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AyumiUK chapter 24 . 11h ago
Now I'm confused: wasn't Miyu the supposed daughter of Minato and Kushina's half sister? How was she upgraded to Minato's half-sister instead?
AyumiUK chapter 21 . 12h ago
Aunt? But isn't she Minato's 'niece'?
Following that, it should be cousin...

Haha, Uchiha vs Hyuuga dishwashing competition? lol
Oracle Oci chapter 6 . 17h ago
Soooo is no one going to comment on the fact she's an Uzumaki?
Or have they just agreed to not mention it to her and see how that goes later?
(Since her mother is probably making a name for herself rampaging around and it can't have been that long since Uzushiogakure got destroyed at this point)
AyumiUK chapter 18 . 22h ago
Underwhelming sometimes is good. XD

SakuraxLee...! Sniff... Why no more... Sniff...
Well, Sakura is like the fandom bicycle, so that's ok(?). As long as she doesn't end up with Sasuke... Actually, that wouldn't be a problem either. Or even Ino. XD
AyumiUK chapter 17 . 23h ago
Baby Neji! Gah... He's a womanizer? That would be hilarious later on...!

*Pictures player!Neji flirting around*
AyumiUK chapter 16 . 23h ago
I think you meant contrasting, not contrary.

That reminds me, it's prodigious, not prodigal. Prodigal means extravagant, wasteful. Prodigious is related to prodigy, someone who gains skills in something faster than others, not necessarily a kid.
This seems to be a recurring mistake, since it appeared in many chapters so far.

I want to try the stew...

Haha, it's not a first C rank if things go as planned... XD
AyumiUK chapter 15 . 3/30
That's just my nitpicking ways, but...
Tenor is the highest male vocal range. Low tenor would be a c3 pitch, which isn't that low in the first place. Jiraya's voice should be alround baritone range.
Women can be contralto, but not tenor, as you referred to grown up!Naru. And that's already really low for a female.

Aside from that? This fic is worth (re)rereading. ;)

And your version of Hizashi is awesome. XD
ptl4ever419 chapter 31 . 3/30
Love it, very awesome story. Love how its shaping up, very excited to see how/when Naruto finds out about being a Jinchūriki and Miya and Kashi getting married and having little ones
DBlade59 chapter 11 . 3/30
so far really good, kind of want to she her wield a unique weapon
mingkurosakikagegami chapter 25 . 3/29
Well then... My heart just went 'doki doki'.
yukihime88 chapter 31 . 3/29
great! would it be interesting to look more on kimimaro's thought? or mainly Miyu's team what they think about each other as teammate and what they think about miyu as a sensei
Karkatsbabe chapter 31 . 3/29
Sounds interesting! I can't wait for Oro-pedo-snake to get what's coming to him.
ammisame chapter 31 . 3/29
Uhm…hello? :)
A few chapters back you made a chapter in Kakashi's PoV about how he saw on Miyu's growth. I just thought it would be interesting to see other people's views on how she grew from being a small, amnesiac child with a pet fox to the fearsome grown woman and her partner they've all come to love. Some people must have had very different views and thoughts on her growth, like, how did Fugaku truly react on the things she did and accomplished, and how has Hizashi's thoughts changed while watching his students (both of them) grow from tiny midgets who passed his test, to the accomplised jounin they are now. Both of the older men has for example seen them grow in different ways throughout the years.
It's just a thought which I thought was interesting and Kakashi's chapter was really good, it was short but brought with all the important points in their life. It was interesting to read about how Miyu changes the lives around her.
Keep on writing (because you are awesome at it and I think this is the third time I'm reading your story)! :)
Dunestyler chapter 31 . 3/29
Hey there.
so... in my opinion, there's nothing wrong with dealing with your life first, then tending to your hobby of writing. especially what with you having to go overseas and your University stuff picking up pace.
so you're not letting anyone down with posting sparcely (but that may also be because I commit the same sin regularly).
but what I have to comment on is how easy you're making it for Miyu to simply change stuff. and for no butterfly-effect to occur.
otherwise, as you know yourself, I'm a big fan of your story (or should I call it 'stories'? - after all, your first attempt at it was quite different from this) and your writing style.
what you COULD really do better (and I'm totally nitpicking here) is make your story a little more original, making it lead into a totally different direction as opposed to canon. that, of course, would require of you to write a plot first and your story second, but, maybe, it would even be enjoyable to you (which is, actually, what writing a story is supposed to be...).
now then.
guess I'll hear from you in private later on.
see ya.
Ayare H chapter 31 . 3/29
Good chapter!
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