celestia would say if we told her about what (Starlight's friend's name) did," she answered, 'especially as she's Unawake this loop,' she thought. "May I go and ask Spike to use his mail flame to send a letter?"
Seriously, could you please use this? I don't know these characters well enough to join in the fanfiction writing! Please give this an ending! What would happen here?
Gem chapter 153 . 12/27/2018
Haystuck. BUCK. YEAH.
Gem chapter 95 . 12/17/2018
Yes! Pokemon Loop!
SuicideGuy chapter 1 . 12/16/2018
Read the first chapter and bout to start second. Just letting you know you have written 4,704,436 words worth of book-bulk. It took 10 mins to put everything into a calculator because google doesn't like commas.
Greatazuredragon chapter 214 . 12/4/2018
Awesome work, keep it up.
Owen Copper chapter 212 . 12/4/2018
She should just BLJ.
Greatazuredragon chapter 213 . 12/4/2018
Awesome work. Keep it up.
OBSERVER01 chapter 214 . 12/3/2018
More fun loops! :)
Greatazuredragon chapter 212 . 12/3/2018
Great work, keep it up.
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