Reviews for Respites Never Last
guest chapter 14 . 7/10
Its all your fault that I want to read Harry and crowley fick wair there together. All you and that mark you gave harry's fault. I hope you can hear my sulking from here.
Haha Pseudonym chapter 33 . 7/7
Oh my god this sequel better come out soon otherwise I might just die from the anticipation. This whole fic was really well written and reading it has been a joy. Despite said lack of planning the storyline developed amazingly and every time I got back to reading this I was drawn in again. I really hope you give this a sequel because it really deserves one.
glow821 chapter 1 . 7/7
Dear sweet baby jesus! ! I love this story! Holy moly! Please for the sanity of a lowly reader wow more! I need my fix! You are amazing and talented and spectacular!
Mordollwen Castiel chapter 33 . 6/13
Your story was truly amazing ! I couldn't stop reading until I finished it :p Your writing skill are so great ! Now I just can't wait to read the sequel I'm sure it'll be even greater than this one !
Very good job you did :) I loved reading your story !
PS : I'm french, sorry for my english x)
lucka0021 chapter 33 . 5/22
Man I love this story ... nice idea and really nicely written. I would love to read the promised sequel.
midnightheula chapter 33 . 5/11
If Apocalypse Daze is going to be anything like Respites Never Last then I cannot wait to read it! Thank you so much for writing this, it was amazing!
bluebird397 chapter 33 . 5/8
Love it! You're one to tal, Harry!
EverydayMagic17 chapter 1 . 5/6
Andy Elladora Black chapter 33 . 5/5
Thank you for writing this story and I will be eagerly awaiting your sequel. I started reading it just today early in the morning in a bout of boredom and finished it just now as I got back from work. I really like how unique this story is from the rest of the Harry Potter x Supernatural cross overs so I commend you on your creativity. Your grammar is absolutely delightful as well. I like how Harry wasn't over powered or too weak to hold his own in this story as he is in many other stories (unfortunately :( ) so this was a really nice refreshing change and I'm glad to have read it!

In order to give you a good perspective on how amazing this story is, I, me, as in probably the pickiest damn reader on this website who clicks away if you say 'where' instead of 'wear' or some other stupid silly mistake and who is also so damn lazy that I practically never write reviews...

Loved your summary
Loved your first chapter (honestly the most important thing ever)
Loved the plot

Actually bothered to sign in in order to follow you for the sequel and I actually bothered to write you a review.

Go you!

Awaiting your sequel with happy impatience...

(Stroking your ego a bit on purpose because you don't seem to hold your writing in very high regards in your last authors note here... But I still mean all of it of course.)
Mari Wollsch chapter 33 . 4/13
great xxxxxxxxxx
theoakleafbearer chapter 33 . 4/12
will there be a sequel to this?
JlovesGaara chapter 33 . 4/11
Ahhhhh loved this story so much. Great work keeping with canon. Loved Crowley. Good job with taking Harry and Sam's relationship slow so it wouldn't overshadow the story. Fantastic work, keep it up!
Guest chapter 33 . 4/2
absolutely brilliant! i'm so excited for the sequel, my heart kinda dropped a bit when yuu said this was the end. good work and i wish yuu luck for the next installment! can't wait!
Akayuki Novak chapter 33 . 3/28
Yes! Sam has little to no contact with Ruby! I'm not totally sure how this might ripple affect everything, but I'm just going for being glad right now.
Moon's Lullaby chapter 33 . 3/28
I seriously had a little hard attack at the end I mean I was like THAT'S IT!? But know I can't wait until sequel comes out! Woohoo! Also super happy you're going to put an alert up so I can fave it when it comes out!
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