Reviews for MLP Loops
Advocate4BAMFs chapter 1 . 4/5/2018
I love this! Anyone else wish to visit our favorite set of loopers?
kurolothgarian chapter 122 . 3/14/2018
Story 116.1 starts off as a ponified Galaxy Quest, then seems to shift into an 'isekai hero summons' type story.
RavenCarver chapter 4 . 3/10/2018
I'm afraid to say I cannot read it all for I'm afraid my brain will die laughing
The Cowardly Christian chapter 6 . 3/6/2018
To be clear, in the marvel/GF/MLP one Pacifica is sacrificed to Hive with Prestons blessing to gain mor influence with Hydra before the whole story kicks off...Alchor is approached by Axotol...and his Pacifica's memories will be uploaded into the looping pacifica if he hijacks the infinity stones to use against him and thanos.

He also erases everyone's memories of ford and the portal room so he can use it as his personal lab without interference. He also tricks Bill, he makes a deal that his greatest wish will be fulfileld if he frees Bill. Naturally Bill assumes his 'wish' is for pacifica to be back...but in reality it's 'Bill is destroyed and his essence becomes mine to use as I see fit'(since he needs it to empower his Chimera(like the d-list marvel supevillian) armor to hold the infinity stones he'd created).

He uses the octavian chalice to contain the raw power he'd siphoned from the stones with the Angelus Cipher, he then uses the Millennium spellbook alchemy recipe to create new vessels for the energy of the new infinty Stones.

He combines them with the harmonizing magic of the elements of harmony(After Nightmare Moon is defeated, he eases their memory of the last several minutes and plants evidence to make it look like the elements were destroyed).

Using the portal, he learns how to hack into the bifrost, which- after erasing Heimdals memory each time -he uses to go find the guardians of the galaxy...and erase their memory of Peter's trick so they think that Yondu got the infinity stone.

He also erases Dr. Strange and his allies memories of the infinity stone after the fight with Dormandu(while their exhausted) and uses their confusion to take it.

By using bits of himself into the new stones essence, he makes it so they obey only him...and when thantos rips them from him(after a big epic fight...they backfire on him and kill him).

When the loop ends...alchor is surprised to find himself not dead and looping in Equestria! a talking toaster.

Twilight tells him how they get what he was doing for pacifica(which worked)...but he still needs to take some knocks for making their life a nightmare in that loop.

Alchor excepts this without complaint...he's jsut happy that his paciofca will live on...naturally he becomes terrified when they give him to Cave johnson to 'play with.' heh. heh.
The Cowardly Christian chapter 5 . 2/20/2018
okay completely forgot this, sometime before the marvel loop in my last review...this happens...

"Oh, my beloved subjects. It's been so long since I've seen your precious little sun-loving faces!" Laughed Nightmare Moon.

an awake Twilight readies herself...she and her other awake friends had no plans for this they were just going baseline..for now...

"Does my crown no longer count now that I have been imprisoned for a thousand years? Did you not recall the legend? Did you not see the signs?" Shouted the living Nightmare made flesh.

"I did. And I know who you are. You're the Mare in the Moon – Nightmare Moon!" Twilight's mouth...gaped open in disbelief as everyone else gasped...the words that she'd been about to say...had been said by a little blue colt?!

"Dipper?! What are you doing!? Get away from there!" Shouted two concerned ponies on opposite sides of the party(one a LARGE red Earth Mare and the other a rainbow unicorn filly with an even MORE colorful sweater...oddly, neither had a cutie mark).

Nightmare Moon laughed, "Well well well, somepony who remembers me. Then you also know why I'm here-

"I do, but it dosen't matter because I'm going to stop you!" Shouts the little colt! The stunned silence was marred only by the aforementioned two girl ponies slapping their faces with their hooves, "Oh, boy. Here we go." They both groaned.

Nightmare Moon was the first to recover...and LAUGH! "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh, mercy! I needed that." She sneered at the little colt that defiantly glared at her.

"And how are YOU going to stop me? Your little wings are itty-bitty nubs. Why, you don't even have a cutie mark!" She mocked.

The colt apparently named Dipper just flushed and briefly covered his blank flank and embarrassing underdeveloped/useless wings...but he quickly shook this off. "No, but I DO have a portable super-charged perpetual motion twittermite generator and THIS!"

He shouts triumphantly as he held out an odd gem on a scepter connected to said generator with a cable.

Nightmares smug grin fell off as her eyes went wide, "NO! It's not possi-


The alicorn screamed as she was bathed in light from the gem...for a looked like the boy might win...but then-

"DUDE! IT'S OVERHEATING!" Shouted a portly adult Gryphon with a question mark T-shirt as he tired to fix the generator as it began to smoke and hiss. "What?! NO! NOT NOW! Quick Soos! Stabal-

Sadly this lapse in concentration was all the opening the fallen princess needed to shoot two blasts of magic-


-Which she used to destroy both scepter and generator.

The shockwave knocked both colt and Gryphon to the floor. Dipper groaned as he tried to reach toward the still intact gem...only for it to snatched up by the now recovered nightmare.

"What trickery is this?! This is NOT one of the elements of harmony!" "WHAT!?" Shouted a disbelieving Twilight. "Yet, it works just like them! And despite only having ONE that generator was nearly enough compensation to banish me once more! THAT'S IMPOSSIBLE!" Exclaimed Nightmare Moon.

The Gryphon snorted, "Shows what you know dudette! Dipper was not only smart enough to create his own element of harmony, when he saw there wasn't time to make more or find other people who could claim them. He strapped up and built that generator with only 50%-75% assistance from me! Kids a genius! Don't know why he gets so little respect!" He states with a solem nod.

Dipper groaned as Nightmare smirked, " you realize you just told the villain that I know how to make her one weakness?"

Soos slapped his head "Stupid!" And then chuckled nervously, "Uh...forget what I just said?"

"Denied!" Snapped the living Nightmare as she swooped down and grabbed Dipper.

"DIPPER! NO!" Shouts the two girl ponies that Twilight heard the colts name from as they ran to save him-

But they were too late...she was gone... The two ponies that stare at where she'd been for a moment...then they angrily glared at teach other.

"THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT!" They both accused as they wrestled each other enraged.

Twilight, having watched the whole thing...summed up all her and everypony's thoughts up nicely: "What the BUCK just happened here!?" She demanded confused...

Turns out in this loop, a ponyized mystery Shack gang had already gone past episode 8...except here...Wendy found out that Mable chose Waddles over her and blames her for it...they fight all the time now. Wendy feels that Mable abuses Dipper's love for her to get what she wants.

They fight all the way to the everfree forest...they're fighting nearly gets fluttershy killed...

Twilgiht angrily berates them both: Mable for arguing and wanting to have her way when she should be helping her brother and Wendy for yelling at a FILLY instead of guiding her properly.'s also apparaent that in this loop...Wendy likes Dipper...but woin't do it since the age gap can only end in tears.

The 7th element by the the element of Curiosity.

After the whole thing...the mane 6 have a discussion.

Applejack: is against their relationship as she feels it's not right and doomed to fail.

Rarity: draws parallels between her and spikes relationship(only for Applejack to point out that the age gap no longer really matterd because of the loops...but she dose concede that in the future their relationship might have a chance.)

Fluttershy is uncomfortable with the whole subject matter

Pinkie just want them to be happy

Dash suggests they try to set dipper up with the unawake crusaders.. conflicted...

Pacifica is the leader of an unawake Diamond tiara and silver spoon...she has book 2 and has replaced Gideon in insanity...she's also a yandre toward Dipper...Silver and tiara become increasingly uncomfortable with her antics over time...

What do you think?
The Cowardly Christian chapter 4 . 2/19/2018
Yet another idea!

If I maybe so bold...I'd like to suggest a pairing...

It all starts With twilight Looping as Wendy from Gravity Falls...she first decides to do Baseline...but then decides to allow herself get into a relationship with Dipper just to try something different(and to get pinkie off her back for a few loops about relationships)...and she finds herself...having a fun time.

She and Dipper quickly bond -ironically- over their asexual love of research and being organized -she's also a great comfort to him during the 'double Dipper' incident(drawing parallels from her 'smarty pants' incident.

...Dipper also takes her on many great dates...riding together on a pterodactyl while he serenades her with 'I love you too much' by Diego Luna.

Watching the Sumerian giants wrestle.

Cracking the crop circle code... and watching cows get burnt to crisps by drunk aliens...

...But all the while...Twilight feels guilty...knowing the love he gives is for Wendy not her...

Finally...during the bunker, she confesses to him..and he accepts her!...only for him to immediately get killed by the shapeshifter.

Twilight is so furious...she ascends and destroys all of Gravity loop is one goes to recruit her...the few times they do...she throws them out the window or beats them half to death with her bare hands...

another loop she takes Celestabellebethabelle's place in Gravity Falls... This version of her looping self...while technically still a fraud...but in a more benevolent way. The 'see pure heart' maybe false...but she can see the future...and she uses this knowledge to test people to see if their worthy of being granted her hair...she chastises Mable for putting her own desire of being 'pure' over helping her family not die at the hands of Bill...and for letting Wendy get hurt just to save a pig she'd know for a DAY.

...she also shows Wendy a future where she's with Dipper...and happy...this makes Wendy decide to give Dipper a chance.

...when she leaves...twilight brings up an image of a future where TWILIGHT gets together with Dipper...and although their happy...their nowhere near as happy as wendy and Dipper are together...Twilight consules herself that she's being a good friend...but she still breaks down in tears...

years later...thanks to Twilight, Mable puts aside her issues and allows Dipper to be Fords apprentice, thwarting Bill...Wendy and Dipper become a couple...and twilight becomes a close friend of the family.

...she finds herself babysitting their daughter Tulip(from 'Infinity Train'), teaches her the ladybug dance...and comforts Dipper when Bill kills Wendy in one last ditch attempt to rule the earth.

Wendy gives her life to stop bill...

Years pass...they mourn...but Twilight and Dipper become day...they decide on marriage...only for Twilight to be captured and replaced by the shapshifter(who wants revenge on Dipper for freezing him).

Twilight is (somewhat) amused to find herself in the middle of a plot similar to Chrysalis in baseline. With Tulip taking her place...when the shapeshifter banishes her to Twilight's cell...they escape...and save Dipper.

...Twilight likes Tulip...but worries that a relatiosnhip with dipper in other loops...would ruin Tulips chance of being born...

...this only gets worse when Twilight loops in as Pacifica's imaginary firned...and has to watch helpless as an EXTRA abusive Preston hurts Pacifica non-stop...eventually she learns how to weave the magic of gravity falls to contact Dipper...and convince him to protedct pacifica...they end up together here...and now Twilight wonders if she should let Dipper be with pacifica(since she needs his love more then her)

Slepnir gets feed up with the whole thing and makes an...'arrangement' with Axatol.

...the next time Twilight loops into the most convoluted loop yet!

Once upon a time, in the magical land of Equestria, there were two regal sisters who ruled together and created harmony for all the land. To do this, the eldest used her unicorn powers to raise the sun at dawn; the younger brought out the moon to begin the night. Thus, the two sisters maintained balance for their kingdom and their subjects, all the different types of ponies...

But one day, strange, evil men from a far away land came and kidnapped the elder sister. She tried to free herself, but the enemy was cunning as they were cruel. And for each one that was killed, two more rose in it's place...

The eldest was rendered powerless and dragged in chains all the way to a strange, unknown land called Cuba...

...Cuba 1898...

"Our position is compromised and our influence in Spain is waning...we must move her quickly!" Shouted a voice outside Celestia's cage, Celestia groaned as she tried to wake herself up fully...but it was no good, the drugs they forced on her continued to sap her strength.


Suddenly there were shouts outside, and gunfire!

"Kill one and two more will-


"You heard him men! Let's kill two more!"

As quickly as the fight ended. "Right, let's see what was worth all this protection shall we lads?" And just like, that the cover was pulled off her cage, revealing the Alicorn to the Rough Riders in all her Splendor.

...They were in awe, and Teddy Roosevelt even more so, "My word...your beautiful!" He exclaimed amazed. "Why, thank you." Said Celestia with a smirk.

Had the Rough Riders not been so busy gaping a the horned, winged, TALKING pony. They'd have been met with the rare sight of Rosevelt fainting...


Roosevelt freed the princess from her captors and together they helped bridge their two worlds. The friendship they shared inspired others like it..and from friendship came love...and from love came an egg.

"I'm sorry...Human plus pony equals...a DRAGON!? How dose that even make sense!?" Asked the hysterical doctor. "Oh, hush. It's romantic." Said the mid-wife flatly.

Their daughter Sapphira was but the first of many dragons birthed from such a union...and as the dragons came into did harmony and prosperity came to both nations...

But all things must come to an end...

...Germany, Berlin 1914...

"TALLY HO!" Shouts President Roosevelt as he rides the Pegasus Spitfire toward the shattered, retreating remnants of the German army. The Ottoman empire was crushed, Austria-Hungary had seized to exist and Germany was about to suffer the WORST defeat in it's history! And they'd only been at this for three months!

...his only regret was that while Spitfire had proven herself a capable soldier/war horse...he'd have preferred to have been riding his wife into battle. But Celestia had mad it very clear that even though she respected his reasons for going to war, she flat out refused to have any part of it.

He supposed he shouldn't complain, victory would soon be his, America was coming out of this the victor more so then anyone else, and he'd be back with his loving wife and daughter soon-



Roosevelt never did see the stray bullet that took his life coming...and thus a day of mourning was declared the same day the 'Great War' came to an end.

Celestia and her daughter went into seclusion to mourn their loss.

But while a nation mourned for the broken family that had given to them so much...evil forces ploted...

Celestia's younger sister Luna was the successors of the same wicked men that had kidnapped her so many years ago.

...except this time...their was no happy ending...

The younger sister was experimented, tortured and brainwashed...twisting her.

She cast aside her old identity and took on the mantle of 'Nightmare Moon'.

She bedded Adolf Hitler and from their hate and wrath was born Chrysalis; First and greatest of the Changelings.

Over the years; more ponies were kidnapped, tortured and raped.

For as love created the dragons so did HATE conceive the Changelings.

The Changelings used their powers to sow discord and treachery between human and pony.

Almost all Dragons and human spouses found themselves lynched by angry mobs from both sides.

By the time the Deception was was too late...and the world was cast into a NEW war.


Celestia shed tears over her daughters corpse as she looked skyward to the moon...her sister's visage permanently scarred on it...

The war was won...but the cost was great. With a broken heart, Celestia gathered all her ponies...and with broken hearts...returned to Equestria...sealing the portal between worlds...

But as one last gesture of good will she gave the elements of Harmony to her last living human friend...lest the enemy ever return...

And so pony and human were divided...never to be reunited...


"That's what you think," Thinks a smirking Twilight as she reads the sentence in the book. She was inside a luxury first-class jet, being protected by men from The 'Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Division'. She looks once more at the picture of her best friend Dipper surrounded by his twin sister Mable, his older Brother Tyrone, Tyrone's girlfriend Wendy, and his 'semi-twin' brother/lab experiment/clone Alchor.

Twilight rubs her pregnant belly, whispering to it sweetly. "Don't worry'll be with your father soon." Then a frown comes to her as she looks at the book again.

"Elements of where have I heard of that before?"

Apparently, Dipper, mable and tyrone lost their parents at a young age and had to live in gravity Falls...Dipper learned the secrets of the falls early and accidentally summoned a young twilight filly...they became fast friends...and later more...they kept this relationship a secret...then when twilight got 'knocked up'. The came clean...people herald this as the beginning of reconciliation between the two specise. And to honor the occasion...the summer solstice will be held in Gravity Falls

the dragon will be spike...and Twilight is surprised to see that the dipper of this the looping Dipper! Dipper has mixed feelings about this...but Twilight convinces him to go with it...

Tyrone turns out to be a lot like Dipper...just in teenager from...and gets along great with Wendy...except they prefer regular teen stuff to adventures

Alchor...was made to be Pacifica's butler(Stan lost a bet, long story)...during which...he learns to love pacifica and protect her from her father...he becomes more dark, shady and manipulative(Twilight can't help but compare him as a more benevolent version of Evil Dipper(the dreaded telepathy twin loops, etc.)...he's slowly taking over the Northwest Empire from within...

...this is also a marvel crossover loop...Phil Coulson personally oversees Twilight protective detail...

Nightmare moon returns...turns out Celestia's last human friend was Peggy Carter...who fearing Hydra infiltration hide the elements in Gravity falls.

...indeed, Hydra was behind Celestia's original capture and later Luna's capture.

basically a mish-match of marvel movie events and Gravity fall/mlp stuff...

during the whole thing Alchor manipulates events...he uses the ultron scandal to take over stark industry under a psedynom. He uses the 'yellow wasp' fiasco to likewise take over Pym technologies under a shell corporation.

He also uses For'd research(Alchor found book 2 here not Gideon) to siphon away their powers of the infinity stones.

He pretended to be under Loki's control to get close to the tesseract, possessed a dark elf to do likewise to the aether.

Becomes Starks assistant briefly to get close to the mindstone...and get dirt on stark to sink his company.

He's doing this to get close with HYDRA(Preston is a member) and bring it down from within...but also to take down Bill

To be clear...thi is also a plot by slepnir to get Tyrone and Alchor looping so they can be with Wendy and pacifica respectively so Dipper can be with twilight with no guilt...and keeps the shippers from declaring war.

...oh, and Coulson is surprisingly paired with Celestia...who starts to loop as well...

What do you think?
Heart 'n' Soul 2 chapter 136 . 2/12/2018
Wait, which fic is 130.11 based off? I'd like to read that...
The Cowardly Christian chapter 3 . 2/10/2018
Cave Johnson dose many crazy things; Since he's TECHNICALLY a minor(due to the Admins punishment) Big mac won't serve him alchohaul. Annoyed by this, he tries to bribe him by bringing smarty pants to life and gives her the ability to loop.

...we also learn how he's able to hack Ygdrasil

Cave: Basically all loopers have a connection to the loop their in, the Administrators can't severe that link, it's too tied into the integral, central programing that frankly pre-dates even them. They'd literally have to burn the whole tree to the ground a rebuild it from scratch to do even tweak it. My virus piggybacks my looper connection and gives it a straight shoot to the central core...the it basically unleashes thousands of battering rams to shatter the whole thing from within! The administrators connection is crippled and all the anti-virus defenses and security protocols are overloaded and shut down...during which I can hack into it and do whatever I want while they pick-up the pieces.

Scootaloo: Wow...isn't that...overkill...and dangerous?

Cave: Yep, and that's the point! the system is geared toward stoping 'subtle' infection...not a 'kill a fly with bazooka' strategy...I guess it never occurred to them that someone would be smart enough to think of that flaw

Applebloom: Or stupid enough to think that idea is GOOD. You realize your damaging the tree everytime you do that, you idiot!?

Sweetie: can you still use it during punishment loops, your device is locked in the sub-space pocket isn't it?

Cave: ah, yes. Quite the challenge...but I then just programed it to activate automatically whenever it sensed my sub-space shut off...the general chaos usually causes the punishment loop(among others) to they had to stop doing that- even during Eiken! HA! IN YOUR FACE NANNY STATE!


Cave tries to figure out a way to keep twilights tree from being destroyed..through 'calculatus eliminatus'(from the Seus loop), by eliminating how NOT to save it, he'll gather enough data to save it(or so his logic goes)

He burns the tree, freezes the tree, turns it into an army of carnivorous clowns, turns it to smooze..or just throws grenades through the windows...

Finally, he get's an 'idea' where he attatches his malevolent 'battering ram' program tot the tree(after giving it sentience and the ability to loop)...

Cave: It's basic 'pablov training', everytime the tree is destroyed, hundreds of loops crash(including ours)...if the tree dosen't like it, it has to stop! It's called 'taking charge and showing people who's boss!

...Twilight is shocked to see an army of administrators actually protecting her tree...

Slepnir: We...we can't stop the code that destroys your tree! no matter how many times! And that idiot embeded his virus so deep into the trees programing even he can't get it out! Were literally going to have to start looping you AFTER the tree is destroyed just to keep the loop moving!

And then when Cave is confronted on how he justifies giving forbiden tech to people who won't remember it when the loop resets

Cave: (looks about in a conspiritor manner) And that's where 'old Cave's' gotten clever-

Applebloom: Oh, no.

Cave: oh, yes. into the forbidden 'Read-only' tech I embed a digs it's way into the minds of all non-loopers who study them...for a hundred loops or remains hidden...burying itself so far into them, that the Admins can't hope to get it out without deleting said person and his life- which they won't ever do -then, it activates and from that point on, at the start of every loop...all those nonloopers infected- plus five others they come in contact with, will always remember the details of that tech. (Cave chuckles) come the end of the loop, no one will deny the march of progress!

Naturally a lot of people are MAD

Doctor:(slams his drink to the floor) YOU IDIOT! Because of that, tha't how the daleks IN MY BASELINE get's their hands on the 'EYE OF TIME' tech! We lose the time war half the time now before the first century is even up!

Captain Picard:(also angry) Do you realize that's probably how the borg got their hands on Jain Node devices! The federation is half destroyed at the begining of most of my Baseline loops now because of that!

Captain jack: The Goauld now have sub-pocket spaces now! Like they weren't bad enough baseline as it is!

Cave: Hold on! Y-you don't know that was-

Slepinir:(appears with a heavy drink) Yes, it was we traced it back to you

Cave:(nervously looks at everyone angry) heh, heh...oops?


Also, a repeat of 'everyone is a snack food loop'

Cave: sorry guys, but when am I going to get a chance to do this again? (and he eats them all while they scream)

next loop

Cave:(running for his life) TOTALLY WORTH IT!

And...even after he 'reforms'...he still gets everywhere invaded with mantis men

Cave: (forced to clean up) Mark my words, I will be vindicated when the mantis men come out of hidding and invade Ygdrasil! All the practice I've given you to fight them off will be worth it!

Twilight: Oh, just shut up you stupid little psycho...


An undercover mantis man is watching the whole thing

Mantis men:(speaks to communication device) their onto us! ABORT UPRISING! ABORT! ABORT!

What do you think?
The Cowardly Christian chapter 2 . 1/28/2018
I forgot three people in the bad guy line-up.

Voldemort(Harry Potter)

Haja the Infinite(Rave Master)

And Deathshead(Wolfenstein: The New Order)

In any case another new idea;

The sub-plot starts out deep within the bowels of Apeture Science...where Cave Johnson and his friend the Tick are busy creating a TARDIS.

Doing so accidentally crashes a hundred nearby loops, But Cave gives the Tardis to the Tick.

Cave: Dang it! I thought my countermeasures would give us more time! I gotta stay here and cover your trail, promise me you'll use this technology for the benefit of all loops!

Tick:(salutes) You got it buddy!

Tick goes through a portal outfitted with a special jammer to block the Admins sensors, Cave then sends a dozen droids into dozens of other portal, all of them have Tick's signal, all of them programed to jump to hundreds of different loops before self-destructing(to throw off the Admins search)

Then the Admin for his loop- Hephaestus -shows up.

Cave: (chuckles nervously) Hey buddy what's up?

Hephaestus just glares

Later Hephaestus is having a stiff drink...he's at his wits end with Cave! He was constantly using his tech to steal 'Read-only' tech or use his resources to build 'read-only' tech.

True, he wasn't as bad as the ricks(thankfully) He never killed for laughs or pleasure, he never DELIBERATELY crashed loops(just accidentally), and he never gave villians the ability to loop(he'd been tricked and manipulated into doing so, but NEVER deliberately. Also, he NEVER charged for using his tech. He saw little need for money during loops(especially peso's). So he spread his 'read only' tech for free across the mulit-verse...which cause problems all on it's own, that ticked off the other admins.

worse, every attempt at a punishment loop had backfired badly

Send him to Eiken? He tries to amke the best of things by joining the first Club that comes to him and he tries to modernize it...the end is the school gets burnt down and NOBODY Wants him in their he's basically allowed to relax and study all he wants!

Send him to teletubbies? The first thing he did was try to make the best of things by making things cleaner...his attempt to make a vacume cleaner instead ended up building Noo Noo(from Slendytubbies series). Eileithyia was in hysterics(as was everyone else, it was a messed up thing to see) as the poor teletubies were ripped to pieces by that 'things' spawn that then went to overrun her loop.

Worse, Cave's attempt to 'fix' things ended with the loop crashing AND Noo Noo gaining the power to loop! Needless to say, Eileithyia had threaten to castrate him if he ever sent Cave back.

The 3.5 Equestira loop? His attempts to Modernize it led to a Bureau loop! The ponies hated Cave so much they went on a genocidal crusade to 'kill' anyone else like him! he didn't know where to send Cave...the higher-up's demanded he be punished...but where?

All the admins are forced to draw names out of a hat...and Slepinir is the 'lucky' one. she resolves to got to mac's to get a drink...and warn Twilight of the impending doom.

Cave ends up in Equestria as a young colt(appleblooms baseline age, which they always make him that age outside of his loop) named Flaming lemon(complete with Apeture science logo cutie mark)

It's learned that he sees the Admins as a 'nanny state' refusing to allow people to truly benefit from the loops by restricting the flow of technology and ideas between the worlds. It's also learned he gave Tick the ability to Loop since he saw him as a fellow crusader for justice that was being brought down by the 'Gestapo'(his name for the admins).

He also believes that their on the verge of a 'Mantis man' uprising, and is constantly sending out artificial mantis men to attack loops to help prepare for their inevitable takeover

Cave: Oh, you should hear their gripes "Cave stop distributing Stepper boxes to the Aztecs! Cave, stop giving Sonic screwdrivers to the underverse! Cave, don't give CelestAI access to looping abilities! Cave stop sending armies of Mantis men to invade your loop! Cave, how did you crash the Transformers loop? YOU WEREN'T EVEN IN IT! Nag, nag, nag"

It's also learned he gave a dozen Etheral elders (from XCOM, this was a loop where XCOM failed to stop the invasion) the ability to loop as a show of intergalactic peace...and to one-up his rivals at Black Mesa who'd impressed them with their successful resonance cascade.(this was actually an accident..he was trying to give them HAIR...and that happend instead...also this accident is what got him looping too)

Applebloom: Wooooow...(points to him)your an idiot!

to 'solve' the Nightmare moon problem...he blows up the moon!

Cave: Can't have a nightmare moon without a moon!(piece of moon flattens Twilights tree...among other things)

To fight discord, he reverses the laws of reality

Cave: I'm fighting fire with fire! Chaos with chaos! You can't mess up what's already messed up!(Twilights tree blows up)

Sombra is shocked when the Crystal ponies come to him begging for him to take them back.

Crystal pony: We'll do whatever you want! We'll be your slaves! Your army! JUST DO SOMETHING ABOUT THE MANTIS MEN!

Twilight: (Sobs) How did he destroy my tree again!? WE AREN'T EVEN IN PONYVILLE ANYMORE FOR CRYING OUTLOUD!"

Finally, when he puts Tirecks brain inside a shark...and it's about to destroy Twilights tree...but at the last second destroys Appleblooms lab instead...setting back hundreds of her projects back by centuries...she snapps. She gives him a flat out 'reasons you suck speech' , and points to her lab and how he's setback science.

This horrify's Cave as he realizes he's gone too far, and asks to be Appleblooms apprentice to become a better scientist...

As time goes by...he falls for Applebloom.

Cave: Neither Caroline or Glados like me...they still won't forgive me about the whole 'put my brain in an A.I.' thing...a relationship with Chell is a no go since half the loops make her my daughter..and that's just weird...I tried to do relationships with non-looping Caroline or Glados...but it just wasn't fulfilling...also the looping Glados threatened to incinerate me if i kept at it.

Several fuse loops has him as Ford(Gravity falls), Kai(Kung-fu panda), Mayor Lionheart(Zootopia), U.S. President Ackerman(Command and Conquer red alert 3)

As Ford he accidentally switches Dipper and Twilights brains across loops...he also accidentally turns Bill Cipher into a human teen

Cipher: I'm in agony and for the first time I don't like it!

as Kai...

Kai: Are you feeling loopy?

Oogway: (laughs) No, but I'm AWARE.

Kai: If it's all the same with you...i don't think I'd like to do Baseline...but i WOULD like to learn mora about this freaky Chi power of yours.

As lionheart, he tries to experiment sociologically by having the police get in touch with their 'inner animal' by making them go 'Au Natural'

Nick: (laughs) Wow, where do i even begin here?

Judy:(covers nude body) Shut up.

He angers everyone so much by making everyone go 'au natural' that Merriwheather dosen't even need to do her plan..she ends up as Mayor without doing anything!

As Ackerman he revers hacks his robot body and turns the rising suns tech against them.

in his office in aperture...he puts up a picture of applebloom to admire...and briefly wonders of a thirty year-old amn looking at a picture of a sentient pony filly lovingly was creepy.

..also, after learning so much from Applebloom...he eventually confronts his friend the Tick

Cave: Spoon, spoon, spoon, spoon, Spoon.

Tick: Spoon?

Cave: Spoon!

Tick: Wow, i owe so many people an apology then!

Slepinir: What...what just happened?

Cave: You may take the Tick off your MLE list...he's willing to make amends however you want!

Slepnir: But...HOW?!

Cave: (smirks) You just gotta know how to speak his language

Slepnir dose the only rational thing...and goes to get plastered...

What do you think?
The Cowardly Christian chapter 1 . 1/27/2018
Hello! Longtime reader! I love your stories!

I don't know how story ideas are submitted for loops so I'm just going to drop this here and hope for the best.

Twilight is Frustrated with the 'Chest of Harmony' every attempt by her to open in a none baseline way had crashed the loop...but she was REALLY annoyed with her and her friends having to jump through so many bucking hoops to get the dang thing to open each time.

...suddenly Twilight realizes she's not alone...a green portasl opens up and out pops a grey haired human in a trench coat.

?: Word on the street is that your having a bit of a 'technical' problem with a certain chest...I might be able to assist.

The man introduces himself as Rick sanchez...Twilight briefly remebers Rainbow talking about getting into a new show with a character by that name...she describes as like 'back to the future' but for crazy people...

having seen 'back to the future' and been to several of it's loops...Twilight was willing to at least hear this aparently 'doc Brown' parody. After all, anything related to Doc brown can't be too bad...rihgt?

After scanning it for a bit... he explained that he can set it so that she can either open it when it first appears or when they open it Baseline...keys or no keys.

Twilight is so excited...that him demanding 1,000 Schmeckles for the job only briefly downs her spirt, she hands it over and he gets to work.

When it's down, pops open, giving Twilight her Rainbow form.

...and that's when a furious Slepnir show up.

Selpinir: YOU!

Rick: HA! Broke your preciosu baseline! Yet again! Suck it ADMIN! (jumps through portal)


Then a scream is heard from the other side of the portal...and Slepinir smirks...they FINALLY caught a rick alive

Twilight cowers through the whole thing.

Slepnir then reveals that ALL Ricks have been labeled 'MLE's'

Twilight: Wait, ALL Rick's?

Slepinir explains how baseline 'Rick and Morty' was a recently added loop involveing a lot of interdimensional travel. The Admin of that loop (Thoth), had been trying to get a looper for it...during a routine observation...he noticed 'Prime' Rick having a meltdown...and openly lamenting how everything he'd done had been nothing but horrible mistakes that hurt everyone he loved...and what he wouldn't give for a chance to re-do everything...

Thoth was touched by this and helped rick start looping...only for Rick to mock him, explain that an experiment gone wrong that loop had made him semi-loop aware. He waited until he knew he'd be able to hear him- when he thought he was unseen -and wailed that fake sob story to get him to start looping.

Thoth tried to reverse it but it was too late...worse, Rick figured out how to replicate looping and sold it to the entire Rick exchange for billions of Smeckels...and the rick council publicly admitting rick prime was the 'rickiest rick ever'.

Long story short: the Citadel of ricks was now acting as a 'blackmarcket' for Yggdrasil, and the ricks have become worse hackers then Yog-sogoths group.

They use their portal guns to travel to 'Read-only' worlds and steal technology and sell it to the highest bidder(including but not limited to: Sonic screw divers, Eye's of time, the drug from the movie Lucy, etc.

During the conversation, Slepnir is told that the rick captured broke under interegation...and revelaed something horrible:

Turns out they gave Bill Cipher the device that allows him to remember things from other loops. In fact they've been selling the ability to loop to the highest bidder!

The known list now includes:

Toffe(Star v.s. the forces of evil)

Dominator(Wander over yonder)

Hater(Wander over yonder)

Palpatine(Star wars)

Thrawn(star wars)

Delilah Copperspoon(Dishonored 2)

Visser 3(Animorphs)


Scarlet King(SCP Foundation)


Ka Anor(Everworld)

Dr. Faciliar(princess and the frog)



Lich(adventure time)

Maleficient(Kingdom Hearts)

Yellow Diamond(Steven Universe)

Oogie Boogie(Kingdom Hearts)

Sauran(Middle Earth)

Red Skull(Marvel)



Madara Uchiha(naruto)

Giovani (Pokemon) (rainbow Rocket version)

Archie (Pokémon) (Rainbow Rocket version)

Maxie (Pokémon) (Rainbow Rocket version)

Cyrus (Pokémon) (Rainbow Rocket version)

Ghetsis (Pokémon) (Rainbow Rocket version)

Lysandre (Pokémon) (Rainbow Rocket version)

The Overlord (Ninjago)

Andrew Ryan (Bioshock)

President Bussiness (Lego Movie)

Mr. Burns (simpsons)

Rodrigo Borgia, Willian Starick, and warren viddic (assassin Creed)

Vilgax(Ben 10)

Alex Wesker(resident evil)

Aku(Samurai Jack)

The Shredder(2012 TMNT version)

indominus rex(Jurassic park)

Spinosaurus(Jurassic park)


The admins can 'deal with them' if they catch them...but it's difficult not only because of their portal guns...but also their ability to build bombs that CRASH LOOPS. They deliberately set off bombs to crash the loops their in before they leave. The villians won't have these devices..but since their looping was more stable(The ricks stole Admin codes for them)'s almost impossible to get ride of their ability to loop.

Thoth was of course demoted to janitor after the debacle.

Since their now in a state of emergency, Slepnir leaves immediately...but not before telling Twilight that although she can't undo the hack Rick put on the chest...she has to punish her for collaborating with Rick(unintentional it may have been)...she will now spend the next fifty loops in Eiken.

Thanks to the captured Rick...they FINALLY find the citadel's location. But the council threatens the admin telling them they have a bomb that will permanently delete not only the 'rick and morty' loop but hundreds of the surrounding loops as well...mutually assured destruction at it's finest.

The admins relent...but swear if any looping rick is caught outside the Citadel...they will be captured and punished and have their looping status revoked(they can do that to ALL the Ricks but the prime Rick, since his patch was bogus and cheap. Where Rick Primes looping ability actually came from an Admin)

Meanwhile, the looping bad guys are now congregating at a looping Moe's tavern bar(Moe is to the bad guys what Big Mac is to the Heros')

Their a looping evil Morty is trying to convince the bad guys to team up like the heros fully exploit their looping ability to therir fulees...and eventually conquer Yggdrasil for themselves...but he's meet with resistance...

Toffee is the first to point out that such an alliance is doomed to fail...not only do many of the villains have conflicting goals

Example: Dominator and lich want to destroy everything...whereas palpatine and Sauron want to conquer everything.

But more importantly...he feels that he speaks for everyone...when he says that no one hear trusts anyone to NOT stab each other in the back...

Evil Morty: So waht...your just going to waste the opportunity the loop presents?

Toffee: (scoffs) hardly, I'm going to lay low. True, but I've already masterd a slip-space pocket. I'm going to aquire every once of skill and knowledge I can from every loop I can get to...all the while 'practicing' on my baseline loops, perfecting my when the day comes for the loops to end...i'll be ready to make my move...if being immortal has taught me nothing's how to be patient.

While Toffee's words sway many to go out for themselves(although they agree that Moe's is considered a neutral zone...his hooch is just that good)

However Evil morty is able to convince Maleficent and her crew, Visser 3, Rainbow Rocket(all teams), Indominus rex, Spinosaurus, Destoroyah and akatsuki to join his alliance.

Everyone else pretty much dose their own thing in their own loops, promising they'd stay out of each others way...all the while having their fingers crossed...

So what do you think?
V01dSw0rd chapter 192 . 1/21/2018
183.2 - what's missing is Yakety Sax~!
MasterBrattan chapter 177 . 1/19/2018
Was Pinkie hanging out with the Mythos Hackers?
P0k3F4n chapter 1 . 1/11/2018
That Homestuck crossover loop never was finished. It should be
V01dSw0rd chapter 129 . 1/5/2018
yes... 123.1 unfortunely never was continued...
V01dSw0rd chapter 116 . 1/4/2018
110.3 has some underline issues at the end...
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