Reviews for Forgoing the Inevitable
PatheticJoker chapter 64 . 11/14
Started replaying through the trilogy again and ran across this on Reddit when I was considering which romance to pursue. I have never chosen Miranda (usually preferring Liara or Tali), but reading through this has inspired me to give the romance a shot on my current play through. LaterHosen, thanks for putting this story together and following it all the way through. It appeared your voice and grasp on your characters became stronger as you went, and I really appreciated how you showed the powerful personality clash between Shep and Miranda, especially after the events on Virmire. To anyone considering reading this story, please do, it will be well worth your time.

Thanks again for the read and I hope to continue right on to your next story. Take care!
Jakeros chapter 53 . 12/5/2018
I've always hated her, xen I mean.
Jakeros chapter 46 . 11/30/2018
We finally got to see a fight between these two! Huzzah!
Jakeros chapter 42 . 11/28/2018
I fucking knew it! Shit just hit the fan
Jakeros chapter 41 . 11/27/2018
What...the fuck...just happened? Was that really Shepard?
Jakeros chapter 40 . 11/26/2018
Oh no... Oh no no no no. Not that. Oh he'll not that.
Jakeros chapter 39 . 11/26/2018
Damn straight girl! Defend your territory!

Rough roads? Oh yeah, considering you know who is back with his little dolls. That should be fun.
Jakeros chapter 32 . 11/23/2018
You have GOT to be shitting me. That asshole should be a stain on the floor!
Jakeros chapter 29 . 11/22/2018
She's baaaack.
Oh what fresh hell vido just unleashed, hehe
Jakeros chapter 27 . 11/22/2018
Aria and there's an idea.
Jakeros chapter 24 . 11/22/2018
Oh fuck this bitch...
Valtiel chapter 64 . 4/12/2017
"Personally it would be great to see the MShep/Miranda get some extra stories in before Andromeda's release and everyone forgets Shepard and it's all about the Ryder twins"

How did that turned out for you? I think at this point a lot of us fans are crying for Shepard's return hahaha .

I loved the story, 100/10 haha I liked how Zaeed went down, it was a proper way, a giant statue of him should have been erected in his name, him holding Jess and smoking a cigar haha, I loved everything. Thank you!
Guest chapter 2 . 2/27/2017
What about jack ? Like where is she ?
Callum Hepburn chapter 64 . 2/6/2017
Congrats on winning the marathon buddy! I noticed I've had this story fav'ed since 2014 - what an amazing journey, and I'm glad I got to read this. Heck, I'm glad we got to see an ending to this, you had me worried sometimes but some do never get finished. Thank you.

I liked the ending, of course - if it were anything else we'd have pitchforks out! It's bittersweet, but most of the sting is taken out if you do continue with this series. Shepanda is grossly overlooked, I feel, and indeed now that Andromeda is around the corner fan fiction in general for this trilogy is coming to end of life. Which makes this even more precious. I've said it somewhere here earlier, but I feel Shepanda is my ME headcanon, and indeed what I feel MY Shepard would do, so you are correct when you hope it's a continuation of our own stories.

To anybody who hasn't read this yet, please do. Invest the time that this writer has invested and you'll enjoy it as much as I did. This is not only a premier story of Shepanda, but of ME fan fiction in general. The breadth, the scope and the journey from Ch. 1 to 64 just puts you right there, and I ate it up.

Anyway, again thank you for this, I will continue to treasure and re-read this for sure, but perhaps I should just do another play through first! And then eagerly pick up another story from you.
Skadarken chapter 64 . 2/4/2017
Finally, this story reaches it's end. Normally, I avoid any stories with angst/adventure in them. Mostly because I had enough of it in the games and I just want to see them together in a way the game has not given to me.
But I've been following this story for the past few months and it has turned out to be one of the best I've read. Thank you for this story, a valuable addition to the MShep/Miranda stories.
See ya on the next one.
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