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windsongspringheart chapter 37 . 8/24
Another really awesome chapter. Excellent work, my friend. And don't worry. RL always seems to have to come first :)
feathered moon wings chapter 37 . 8/23
Just puuurrrrfffffffeeeeccctttt.
Thranduil is so in character and Elrond is so pissed jajajaja
stn5 chapter 37 . 8/22
Thank you for updating. Keep up the good works. We will be waiting for your update _
daysofelves1624 chapter 37 . 8/22
Let all the high elves find out all at once that thranduil and his men helped them. In the nexted chapter.
Guest chapter 36 . 5/26
Really like the way this is going.
feathered moon wings chapter 36 . 5/25
The smart little s**ts. I'm impressed u.u
Seriously, it's like a frigging theater, they made EVERYTHING so the attention would be completely diverted from them. It's sad though... I really wanted Elrond to meat with Thranduil :/
I'm in love with the ravens, for real. How the hell do the elves don't notice strange lurking birds? Or are the birds REALLY good at that they do?
It's so cool that the Mirkwood elves have just become a myth, a very real myth if I might add, nobody comes out ever again haha.
Great, as always :)
daysofelves1624 chapter 36 . 5/25
For the battle, why don't thrandiul joins the fight and one of the elves from rivendell sees a high officer that is leaving the battle and follows them, then tell lord eldond who gave them all the hits in the war.
windsongspringheart chapter 36 . 5/25
Yrch means orc, I'm assuming?
Elf from Downunder chapter 36 . 5/25
Mirkwood's trick with Feanor's insignia is so very clever. And so cunning as well, fooling all the other Elven lords. ;) It would have startled Elrond so much seeing that familiar symbol, leading him to think all kinds of thoughts and wonder all sorts of possibilities, and it was nice to see Gil-galad consider Thranduil and the Wood Elves before becoming disappointed with the discovery of the ambush location.

I like how they had Galion write the note. :)
wenduo chapter 36 . 5/24
Great idea about the symbol. Haha poor High Elves they are suppose to be the more smart of Elves and they cant think out a tricks of a Sinda? xD Love your ideas of how to warn them. In this rate Thranduil could almost have send one of his sons if they reminds more of their mother. Right too Elrond and he would maybe not see who the Elf looks a bit like... Considering that we dont know if he had other children than Legolas.
Helen chapter 1 . 4/12
It is written that Orophor went with a handful of sindarin and established greenwood the great, there is much writen about Orophor taking his host to the battle of the last alliance and charging before time and suffering the heaviest loses. Thranduil stayed and fought with the remainder of the host for seven years and returned to the greenwood with less than a third of the host, they they crowned him. I think you made your research fit your cause, not what actually thorough research reveals. But don't get your knickers in a twist over it, don't be so haughty about it. Whatevs..
Elf from Downunder chapter 35 . 4/13
It was amusing reading how Thranduil altered the mercenaries memories and had them completely forget a month's worth of memory! It was also quite funny having them been found by the elves of Lorien. :)
Oh, poor Celebrimbor! I have always had a soft spot for him (actually, I also have a soft spot for most tragic Feanorians, so ... ;). His moment with Gil-galad in passing him the two last Elven rings held so much meaning between the two - Gil-galad questioning his own strength based on his predecessors failures, and Celebrimbor guessing his inevitable fate. I'm eager to read how Greenwood and Thranduil will contribute to the war and Sauron's rise. :)
Guest chapter 34 . 4/10
I like it.
wenduo chapter 35 . 4/12
Interesting what kind of raven was it sinse it know the man will die? And will not the other find the Elves in Greenwood after this?oO
feathered moon wings chapter 35 . 4/11
i really love the way Thranduil hides in the trees and shadows, how he's SO connected to the forest. Beautiful. This whole insight of the elves in the 'cursed forest' is great. And it was marvellous how he applied the teachings of Melian. I simply ADORE the fact that he is... magical in a sort of different way from the rest.

Oh God, I can't wait for Thranduil and Elrond to met, FINALLY after so many years, it's gonna be so gooood. It was funny tho, "Gil, he ain't no gonna give no shit to you after you gave him no shit." "Okay, okay Galadriel. Sut de fuck up! Send the other hoe."

Poor Celebrimbor, I don't want him to die D,:

Always love your chapters. Thank you so much for them duavibjkfcncwadsui.
Hugs and kisses from me, have an excellent day!
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