Reviews for Young Justice: Darkness Falls
Kodachi Claws chapter 70 . 9/10
Nice way to wrap up this arc. Looks like the Justice League will be back on track (as much as it can be) and they've got time to get things ready. It's interesting that Lex, as usual, planned for this. In today's age of politics, I'd imagine it would be refreshing to see a politician proudly admit mistakes, so this would give him a huge boost.

It's also interesting that he gathered Nightwing and Starfire's DNA. It could be troublesome for the former, since Lex has a means to find out who he is. Though the way it sounds, it seems he's thinking of cloning them. Is this a hint of a new version of Nightfire (Dick and Starfire's daughter in the Kingdom Come universe)?

Well, it was nice to see things go right for a change. I'll be back soon.
Kodachi Claws chapter 68 . 9/6
Well...I must say while I'm glad Godfrey wasn't taken out by that explosion, I'm disappointed that he committed mental suicide before he got what he deserved. Oh well; I guess from that point on it would have been too easy from the Team otherwise. If nothing else, I just would have liked to know WHY he's loyal to Darkseid.

Anyway, the action was top notch as usual, both for the Team and the League. Batman as usual kicks ass going toe to toe with beings who otherwise outclass him. And then revelation of Wally...this is going to get tense, when it already was.

Can't wait to see how Superboy uses his TTK
Jackalope89 chapter 41 . 9/6
It needs to be said, it is spelled "Barbara". You keep leaving out the middle "a".
Kodachi Claws chapter 67 . 9/5
I've been waiting for the Team to strike back. Too bad Connor and Mal are out of action, but it was exciting to see the Team plan out the attack.

However, I don't believe under those circumstances the White House would publicly announce the Justice League's attack. Surely, someone would figure an advanced alien warlord would be able to easily watch our programs; someone had to think of that! Then again, it would seem Godfrey was planning everything anyway, so I suppose public or not it would have made no difference.

Speaking of whom, it was fantastic to see Godfrey get his cumuppins. If only every other reporter I couldn't stand was the emissary of a dark alien lord...anyway, I'm hoping that Suicide Jockey didn't kill him; I want to see him lynched (figuratively) after this is all over.

It's always cool to see a hero willingly fight against an opponent who's able to utilize their weakness. Can't wait to see how M'gann triumphs in this one!
Jackalope89 chapter 9 . 9/5
"To concur my king's kingdom"
A very agreeable person once you get to know him.
Jackalope89 chapter 5 . 9/5
Yeah, Joker in Young Justice was a letdown. So, no complaints going with Mark Hamill and adding original Harley.

One thing I do suggest, is to make it more clear with POV changes.
Jackalope89 chapter 4 . 9/5
Ah, was waiting for that Starfire scene.

And Artemis... I don't think has the flu...
Jackalope89 chapter 3 . 9/5
You're a Tamaranian expert, from where I'm at.

And Connor, always Free Falling.
lala chapter 11 . 8/21
I really like the Conner and John. Great writing!
metal-boy001 chapter 30 . 8/12
dude! why the hell you have changed red hood origin i mean that with jason todd actuly die and brought back to live when superboy-prime punching the multiverse witch resuct jason or 2- being back to live with ra's al ghul's lazarus pit
Kodachi Claws chapter 65 . 7/3
Cyborg's origins are usually presented as tragic (I think only Super Friends made light of it). Yours is the worst in that regard, having Victor loose his family in the process and literally having a whole year of his life stolen. I think everyone would have the same attitude Victor had here under the same circumstances.
The part with Beast Boy was well done, even though he may have come out as harsh. I can't tell if it was on purpose, but that last bit sounded like a Wizard of Oz reference.

While I would normally be thrilled at the idea of the Justice League leading a full-force against Darkseid, since Godfrey is involved, I can only assume it's a trap. Especially since they no longer have Superman with them. Looks like the Team will have to rescue the League down the line...if they can.
Kodachi Claws chapter 64 . 7/3
Cool. Looks like the Team and the Outlaws will be teaming up, and they got Cyborg.

Also enjoyed the battle between Starfire, Jinx and Red X. I was happy to see that she won this time around.
Kodachi Claws chapter 63 . 7/2
That was certainly a fun chase sequence. I was worried Starfire was going to get pwned, but it's a good thing she was able to turn the tables. The vials Red Hood found are bringing back memories of JP 3 with the T-rex pee (not good memories, mind you). But at least Nightwing has got some new allies. Hopefully the team will accept him again.
Kodachi Claws chapter 61 . 7/1
Nice and emotional chapter. I've read the New 52 where Connor would be regarded as an abomination by the Kryptonians (according to Supergirl). It was also cool to see that although Jor-El is an AI, it can feel and have a change of opinion, something I don't think has been explored in the rest of the DC multiverse. Looks like things will be looking up for the team.
Kodachi Claws chapter 60 . 5/22
As usual, you deliver on the tension. There are a few elements that feel like repeats of things before. Nightwing is chewed out for keeping secrets, and Klarion seems to be doing another getting rid of adults thing. However, these both have differences as well. Before, Nightwing kept secrets SOLELY for the mission. Now he hid personal information; his reasons were well-intentioned, but he should have anticipated the backlash. Also, instead of simply separating adults and children, it seems like Klarion is planning to kill them all. I guess we'll see what you're up to later.

I've also enjoyed Kara's turn to good. She's not Supergirl yet, but it's good to see she has embraced the truth and is willing to make amends. I'd like to look more into her psyche at this point; she was probably raised to be a remorseless killer on Apokolips, so I imagine changing sides on a dime isn't easy for her, and even harder to adopt a more heroic persona. It was good to see Lex get pissed at a Kryptonian he didn't see coming, though it gets a bit tedious when he seems to have back-up plans for EVERYTHING.

I also enjoyed the banter between Raven and Klarion. That is one cool girl, able get under a demonic entity's skin without the slightest bit of fear, and still feel in control. Awesome.

I'll be seeing you later.
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