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Guest chapter 34 . 3/2
I love it!
Elf from Downunder chapter 34 . 3/3
Oiolaire and Thranduil's discussion in the forest was deep and I love reading the two talk about such things (even if Thranduil is too stubborn to reveal his fears and nightmares) ;)

I love how well the elves adapt to the woods, and how strong their friendship is with it that they can work together. Especially how the trees want to scare off the mercenaries! I wonder who exactly these men are ...
windsongspringheart chapter 34 . 3/2
I do have a question. You said Celebrimbor made the elven rings. Is that why the elves weren't wraiths like the humans were or am I just taking things out of context again? Cuz I do that alot
Elf from Downunder chapter 33 . 3/2
Poor Celebrimbor ... poor Thranduil ...

Such tension brewing now that they all know Sauron's back. And Oiolaire was wonderful in this chapter, stubborn as always with her husband. :) I do hope Thranduil will in time open up to her, but their intense quarreling is quite the drama to read.

I liked Daugion and Galion's talk!

'I'm still mad at you.' ;D

I'm sorry I haven't reviewed (or even read) the latest chapter! I'll get onto it as soon as possible! Wonderful chapter, brilliant story. :)
feathered moon wings chapter 33 . 2/26
You know, I'm gonna read this again because I HAVE to read it if it's not a new chapter, then all over again. Aaaa, so lovely.
Loved the darkness in Thranduil's mind, but if it's not just because of the black speech then what else? Is Sauron playing with his mind? I'd bet on it... And with Oielaire braking in like that... pff, tension much?
Glorfindel! Yaaay! Lovely fella :)
And well... I don't know what else to say.
I want Elrond and Thranduil to meat again, are they gonna meat and talk?
Sorry for the late review BTW, I completely forgot when I read it n-n
Helen chapter 1 . 2/23
It's kinda hard to wrap my head around this. Oropher clearly, very very clearly in Tolkiens works did take a "handful " of sinda and was taken as king by the silven elves thus he named greenwood the great his kingdom or something like that. Then in the war of the great alliance when orophor was killed, Thrandruill remained to fight with the remainder of his fathers army for eight years before returning to greenwood or mirkwood whichever it was then I just think that is fabulous fodder for fan fiction. And KNOWING all that it's hard to get into your version. I'll try but I feel you blew opportunity.
windsongspringheart chapter 33 . 2/23
Hmmmm. Wonder what Oiolaire will find.
wenduo chapter 33 . 2/22
Talk about good work. They have stayed hidden for how long? And they other do more or less think they may not even been seen anymore of a normal eye?
So for what reason will make them appear before the world again?
Elf from Downunder chapter 32 . 2/3
Ortherion and Thranduil make the best spies ever - it's even more funny because Thranduil is a king at this stage. ;D I love how Oiolaire catches them spying on Daugion and Galion's intense (yet no less hilarious!) fight, and ends up spying on them too. I have to know whether Galion and Alassiel will be together now ... :) They make quite the interesting couple, and our favorite Elven butler is the perfect suitor considering she's Daugion's daughter.

Oh dear, not Sauron ...
windsongspringheart chapter 32 . 2/2
Hehe. I'll admit, this chapter made me chuckle quite a bit
feathered moon wings chapter 32 . 1/31
OH GOD FINALLY! I've been waiting for this moment ever since the conversation he had with Sauron, in my head I was like "Just wait you little shits, you'll regret it soon enough." and I just got really really angry when they started to say Thranduil was bad and EVEN ELROND. But I was like "No... you just wait, they get what coming..."
Since I followed this story I've been waiting for this and it's FINALLY HERE.
Pff... it's good to get that out of my chest.

I know I've never reviewed before (or I least I don't think so) but this is one of the best stories I've EVER read and I love it with a burning pasion, specially your representation of thranduil.

So, you gave him a connection with the forest right? So when the forest falls ill does it mean he will to? Just wondering, it's kind of always been my head canon jaja.
daysofelves1624 chapter 31 . 1/25
Is this story done? I want to know more. Please, please wright more on this story it got a place in my heart, it pushed its way in, please wright more on this story.
Elf from Downunder chapter 31 . 1/19
I love how much your research and knowledge shows through in your writing - especially in this chapter, on the making of the bows. :) I can definitely see similarities with the Woodland bows and Mongolian bows, it makes them look really cool and to quote Thranduil, dangerous. ;) I love his line in the end, 'Dangerous is good. Very good.' It made me smile. Our Elvenking is in very good character, as usual. :D And I loved the referenced to Doriath.
windsongspringheart chapter 31 . 1/18
I'm thoroughly impressed with all the time and research you put into this chapter. Very descriptive and fascinating to read.
Khyara chapter 30 . 1/16
This is a wonderful story, one of my favorites so far. I especially love the level of detail you have when portraying the characters, it certainly gives them a sense of realism that lacks in most of the stories. You have made Thranduil my favorite character, his motivations and self-doubts made him approachable; while the sass and mischievousness definitely made him dear to me.
Kudos for the amazing description of the struggles and worries of a nation, from the struggles to establish itself to the worries of keeping everyone safe.
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