Reviews for The Black Prophecy
Shita731 chapter 84 . 9/30
I really hope you plan on coming back to this story one day. I need to know what happens! Lol.
Guest chapter 84 . 9/17
Are you dead?!
dragon5dragonblitz8 chapter 84 . 8/18
I hope you plan on completing this I really enjoy it
Mandy chapter 84 . 8/8
Please continue this !
Jane Astrid Iglesias Castellano chapter 84 . 7/24
Cool, please continue
WolfyVannah5 chapter 84 . 7/20
Please tell me you’re going to continue the story! I love it so much!
SoManySkullz chapter 84 . 7/13
I love this story, it’s such a fun read and I find myself returning to it every few months. I’ll be interested to see where it goes next. I’ll also be waiting with bated breath to see if my beloved Tonks makes an appearance haha. Thanks so much for the work, I’ll be keeping an eye out for Chapter 55.
LS505956 chapter 84 . 6/3
I loved every second.
If you decided to make Hermione pregnant without telling us, nine months have passed. You can come back now.
LS505956 chapter 52 . 6/1
Married? This is certainly a couple of years late, but congrats.
LS505956 chapter 26 . 5/31
Ha. Punny. Cissa-mine.
LS505956 chapter 15 . 5/31
Well, that's a remarkable coincidence. She his happens to own a "soulmate necklace", and her parents just happen to have been soulmates.
I thought it's very rare?
Guest chapter 29 . 5/10
Did you read the books or just watched the movies
Unregisteredkid chapter 56 . 4/3
So I'm back for the hundredth time. Pretty sure i already said this in a past review, but this story just makes me feel a lot better about being a single, ugly 19 year old who literally could read fanfiction for the rest of her life. Sorry, I got off track. Anyway, please please please PLEASE UPDATE!
HouseOfSeekers chapter 84 . 3/27
84 chapters later and I am still loving every update! Thanks for creating a great story.
Talia345 chapter 84 . 3/11
I do so hope you plan on continuing this! Or having a sequel! It has quickly become basically my favorite story!
You know when you're watching a show or a movie or something, and you find yourself like writing your own story in your head? And then the people like you actually start putting it to paper to bless the world with your creativity? Yeah. That's happening to me. With your fanfiction.
That thing that happens in going on in my head based off of YOUR fanfiction. Fanfiction of fanfiction. Fanfic-ception. Mind blown.
Either way, what you've written is beyond extraordinary, so I'll eventually find it in me to be satisfied with this, but at the same time, if you did have some more in you, I'd do the opposite of fight you for it and lay down in submission for it.
Keep writing. Even if it isn't for this.
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