Reviews for A Second Hope
loretta537 chapter 28 . 11/22
This is a good story, I'm glad to have found it and hope to read more soon. Unfortunately I found it under another author on this site who says they are continuing it for you. They have the exact same number of chapters and it is exactly the same including author notes at the beginning and end of the chapters. Was the story stolen or did you give permission for it to be adopted. I found the story under the author CasStoleTheTardisSorry story id: 12733251
Jonghyun-appa chapter 27 . 11/8
Hi, first I would like to say that I like your story. Though there are a few things I’m confused with. In the beginning chapters when Harry is remembering the final battle you said that Luna had been on of the ones to be killed, how can she still be ‘alive’ in the HP universe if this is so?

Also I’m a little confused as to the whole Death scene things... it just doesn’t make sense and I don’t get how it’s indicative to the story. I’m not trying to flame or anything I’m just confused.
Lil Hamari chapter 28 . 11/1
Please please update soon
This is a brilliant story and beautifully crafted
I honestly cannot wait what will come next
And awe papa Legolas
I wonder when the lord and lady will take Harry next
It’s bound to happen since Elrond already lost that privilege and I wonder what Legolas will do next
CapriciousFan chapter 1 . 10/26
LUNA! I love her so so so so sooo much w !
(also, you are one of my top 3 favorite fanfic writers of all time and I absolutely adore your 'Harry gets reincarnated' stories. 'Can't escape the magic' and 'a second hope' are touching, gorgeous masterpieces; don't let haters get to you.)
Katt chapter 13 . 10/23
What sick fuckery is this? Babying Harry Potter like this? Disgusting
Katt chapter 3 . 10/23
Dear lord, is everyone gonna start crying in here?
CapriciousFan chapter 28 . 10/24
I love this SO MUCH w
CapriciousFan chapter 4 . 10/24
YOU MUST KEEP WRITING! If you don't, I'll send Al'Tharmen after you. With Judar. And GYOKUEN.
Guest chapter 28 . 10/17
so Luna great,
awefanfic chapter 28 . 10/18
Please update soon! Can’t wait till Harry and Luna meet!
Guest chapter 28 . 10/16
good, keep writing
Guest chapter 28 . 10/15
scarlettravencrove chapter 28 . 10/16
Hope you continue this is amazing !~~~
Illucia chapter 28 . 10/14
I think this would be better without Luna.
Reaper8439979 chapter 28 . 10/4
BABY LUNA AWWWWWWWWWWW... this story is so good aw.
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