Reviews for Young Justice: Darkness Falls
Endless Strategy Games chapter 6 . 8/29
Alright, I'm enjoying this story quite a lot, but I think you made a misstep here. Because...The Light doesn't want the heroes dead. Personally that always seemed stupid to me, but it's true; they want to keep the heroes alive, even if they've tried to kill them on occasion. They see them as resources, probably most saliently as useful protectors of earth. Even after The Team proved how dangerous they were in "Summit," Savage is right back to his no kill policy by the time of "Endgame," dropping the leaguers guarding the key chamber of the war world back on the watchtower instead of killing them.
xxkelsey39 chapter 87 . 7/15
You forgot night wing in that last line
hpenchantress chapter 90 . 6/28
Finding the words to post this review is difficult since your story left me quite speechless in the awe of it. From early on, I could sense the magnitude of the project you sought to overcome, and was impressed by your melding of smaller plots and an overarching plot which included so many characters it would be overwhelming to anyone. You, however, pulled it off beautifully. In fact, this third season is so good I'm practically going to consider it canon.
I did notice a few things that bothered me, though. I saw frequent typos, which I didn't mind too much, but perhaps a more careful reading is in order. Other than that, your writing is compelling and your fight scenes easy to follow (which isn't easy with so much action going on!).
I also would have preferred to see more Static, but that's a personal preference rather than anything... What can I say? He's one of my absolute favorites. Have you ever watched the Static Shock show? It's pretty good :)
Anyway, I've kept my review intentionally vague in case some curious souls decide to read the reviews before the story (as I do), but there were so many scenes I enjoyed throughout this narrative that listing them all would be an impossible task.
Thank you for posting this amazing third season. I wish you luck on the book you mentioned in these chapters, and as I've noticed you've moved onto the fourth season, I think I'll definitely be checking that out. Congratulations on this story; you have done an amazing job.
Cindy M 19 chapter 40 . 6/20
Megan is going to be pissed off, isn't she?
Cindy M 19 chapter 7 . 6/20
I really hate Darksied, he is a royal *sshole. The baby shower is going to be funny?
SunBinamra chapter 90 . 6/19
Thank you for patching up the hole in my heart that the end of season 2 left behind. This was an amazing story. The characters, the plot, the writing... everything was perfect. Loved this!
Tzening chapter 90 . 6/10
Great Season 3!
My only complaint was how the rest of the justice league was unaccounted for during the final battle with darkseid.
tzening chapter 90 . 6/10
Great season where was the rest of the league during the final battle?
tzening chapter 90 . 6/9
Great season 3 for only criticism is that the rest of the league were unaccounted for in the final I kept reading to the end, I kept wondering what was the rest of the league? Were they busy at other places on earth and the watchtower?
Fox McCloude chapter 30 . 6/4
Stopping by for another comment. This one dealing with Jason Todd was awesome, and it's another interesting take on the character. Gotta admit, it felt somewhat strange to see him just trying to get Bruce and Dick to apologize, but it doesn't make it any less cool.
Fox McCloude chapter 15 . 6/2
Only three episodes in, and I'm finding this story AWESOME! Seriously, this is even better than I would have expected in a Season 3 of Young Justice. I specially find interesting the take on the Kryptonian chars, Supergirl's introduction, and Jor-El's attitude towards Superboy are an interesting twist to what we normally see of them. I'll keep on going, I really want to see Superboy get the TTK.
Guest chapter 2 . 5/19
creativeant chapter 90 . 2/23
Finally finished! This was such a fantastic story to read. Well written and the plot thought out to the fullest. I honestly felt as though I was watching an actual third season to young justice. I'm kinda sad to see it end but it was a good ride while it lasted.
creativeant chapter 60 . 2/21
"You invented being a greedy, self-centered, too skinny, egotistical, bratty, little man complex having, loud mouth, whiney, delusional god syndrome, cat loving, control grabbing, attention grubbing, cry baby with nothing else to do but cross dress in the hopes no one would notice as he attempts to be something of a spokesperson for a bad hair day while trying to hide your true nature of acting like a weeping child who should be sitting in a corner taking a time out? Okay, I see it now."
That is now my favorite quote! Good reading so far.
Guest chapter 27 . 2/14
Yah know in the acual mainstream dc comics Jinx is actualy a bald indian girl. One time arsenal pointed out that jinx looked like a 16th century middle eastern hooker. And boy was he right. I understand why the producers changed her entire look for the teen titians animated series. But when u find out she looks nothing like that in the mainstream comics u end up utterly disapointed.
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