Reviews for Stranger
ThePreachingNarwhal chapter 5 . 7/31/2013
Seems like El has some daddy issues! And they most girls with daddy issues becomes strip pets or somethin of the sort.

I really likes how you made it clear the own wouldn't accept ponyboy because he was involved with the murder, that's a really good point I hadn't thought of before.
Also interesting how Darry wanted some privacy, I wonder what he's got going on his life that needs to be private
FireGoddess101 chapter 5 . 7/30/2013
oh gggeeeezzzz. this will be bad
Independence Undervalued chapter 5 . 7/30/2013
I love reading the guys in this as they're older and have their own families/lives. LOVE Kevin haha. He's so badass-y and yet so Two-Bit in the same regard. I really like him and his friendship with El.

It breaks my heart to see El struggling so much not only with her real identity, but with her relationship with Ponyboy. It's just so rocky and one second they seem to be moving in the right direction, but the next it's all downhill. You're really handling this very realistically and I applaud you for that.

Keep it up! I'm anxiously awaiting more.
Independence Undervalued chapter 1 . 7/30/2013
You most definitely captured my interest with this first chapter. I love the tone and the voice you've created here and even in giving your character a unique name that isn't so over the top that it's Mary-Sue. If anything, I loved that name haha. It made me smile.

This has me so interested to see where you're going with this, I shall be reading the rest shortly!

Great start.
TheNightimeSky chapter 4 . 6/12/2013
WHEEEEE, AN UPDATE! AND KEVIN. I feel myself loving him more and more whenever he opens his mouth to speak. He's so funny, I can't get over it.

I also love how he tries to be all heroic, and trying to get these guys away from El, and the "where to my lady", and then it all just goes to waste WHEN HE WIPES OUT ON HIS MOTORCYCLE. OMG. "Most girls would be pretty mad at me for wrecking like that." -REALLY, LOL? Ahh, Kevin. And I love the dynamic he has with Two-Bit. Like, WE know that Two-Bit's a good guy, but seeing it through El's eyes, it's such a different shed on his character. He's so pissed off that he's drunk, but we know that's how he copes with things. And Shepard? Is that like, Curly/Tim Shepard, or am I just making connections where connections should not be ... connected? I'm sorry, I'm so tired, I probably should've left this for tomorrow or something. LUCKY YOU.

I think I saw a few capitalization errors, and maybe some wonky dialogue stuff, but nothing major. AND THE END, WITH PONYBOY. SO MANY EMOTIONS, MAN. I'm sorry, I love reading older Ponyboy. I think that's my favorite time period to read fics in. I just lovelovelove future fics, it's just too bad there aren't many, and the ones that DO exist have like, a million kids to keep track of. This is just perfect though. I love focusing on one kid, and seeing just a few more sprinkled here and there. I think I asked this before, so pardon sounding like a broken record, but does Steve have any kids?

And the Ponyboy being accused of murder thing. Is that just from the events in The Outsiders ... like even though Johnny did TECHNICALLY kill the Soc, everyone kept saying, "you and Johnny", so did it just transcend, and people think he killed someone? IDK. If it's something else, that's even more cray than I originally thought - super excited to see what happens! :)
sodapop393 chapter 4 . 6/11/2013
LOVED IT! I hope we see more with El and Kevin and their relationship? I loved Ponys reaction I think it was very accurate! cant wait for the next chapter!
FireGoddess101 chapter 4 . 6/11/2013
oohh, I like it! haha keep going!
TheNightimeSky chapter 3 . 5/26/2013
Yay! You updated!

I really like her more and more - I don't know, she's just very personable. And I love Pony; he's so awkward. And I love the part where she asks what job he got, and she's like, "what, is he just gonna make me fish for all the answers?" - it's so cute, they're so distant.

And Pony worried about her going off on her own - d'awww. It's just so cute. And I like Kevin; like, I like him a lot. He seems very Two-Bitish, but of course he's his own person too, you can just tell. It really sucks though, since Two-Bit's dad left him, and Kevin's feeling the same way about his own dad. It's always sad when people turn out like their parents when they didn't want to be. Give him another chance, Kevin! :)

Motorcycles, awww yeaahhh. I love motorcycles. He gets like, one hundred hotness points just because of that.

Yeeeee. Good update - I can't wait to read more! :)
StorySmith chapter 3 . 5/25/2013
I really like this. I wonder why pony was away?!
FireGoddess101 chapter 3 . 5/24/2013
I really like this! keep going!
TheNightimeSky chapter 2 . 5/5/2013

I think I am in such a good mood though because her name is El Dorado, and I just watched the Road to El Dorado for the first time EVER yesterday, because I was supposed to be studying for my AP tests, so of course the most natural course of action there would be to watch a movie. Duh. But anyway, I think this is totally awesome. It's like, my most deadset headcanon that Ponyboy and Sodapop would name their kids something weird, but while Sodapop (who is dead here, creys) would just go all in, and give him a weird first name, Ponyboy would probably be more conservative, and like ... give them a decent first name, and a weird ass middle name, so this is actually so perfect. I don't know if you did it to be sneaky, but I didn't even see the weird name coming, I was like, "Oh, El - that's a cool name. Wait, El Dorado ... really?"

That is literally such a badass name though. And of course it's a poem - what else would it be, it's Pony!

As much as I'm iffy about Cherry and Ponyboy, I do think you pulled it off well here. I mean, it does make sense - and since there's not a whole lot of context of how that happened, it's okay. And Cherry is so tough, she really is - I really like Cherry, so it makes me happy when I see people writing her as a strong character. The whole dynamic between them was very real too - it wasn't all "she was the best mother ever, and i love her, and now i am a black pool of angst" or a "she sucked, i hated her, i am a lone wolf who don't need nobody" sort of mood. El's like, just in the middle - that's really true about a lot of relationships with parents, I feel.

Uhm, what else. I know Steve was in here for like, two milliseconds, but I totally freaked out when he was - he was done so well! I love the one line about how Darry told her like, he didn't know how to treat her, because he was treated badly as a kid - YES. JUST YES. THAT IS STEVE ALL OVER. I can totally see him as that - a gruff, but totally loyal "not-uncle." Do any other of the gang have kids? I know next-gen fics can be muoy muoy confusing, since people always give them like, a billion kids, but the dynamic would be interesting.

Uhm, what else. IDK. I feel like Darry's a little too harsh with her in this? I know there's a lot we don't know, since we're in El's head, but he was like, "PONYBOY, MY MAN - LET US DRINK AND BE MERRY" and then was like, "wtf, el - why aren't you being nice to the father who ditched you?" I know Darry's not always ... great with sensitive feelings (we love you Darry!), but I also feel like he'd know not to be so harsh to El, especially since she doesn't know why Pony left her, and has had to take care of herself for the last few years.

Uhm, your Ponyboy is also great too. I love a good Ponyboy - he's such a great character. /shyyyyyyy.
IDK. I just like El a lot - you can go a lot of wrong ways with OFCs, and I know this fandom is super sensitive with them, especially the lone wolf types, but she's really personable, idk. She doesn't whine about how hard her life is, and we have no gotten the Page Long Description of El's Majestic Beauty, she's just a normal girl, who's had a few bad breaks, and she reacts really well to the different things happening.

OH. AND WHEN SHE THROWS THE MILKSHAKE IN THE GUY'S FACE. CHERRY AND DALLAS, ANYONE? I'll bet Pony nearly fell out of his seat when he saw that!

I really like it - update soon!
sparinerin chapter 1 . 4/23/2013
This is really good! I do hope you upload more!
Miss-Understood chapter 1 . 4/21/2013
Damn it, Pone! What did you do now?!
First, you knocked up Cherry. Then you run off. She freakin' dies. You come back for your kid. You punch another guy in the face. Now you apparently got involved with the police?!
CaptainBluebear13 chapter 1 . 4/21/2013
I wish I could articulate all the things I love about this story. I woke up when this hit my email and it was the first thing I read today. I'm glad.
Very well done. I'm excited to read the rest of it.