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Divine Protector of Skyrim chapter 90 . 5/6
Out of curiosity, about how long was the average chapter, the actual story part? None of your authors notes and replies.
Divine Protector of Skyrim chapter 48 . 5/4
Pled the fifth actually means that you won't say anything that will make you look bad basically. I love the story so far!
Guest chapter 28 . 4/23
what does shefindorfer mean anyway?
Kodachi Claws chapter 90 . 3/1
I finally finished your story, and it was definitely worth the ride. The final battle was everything I could hope for...mostly, and it definitely brought the feels in the right places.

If there was one thing I was not completely on board with, I'd have to say it was the actual fight against Darkseid. Don't get me wrong, the fight itself was good. However, I felt the Team itself barely had a role in taking him down. I get it that in most other DC comics Superman would be the one to show up and take him down in the end, but I'd expect Young Justice to break that mold and have the team be pivotal in beating him.

Other than that, everything else was rock solid. Had this been a real thing, I would have definitely been satisfied with this as the ending. And yet there's more to look forward to, with Luthor plotting the creation of more villains, the baby of M'gann and Connor, as well as Trigon. I'm guessing that your next one I saw on your profile addresses all these, so I'm off to check those out as well.

It was also a nice touch to see future Neutron experience the time shift and be taken to a more paradise-like Earth. I just hope you don't pull a Logan on the poor dude.

If nothing else, it is going to be fun to compare the real YJ season 3 to this. Catch you in the next volume!
Kodachi Claws chapter 85 . 12/15/2016
So intense! This battle is very much deserving of a finale, and delivered on most everything I expected. Doomsday's weakness is reminding me of the new Super Shredder on Nickelodeon (who ironically was also based on Doomsday). The drama at Gotham with getting Wally back was spot on, and the battle at Paradise Island was quite phenomenal as well. Atlantis didn't feel up to the same scale as that one, but with Black Manta helping it should be interesting.

It's cool how you made call backs to the Teen Titans cartoon without altering the tone to Young Justice. I enjoyed seeing Cyborg get his revenge, and Beast Boy really shone in this one.

All and all, I'm looking forward to the final confrontation with Darkseid. See you next time.
Kodachi Claws chapter 79 . 11/14/2016
Nice, romantic chapter. This definitely feels like both an ending and a new beginning to everything we saw Superboy and Miss Martian go through. And nice subtleties on the more romantic elements.

It was good to see Raven again, and I can't wait to see Klarion's plan backfire on him.

Seems like we're getting a resurrection of Superman (as if there was any doubt) and Kara is becoming the Supergirl we know, although her costume seems a bit different. From the way you wrote it, it sounds like an alternative New 52 costume.

The scene at Disneyland was fun. Super powered teens, good or bad, would EVENTUALLY lead to some trouble. I'm guessing that Tim is on the same level as Conner now, judging by the way Cassie acted around him.

Not much time until the invasion; I suspect this is the last chapter on taking it easy. Looking forward to seeing this fic being kicked into overdrive.
Kodachi Claws chapter 78 . 11/14/2016

Nah, I'm just kidding. While it will be nice to get an official 3rd season (at least, I HOPE it will be), it doesn't mean I can't enjoy this for what it is.

Anyway, I like the fact that they have stopped training. After all, too much training can lead to unbelievable stress, both mental and physical. It's good that everyone is taking time off to enjoy life before the big one happens. I especially enjoyed the date between Dick and Barbara, a nice nod to the comics. I also enjoyed seeing Connor talk to Artemis; it's nice to see both of them confide in friends rather than significant others (not that Artemis could at the moment).

See you next chapter!
Kodachi Claws chapter 75 . 10/20/2016
This was a nice training chapter. It's good to have some hope without having the bad guys show up. Ironically, Starfire's training of Connor is really not that far off from Peter Pan.

Superboy's flying course was definitely the highlight, it gave me a Man of Steel vibe (yes, I know who likes it is 50/50 but you have to admit: that scene really was awesome).

I'll be back for the next arc.
Kodachi Claws chapter 70 . 9/10/2016
Nice way to wrap up this arc. Looks like the Justice League will be back on track (as much as it can be) and they've got time to get things ready. It's interesting that Lex, as usual, planned for this. In today's age of politics, I'd imagine it would be refreshing to see a politician proudly admit mistakes, so this would give him a huge boost.

It's also interesting that he gathered Nightwing and Starfire's DNA. It could be troublesome for the former, since Lex has a means to find out who he is. Though the way it sounds, it seems he's thinking of cloning them. Is this a hint of a new version of Nightfire (Dick and Starfire's daughter in the Kingdom Come universe)?

Well, it was nice to see things go right for a change. I'll be back soon.
Kodachi Claws chapter 68 . 9/6/2016
Well...I must say while I'm glad Godfrey wasn't taken out by that explosion, I'm disappointed that he committed mental suicide before he got what he deserved. Oh well; I guess from that point on it would have been too easy from the Team otherwise. If nothing else, I just would have liked to know WHY he's loyal to Darkseid.

Anyway, the action was top notch as usual, both for the Team and the League. Batman as usual kicks ass going toe to toe with beings who otherwise outclass him. And then revelation of Wally...this is going to get tense, when it already was.

Can't wait to see how Superboy uses his TTK
Jackalope89 chapter 41 . 9/6/2016
It needs to be said, it is spelled "Barbara". You keep leaving out the middle "a".
Kodachi Claws chapter 67 . 9/5/2016
I've been waiting for the Team to strike back. Too bad Connor and Mal are out of action, but it was exciting to see the Team plan out the attack.

However, I don't believe under those circumstances the White House would publicly announce the Justice League's attack. Surely, someone would figure an advanced alien warlord would be able to easily watch our programs; someone had to think of that! Then again, it would seem Godfrey was planning everything anyway, so I suppose public or not it would have made no difference.

Speaking of whom, it was fantastic to see Godfrey get his cumuppins. If only every other reporter I couldn't stand was the emissary of a dark alien lord...anyway, I'm hoping that Suicide Jockey didn't kill him; I want to see him lynched (figuratively) after this is all over.

It's always cool to see a hero willingly fight against an opponent who's able to utilize their weakness. Can't wait to see how M'gann triumphs in this one!
Jackalope89 chapter 9 . 9/5/2016
"To concur my king's kingdom"
A very agreeable person once you get to know him.
Jackalope89 chapter 5 . 9/5/2016
Yeah, Joker in Young Justice was a letdown. So, no complaints going with Mark Hamill and adding original Harley.

One thing I do suggest, is to make it more clear with POV changes.
Jackalope89 chapter 4 . 9/5/2016
Ah, was waiting for that Starfire scene.

And Artemis... I don't think has the flu...
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