Reviews for The Black Prophecy
Guest chapter 80 . 11/1
Two chapters left once I'm done with all you have written I don't know where I will go! I love your work and I love everything about this story I wish it was completed. I'm tempted to start the whole thing over once I'm done ️
Sophiara chapter 82 . 11/2
Oh god this is the best fanfic ever, I strongly encourage you to continue this remarkable story. I might not survive without this amazing story in my life
SandandSea1 chapter 24 . 10/17
This story, so far, has been delightful. I really enjoy your positive characterizations of the Blacks and Malfoy family, as well as that of pureblood society and culture. Your characterizations have turned my normal thinking (bolstered by cannon and other fanfiction) on its head a bit. It's not that I haven't read similarly constructed AUs but yours enchants me the most thus far. Reading about Timoleague, and resultingly the MacCarthys, on your suggestion (from a previous chapter) was informative and entertaining, too. Thank you for the read.
skycharm1998 chapter 82 . 10/4
I am enraptured with your story I have read it all whenever I can, now my question is when will it continue?
MeltingSunlight chapter 82 . 9/28
So I've been binge reading this for like 3 days, and now I've no more chapters left (stepping out from my room and blinking into the light) I'm not sure what my life is meant to be doing with itself until the next chapter. Please update this soon, you have a fan left in a sad and empty limbo.
TiAdoro914 chapter 45 . 9/27
Just reading this, again, captivated by your storytelling. I fail at words to describe how much I love this and them and love this different Hermione you have so carefully crafted. This tale is a thing of beauty as you can see, many of us desperately hope you continue!
WaxnWane chapter 7 . 9/26
I'm kicking my feet in giddiness teehee
TiAdoro914 chapter 80 . 9/21
(Posting this review here because apparently you can't post more than one review per chapter!)

Hey there! Hi! How's it goin'!? Just wanted to pop by and say hi. I'm thinking of reading this masterpiece for the THIRD time, in hopes that when I make it to Ch82 there might be an 83 and even an 84 to dive into when I'm done?!

Can't blame a girl for wishin' and hopin'!
Uniquely Named chapter 82 . 9/16
Happy to see an update.. I've really missed this story.
casulatyofwar chapter 82 . 9/7
I love what you have done with this story. I can't wait to see what you do with Andromeda.
half black prince chapter 23 . 9/3
I simply love this quote "Everyone who lived in Malfoy Manor seemed to have sex appeal rolling off them in waves."
lestrange22 chapter 82 . 8/26
Please keep writing this story. It is my favourite story on here I have read it 4 times now. I love the relationship between these two especially in this. It would be great to have this with anyone. Thank you for writing such a amazing story I cant wait to see what happens next.
NightwingYJ chapter 82 . 8/24
Great story! Hope you update soon!
xisdax chapter 82 . 8/16
mmm another great chapter! :D hope you update soon :D
Nink chapter 82 . 8/17
Whew I flipped when I saw that the story was updated haha. Its nice to finally have them move past the Hogwarts part :D
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