Reviews for Respites Never Last
urworshipfulness chapter 16 . 1/21
It's bugging me so much that Harry's a squib that I can't even enjoy reading this. I've actually starting skimming through the chapters for signs of getting magic back because even though this is a kickass story I despise squib!Harry.
Theayonder chapter 33 . 1/20
Read this all in one day. Engaging, eclectic and I don't even read much slash fiction if it's not BilboxThorin related so great job. Now on to Season 2. Er sequel- whatever.
Theayonder chapter 9 . 1/20
I've always been fond of the name Nathan.
Guest chapter 34 . 12/17/2016
I look forward to seeing the sequel of this what if crossover story.

The Crimson Mage.
alixbelle810 chapter 1 . 12/17/2016
Just from the first chapter I find Harry extremely out of character. Idk, maybe that was just needed to set up the story? I guess i'll find out.
Ciel.Michealis chapter 34 . 12/16/2016
PrincessMau chapter 33 . 10/20/2016
Have you started the sequel? I really love this!
Guest chapter 33 . 8/2/2016
When are you making the sequel?
Silver Kitsune-Chan chapter 4 . 5/24/2016
I love this story more than I can express in simple words, it's amazingly written!
(And that picture of New Zealand is adorable.)
Beth9891 chapter 33 . 4/5/2016
This was amazing! I really hope you write a sequel.. Would be interesting to see how the angels take Harry O:-)
cilia-chan chapter 33 . 3/22/2016
Loved this fic so much! I really hope there will be a sequel! Looking forward to it!
forgotmypassword chapter 2 . 2/22/2016
this is really good and the authors note wasn't that big :)
tat5934 chapter 33 . 1/28/2016
Your story was amazing!
Are you still planning to write a sequel? I hope you are!
Ariesp19 chapter 33 . 1/8/2016
Oh I can't wait... You shoul update here when you do for those fallowing
justaislinn chapter 27 . 11/23/2015
Hi there! I don't know if you still get many reviews now that you've finished the story, but I jus started reading it and I LOVE it!
The scene a bit ago with Harry staring at Sam and they got all blushy? Yeah I instantly stopped reading to draw that cuz it inspired me big time. I'm too lazy to do an actually good quality fan art, but if you'd accept a doodle comic I'd be happy to share it with you if you could just message me a social media platform or email or something, I don't think pics can be sent through pm?
I'm excited to keep reading!
Write on:)
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