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batmanuchiha chapter 27 . 4/4
...the longest cliffhanger ever
Whack-the-beetle chapter 27 . 1/9
This is great!
Took me a while to get into it, but it really gathers momentum and towards the end we are all hoping and cheering for Vader/Anakin and his new life in freedom (and probably the big revenge that must be coming I guess?) Vader’s life is painful to read, and I think you do a good job bringing out the totally traumatized person he is.
I really hope that you will continue this at one stage, because I‘d love to see how the story ends.
brookeyy14 chapter 27 . 9/16/2019
omg nooooo! you can’t end the story on a cliff hanger like this! i’m dying to read more. please please update this story soon I love what you’ve done so far!
Zigzeegee chapter 1 . 5/22/2019
What a great little story. Eager to read how him and Luke will meet. Hope you pick this up again soon!
Eintausendschoen chapter 27 . 3/3/2019
Hey there. This is just... The smallest of bits of thank you I can scrape together right now. Right now I am not really able to express my thoughts on what this has grown into. This needs a few days to settle, and I'll come back a bit more sorted. What am I saying... I've been coming back here for the longest time and never left a comment (and I am very sorry for that, believe me). I think I've been keeping the bookmark to this story for close to five years pinned to my bookmarks bar and I kept reading, kept returning, and for a good long while I thought it was discontinued entirely and I still kept that bookmark.

This moved me, deeply. Even back then, when you posted your first chapters, when you've had just started out on this, it touched me and it... Kinda set a bar for everything I attempted to write since. Your story is so... personal... handled with so much care, grace and dignity and progresses so boldly and lovingly it just keeps striking chords in me. It's a story about redemption but ultimately it reads like a love story - of a man relearning to love. Himself.
It's frankly one of the most authentic stories I have read so far, and it's... The kind of authenticity that seems to come from experience. I feel sorry, even just for reading your notes along with the story, that you had to suffer. But I am also very, very grateful that you took the time, the energy, the unbelievable patience to keep writing this, keep working it out. That long time paid off. It's heartbreaking at times, and it is so powerful a story that I laughed and cried and had goosebumps and a racing heart through it all. It's so good. Thank you so much.
I'm rambling, sorry - I'll try to wrap my head around this the next days and then leave you a proper review.
Love, eintausendschoen
Kaeci Charlyss chapter 22 . 11/17/2018
LLP I like what you did with Boba fett
HuffleHecate chapter 27 . 4/7/2018
Man, this is my second time reading this story and I can’t get enough of it. I just love Rex, Ahsoka, and Anakin’s relationship.
Please update soon!
creativesm75 chapter 27 . 4/5/2018
very good
SpellCleaver chapter 27 . 4/2/2018
Oh my goodness this story is so good. Anakin's redemption was written spectacularly, as was his relationships with other people. I've especially loved these past few chapters (I love TCW Anakin, Ahsoka and Rex what can I say) and it was amazing to read. And that ending, finishing with the quote from TPM? Phenomenal. Absolutely phenomenal.
Goddy chapter 27 . 3/31/2018
Oh, my. It was good. Really good. I'm looking forward Ben and Luke"s meeting.
Write, please!
SpellCleaver chapter 24 . 3/26/2018
Ahsoka! Even if she's doesn't actually play a role in the story I'm thrilled she showed up.
The Jingo chapter 27 . 3/25/2018
Rachel chapter 27 . 3/22/2018
I decided to reread this one from the beginning instead of just catching up and oh man, this fic is beautiful!
AbandonedUserProf chapter 27 . 3/4/2018
This review is for the chapters 26 and 27.

It was nice little thing to mention, the way he jumps around in his speech and that he himself is aware of it. I'm always looking pretty closely for it myself, as it has added to the knowledge of 'where' he currently is in his mental state.

The droid repair work was pretty much the only logical job for both them (the Rebellion) to allow and him to ask in that particular moment in the story. In real life I would think that droid work would be under quite heavy security and scrutiny (even beyond double checks by other more trusted people and such) in any war-like crisis, but in the Star Wars it is not so and droids are almost always considered to be no threat. They are often perceived to be something casual and insignificant and most importantly, something recovering Anakin would most likely wish to work with. This also may be the pinnacle of my nitpicking so far, but I do appreciate how Rui says: "You seem to be the best with repairing droids like this" as it highlights what type (and age) of droids he has worked with the most.

Personally I think that Rui makes sense as a character as you've written her. She's the average person who's not overly concerned about the intricate details or bigger picture when it comes to the state of war. She's there, doing what she believes is right and that's perfectly enough. Suppose she's this nice little change for the reader, to see that there's life beyond what's happening to the main characters in the very hearth of the whole conflict, and that something is perfectly ordinary and down to earth, even if they are at war. I thought that her not caring for the lack of understanding what's being spoken sounds logical enough, as the whole Rebel Alliance consists of so many different nationalities and species that many would be speaking casually in different languages anyways, especially in the lower ranks when things are not official, so with her easygoing personality she wouldn't most likely think twice about it.

The small scenes with Artoo were nice and quiet and I think they worked well in slowly and non discreetly showing that Ben is little by little becoming better adjusted in his new life and more comfortable with himself. It may be the first time I've seen Artoo's speech done in this way, somewhere in between full dialogue and none at all. But it works well what he's required to do and gets the point across while giving some appropriate emotion in there as well without making him speak as humans do. Oh and by the way I did like the droid's mannerisms that not only showed his personality but also the strong bond the two once shared, kind of like the one between pet and its owner. Just like was before.

The realization about Padme's death worked for me. He's shocked, but there's also emptiness and the thing is left hanging in the air as he doesn't know where to go from there.

The reuniting of Padawan and her Master was a very tender moment, and I liked the awkward, hurt, painful yet hopeful tension between them. I just don't know what part of it to point at and say: 'this was the best, this I liked the most and for these reasons'. It's good as a whole, as it delicately balances between both of the characters inner conflicts and hopes of fixing what was broken. It wonderfully visualizes the difficulties each of them have, how they struggle to find right words and what to do.

I honestly think Ahsoka's mindset towards Ben could've gone either way and still work for the story. In some odd sense she is alike to Luke, but with her the need to trust almost foolishly comes from knowing so well how good man Anakin once was, sharing a past with him. And the hope she puts in him most certainly isn't a bad thing as long as her trust isn't misplaced. He needed that, needed someone to see something else beyond the bad he has inflicted.

That and now Leia's part had more steam to go and stand out.

Ahsoka's Vader impression amused me. A lot. She most likely is the only person in the galaxy to have both temper and wits to do that knowingly in front of him at the current point of time in the story. And Ben's reaction to her, to all the jabs she makes at him... They were great! He knows he isn't in a place to argue against her, but he also enjoys her familiar company as he once did, without being feared or outsider to everything. With Ahsoka and Rex he can momentarily have the place he once had and that's so sweet. Even without the text pointing it out the fact would've been obvious.

At this point I started to think more about how calling Ben by his real name has been evolving over the chapters as Ahsoka is now constantly using the name Anakin and how confidently and easily Obi-Wan used it in the end of the chapter. The name Skywalker has been dropped a few times here and there and he and the reader are both getting more used to it. The change feels natural and right and doesn't take too big leaps, just the right amount to be a gradual thing.

There were so, so many good things in Leia's part of the chapter! She had her change to give some her pain back to him, just shove it all at him as mercilessly as she liked. She even had the possibility to hurt him, just as he once had so their positions were mirrored. She had the upper hand and he, while actually stronger than her, wasn't able nor willing to fight back.

Leia's part also beautifully reflected the things which happened in the dream sequence with Padme, but with a different ending. She doesn't tower over him, suffocate him and instead comes to his level and shows compassion. I liked that for several reasons, as it not only tells that there is some sort of forgiveness for him and that while she is also very clearly his daughter in terms of temper and spirit she can rise above his mistakes.

I also thought it was a sensible move to have Luke elsewhere during the first meeting between Leia and Ben, as the scene didn't have to deal with Luke being in the middle of the two and they could have their conversation uninterrupted. That and now you don't have to worry about Vader coming in between the two siblings in a way it otherwise perhaps could've if Leia didn't have any time to digest the information completely on her own. After all she's the one who needs it far more when compared to Luke.

The last thing I wish to say about this particular piece of the chapter is that the image of Ben's bloodied hands on the floor was very working for the overall idea you were going for. He's been caught and accused for all of his crimes and especially for those he committed against his family, the blood is on his hands, his blood, the same blood his children have. Don't have idea if you went with the thought as far as I did, but it does go perfectly in the line of what's happening.

Obi-Wan and Anakin's talk at the temple set the mood the the scene which shortly followed, showing that Anakin isn't so afraid anymore, showing that he's more confident then he previously was with who he is. And of course, most importantly that he's found peace with his own Master, his friend again without forgetting what led them to where they are now.

The conversation between Vader and Anakin, now reversed from the previous ones they've had as Vader is now the one on the ground, being visited by Anakin and not the other way around. Ben's treatment of his former self was written powerfully and perhaps in a manner not many would've. I mean... Vader was treated with dignity and respect and the last moment between the two was caring and accepting. Neither of them walk away from it, they are together. I LOVED the way Anakin holds Vader as he's saying 'I am a person'.

I know the buildup to Anakin accepting and saying who he is has been making you think and consider a lot of things about this story. Has made me think too. But now, at this point in time I can say this: so far it works. It freaking works! The small nudges towards him finding peace, the moments where he is either happy or sad but none the less facing his past, the way themes and characters are coming together, everything. You've done so well!
Alice chapter 27 . 3/1/2018
Thank you so much ! I never dared to hope that you would come back but here you are and your story is as fantastic as ever ! 3
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