Reviews for The Black Prophecy
Rumpleteazerlover7 chapter 80 . 17h ago
I love this story. You did an amazing job twisting these characters. Pleas continue this story soon your writing style is like none else.
lestrange22 chapter 80 . 3/7
I love this story please keep writing it I cant wait too see what happens next :)
Warrior Angel2014 chapter 6 . 3/2
It's probably just because I'm Irish but I freaking love that you made Hermione Irish. I just fininshed vhapter 6 and it is a great story so far.
xxraug-mossxx chapter 80 . 2/8
great story! that was really quite a ride - from soulmates to wedding and becoming the Dark Lord's favorite... I really didn't expect any of this to happen the way it did, but I'm certainly not disappointed. I actually really enjoyed the way you changed things around. like them being evil but sort of fighting for their own cause that seems right to them. Voldemort appearing as this charismatic evil wizard and the Black's being actually friendly was very refreshing.
I just had a little trouble simply accepting that Hermione would accept things as they are aka attacking bridges and not really caring about casualties. I mean there are instances of remorse and doubt, but not in a crippling way. either way, that's just how I feel about these parts. rest assured all the sexy times and plot elements are great
thank you for this very long and awesome story. I get that it gets harder updating these things when real life gets in the way, especially after already writing so much. I do hope for an update though. stay awesome.
Cransvalonman chapter 45 . 1/13
Yeah... except for all the WARS that have happened in Europe over the millennia. Everyone would know what a gun is, mate.
Seeker-of-Raven chapter 80 . 1/12
An excellent update, as always. :)
Menzosarres chapter 80 . 1/8
It took me a week to get to this, but it was every bit worth the wait. As I think has been established, you are an absolute master at... this sort of chapter... but adding the mark... just yes. It was the perfect reaction to the last two chapters and oh so deliciously Bella.
Getting to see them through Cissa's eyes there in the end... I think those might be my favorite of your moments. Her sweet little flash of temptation followed by her unflinching practicality... it's the most adorable sort of fire.
As always, I need more of this story in my life.
Greyella chapter 80 . 1/3
Oh my dear dear, this was delectable. Bella's jutting arrogance and pride. Cissy's flawless relationship with the two. Hermione's supplication and familial ties. The Crest. Better than I anticipated. Snaps, kudos, and my affections. Well done.
rcain chapter 79 . 1/1
Did anyone else get a notification to say there is a chapter 80 yesterday?
Darkshadow-lord chapter 80 . 1/1
Interesting Chapter! I can't wait to read the next!
Silvara rivana chapter 80 . 1/1
sooo happy to see a new chapter to this story. can't wait to see what happens when she gets back and Draco see's her new accent.
yumari chapter 80 . 12/31/2014
I love please update. Sooner or die I beg this story is my favorite. Updated soon
DangerGirl123 chapter 80 . 12/31/2014
UPDATE SOON! I love this story and can't wait for more chapters.
teehee chapter 11 . 12/28/2014
Bow chika bow wow
Guest chapter 79 . 12/23/2014
Amazing update! Please upload again soon - I have missed this story so much
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