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M1ssR1ssa chapter 5 . 9/2/2013
I love this story! Keep it up!
icelong296 chapter 9 . 7/24/2013
she wanted to run away and start a new life without "it", without Sean and Eric but with someone... who could give her everything she wanted, money, power, love. Wouldnt that be easier?
It would, she should, but she couldn't, not any more! She should go for that kind of life without hesitation, only if it was still possible! She should have been expecting that near-perfect-life, only if she had made the wise decision. If she had not let her greed, desire, ambition and vengeance blinded her eyes, her heart, and clouded her judgment, she would see things through, she should have known her own limits, most importantly, she should have known better that even with her hexen-powers back, she would not stand the slightest chance to mess with the Royals and the prophecy! Oh, God knows, how much she wanted a reset! If she could be less ambitious, greedy and vengeful, if she could just stick to the contract made with Stefania, the gypsy helped her be a Hexenbiest again, and all she needed to do was, giving birth and giving away, simple, is it not?! And then, with her hexen-powers, her natural intelligent and beauty, she could live a high-quality-luxurious life ultimately to perfection, a life full of luxuries, fancy cars, grand mansions and wealthy-handsome-sexy men who love her to the core that are eager and willing to do anything to please her. She could go almost anywhere she wants and have almost any man she desires. Surely, a woman like her could easily grab most men’s hearts and see them fall madly and deeply into her, then, she simply toyed them with her delicate long thin fingers and took whatever she wanted, asked of them everything for granted, until she got bored, and there was probably nothing much left to take, she just moved on and left a long trace of pieces of broken hearts and broken-worn-out men. To a great degree, she could not only enjoy her own life at will, but also wreck others’ lives if necessary, or simply as pleased. With her hexen-powers and other natural superiority, she could live a classy life that most people would consider to be ideal, even royal, if only had she made the different choice. However, that is just most people, she is Adalind Schade, she has never been the commonwealth. She is beautiful, intelligent, powerful and a Hexenbiest. At first, she just wanted her hexen-powers back, she wanted it so badly that was willing to trade with her baby without hesitation, she had no plan to be a loving mother, not at the beginning anyway. After having her hexen-powers back, she felt the once lost power flooded inside her again, once more, she was powerful, as nature of a Hexenbiest and Adalind Schade, she wanted more. Somehow, she learnt the knowledge that the child she was carrying were very likely to be the legendary royal princess in prophecy, she saw a once-in-a-thousand-year-opportunity, she took it, gambling everything she had. Now, the reality was, because of her choice, the life that could have been was forever lost to her. And, the epic choice of hers would either actually make her rise or silence her for good. Either way, there is no way back, no matter how desperately she wished, and she knew it. Everything had set in motion, the prophetic war had already begun, there is no way out or to run, for that matter, the show had to be played out, in full. She is the mother of the fated princess who were to be the most powerful creature of wesen world once come to age, the one that was destined to create new order and change the balance of the world forever, if not to destroy it, the one that was meant to be the true ruler of world-fate, someone wanted her to embody their God, someone wanted her for their own vicious world-domination dream, someone wanted to kneel before her and swore their loyalty, someone simply wanted her dead, different beings have different goals for her, but all of them may have one thing in common, which is, once they have, or kill the child, they would kill the mother the next, the reason could be various, for one, if she could produce one legendary creature, who could absolutely guarantee there wouldn’t be other? Also, what kind of power she had or would attain after carrying the-most-powerful-to-be-creature for about nine months? Sort of these, at all events, no one likes loose ends. So, she had tied herself firmly and permanently to her royal child and the Renard royal brothers. Normally, serving the Royals would be the great honor to a Hexenbiest, binding with one intimately and having bastard, quite rare but possible and of great risk, however, as a Hexenbiest giving birth to the future king or queen, that is something her mother would not even dare to dream of, she managed to do that and more, she is going to bring the prophetic royal princess into this world who was meant for the throne of the world. Which meant she managed to bind herself with the royals permanently, just not exactly the way she had planned, but the result might be greater, as long as she could survive for that long.

a broken man, a man with no faith, no hope, gone were his ambitions, gone was his humor and arrogance.
Good heavens! Eric… Would he ever be able to recover from this? He is the rightful king now, for the sake of his people, and Sean, if not for himself and his child, he must, he had to, although, I could not see how.

what if the child was his? He hoped for a girl, he prayed for a girl. …and a new hope arose! If only it was a girl… would she really save him? Why would she do that, Sean would take care of her, …, he would be a better father than he, Eric. Maybe this was all right, he was supposed to die in this dungeon.
Dear lord, if that was merely my humble hope that Eric was the father of Adalind’s child, at this moment, for the sake of Eric’s life, heart and sanity, the girl has to be his, the fatherhood might be the only thing to raise Eric’s will to live and keep him from total desperation or insanity, furthermore, prevent future uncontrollable thirst for blood and revenge, Eric needs to be the father! Not because what the girl would become in the future, simply for who she is in the first place! Not the niece who happens to be the destined most powerful creature of the world, who is to reset the world structure and order by prophecy, who is only partially related to him and could be used as a tool, a weapon, for revenge, for war, for power, for his own ambition and desire, if not the world’s destruction, not the one he could use with clear conscience, if he still left any, but the precious daughter who has his blood floating in her veins, who is his greatest creation and achievement in the world, who is the most valuable and precious gift bestowed him, who might be the one and only to stop him from completely losing himself, or what little self there was left, who would be the single light and hope that hasn’t been and couldn’t be taken away from him, who might be the only reason he would live for, the last straw of his bloody life, moreover, who might be the last fence between his reasonable mind and humanity (well, if he ever had any, and still left), and frantically drowning into temerarious vengeance without slightly caring the consequences of the havoc and massive casualties, when he was in power again. Eric needs someone more related other than Sean to pull him together, what’s more, activate him to gather energy to let her save him. Oh, yeah, for the sake of our beloved Eric, he is definitely and desperately in need of the fatherhood to the legendary girl!

Eric would not die, would he?

Brilliant, fantastic, marvelous, extremely fascinating, extraordinarily ingenious and definitely scintillating with wit! You never cease to surprise me!

Thank you ultimately for your new chapter 9! Amazed me to no end! Dear, you are so incredibly remarkably gifted with words! Never ever doubt this! When you have some idea, hesitate not, just put it into your words, you are great!

Sorry for the incoherence and likely-nonsense-mind-flaring.

Had to say, you have got quite a grasp of choosing FATAL POINT to stop! This new-developed skill of yours could actually be weaponized to kill one day.
Seriously, dying to see your next chapter!

May all the joy befallen you, my friend!
I Mean Nothing to You chapter 8 . 7/16/2013
Love the story, there should be more Eric/Sean/Adalind.
Can't wait for the next chapter!
icelong296 chapter 6 . 6/28/2013
Brilliant, fantastic, remarkable and incredibly ingenious! You bet I enjoy it keenly and ultimately! You, my friend, are a pure genius who is significantly blessed with words!

..coming 15 minutes late was Erics standard.
Eric was doing his childish ha-ha-ha you are screwed bro faces...
And that was when we knew Eric was definitely a Renard because that laugh was way too similar.-Congratulations, dear! You have captured the essence of Eric!

He looked at her growing belly, 6 months and very pregnant. - Only 6 months? It is not likely Sean will willingly stay in the Castle for 4 months, even for his precious Grimm, not mention he was ordered to get the key by the
king. Will Adalind have a premature labor and give birth just before Sean's leaving? So that Sean would have to delay his leaving and so on? There is quite a lot of stress, anxiety, uneasiness and even unsettled fear in the tension, not exactly the most ideal environment for nourishing the fetus, and any of the above factors could result in a premature birth, right?

"I admire your taste, boys but you should have wear that modern thing called condom..."- This was absolutely brilliant!

"Have you ever wondered that ... and get straight to business."-The image of Monsieur Renard, definitely Charles Dance it is! (Judging by all the conversation) Not just a bit of reflection of Lord Tywin! However, comparing the two, Monsieur Renard cares both of his sons deeply, yet, chose hell of a way of expressing, especially to Sean, which was... his style and weirdly right?! OK, am I that eccentric?

So... Stefania had the honor to be dealt with by Monsieur Renard, was she dead? Certainly, such wise man like the king would not have a loose end as vicious as Stefania who would hold the bloody grudge forever and awaiting in the dark for the opportunity to strike and revenge?!

"if the child is harmed, you are going to be killed but that is going to get killed anyway. ..."-Did the king care the child because he/she is his grandchild after all, or, purely due to his/her strategic value, or both? My money is on both, more the latter for now, though. Was the king excepting a girl as well? Speaking of this matter, supposedly, due to many reasons, simply ultrasound could not determine the gender of the royal child?

"Father, please, it was surely just a mistake." Surprisingly it was Eric was stood up for Adalind... -This and the sheepish smile you mentioned in the last chapter, did those mean Eric, at least, a little fall for Adalind?
Not just lust, a little bit of true heart, maybe? Plus Sean's certain feelings for Adalind, if it were normal days, this two-brothers-have-affection-for-one-lady could be a complication, but, under the current circumstances, this might just be the exact necessary to ensure Adalind and the child's survival!Hell, in such crucial time, realized or not, this seemingly absurd bond might just be the insurrance of all their survival!And, they will need all the power they have, to defend themselves and protect the ones they cherish!

The peasants that were forming armies were the Grimm zealots who fanatically believed in the ancient prophency that certain royal-blood-child would bring the world into the fire of war one day, right? And,the Grimm that was on her way was Kelly, yeah? But, was she on her way to rescue her son, or to kill the legendary deatroyer-of-the-world-to-be-royal-child? Surely, she has the basic sense of reality that she could not accomplish both, and if she were to do the latter, succeeded or not, it would most certainly end up with the demise of her son and herself?!

The world was ready to start the war, just for an unborn child.

Monsieur Renard was ready, the great elegance in him shining like moon, ... it was a question of simply his being, his presence, his manners, you respected him just because he breathed.

...maybe he was getting ready to face the son his wife wanted dead and boiled for dinner.

...Monsieur Renard had to admire her beauty, of course Renard boys had a great taste.

The whole ceremony of shame and awkwardness was broken by the announcement of dinner.

Sean grabbed that moment for himself, Eric for now was happy to watch such a brilliant scene, Adalind was now fascinated by the glass of wine, she could not drink.

The dinner was done, everyone felt like they were 14 and caught kissing their boyfriend / girlfriends.

Dear Lord, all those sectences and more are scintillating with wit, and the whole chapter has been a leakage of your very flashes of brilliance! This is the fourth time I have read the chapter, still, I found it extremely fascinating and
captive and amazed me to no end! How could you ever doubt yourself with such pure talents?! My dear, have you seriously not realized that the way you were blessed with your words, thoughts and mind, is that mountains of people would kill
for! Never ever doubt yourself in that matter again! You are a star in the making!

PS: Sorry for the incoherence of the context,and mind flaring! I am still a bit overwhelmed by your latest outstanding chapter! You stopped at A KILLING POINT again! Seriously dying to see your next chapter!
icelong296 chapter 5 . 6/5/2013
Thank you immensely for your new chapter! It was infinitely brilliant, fascinating, fantastic, fabulous and absolutely mind-bombing as you promised in your last message! Dear Lord, you are unbelievably amazing! And yes, of course, you are my friend, I am honored and lucky to be your friend!

I am terribly sorry to hear that you have failed your literature exam! However, please do not lose heart! Look at what marvelous work you have done with your story, sheer ingenious and creative which not only amazed me to end with every of your updating, but also allure my heart sink into it and drown willingly!
Sorry, I was overexcited and overwhelming by your updating!
Mind still flaring! Lord, you are such a prodigy scintillating with wit!

Please be sure that those are not cheap compliments nor simply comfort for your exam! No matter how it came out of your literature test, you are extraordinarily gifted with words, at least only this, you must believe! Have more confidence of yourself! You will do better in your re-test!

The news said that there was flood in your country, are you all right? Do please Take care of yourself!

PS: Sorry for the late reply, the Internet in this area is still down, the maintenance informed the residence that due to some malfunction, they might need to re-wire the entire community. But meantime, they gave the residence a temporary and limited WiFi connection which was very unstable, to say the least.
Nina chapter 4 . 5/28/2013
I would like it to be Eric's child.
He will try to kill Adalind for producing another hexenbiest/royal halfbreed, she will give up her life to safe the baby and Sean can kill Eric in revenge / defense of the child (you get to choose which you prefer) and then Sean can raise the child as his, since they are more alike because of the disastrous family situation ;-)

How about that? Got any other ideas? If yes, please give us the next chapter!
Thank you!
icelong296 chapter 4 . 5/24/2013
I think the whole Grimm work is dedicated to you, really :D, as weird as it sounds! I hope you are going to enjoy that one.-It was not weird at all! Thank you very much for saying so, I am so honored! And you bet I enjoyed it tremendously!
As for the exams, I try not to think about them, after I finished and re-submitted the last two essays, I will leave all of them behind the very back of my mind until the the notice letter of final marks arrived, then, we will see and deal with it, somehow.
Im sorry this one is probably not really great but hopefully next chap will! -Don't ever say that, this chapter is wonderful as , I am sure the next one will be even better!

"I know it is of a royal blood and I know Miss Schade was offered a certain sum of money to sell the child... possibly hexenbiest and who knows how much gifted,..."
"Pff, how do I know. 5th month?..."
As we already knew that Adalind had stated clearly she was not interested in money, she just wanted her Hexen-powers back. Later, in Grimm221,Stefenia kind of, forced Adalind to sign a contract in a wicked way. Also, after watching the Grimm Season 2 finale, we knew that S found a way to restore her Hexen-powers,which requires another Hexenbiest's heart and must be cut out while it is still beating. After one hell of a stunt they have pulled off, S cut out Frau Pech's still-beating-Hexenbiest-heart from her stomach as it had to be. And Adalind was one step away from getting her Hexen-powers back. Judging from A's figure, she had not quite started showing by that time.(Revising of the show, can't help doing that. )
However, in your story, from Eric's vaguely conjecture, Adalind was about 5 months which means she has started showing at least, and that meant it had been a while since the cutting Hexen-heart incident; Also, Eric mentioned the baby would possibly be Hexenbiest. Does that mean Adalind has already got her poawers back?
I mean, in your story, at this stage, has A got her Hexen-powers back already? Or,will she ever be a real Hexenbiest again, in this story, I mean? (Sorry for the incoherence! Too obsessed with this point!)

About Nick's current state, from your description in the story, correct me if I am wrong, Nick was watching football match on TV alone, and seemed to be alone for a while, also, since he heard the door-knocking, he has suspected Monroe, we could tell he was not living in Monroe's house any more. The question is, has he moved back to his old house? And did he finally break up, at least, separate with Juliette?(Sorry again, seriously down with Juliette!)

And, WELL DONE with the " when a royal child is born, a war will start" plot! Completely unexpected! Took me by surprise! Brilliant and ingenious! High five to you!

Nevertheless, there seems to be a little illogicality in this design? "old legend"-It sounds like there hasn't been a royal birth for centuries. But, through centuries, if not millennia, haven't there always been royal children born from time to time to keep the royal bloodlines going on? So, it seemed unlikely there had been a war starting with every royal birth? Unless,in your story, the royals' life-span are measured in centuries,and in that case, it will all make sense. But then, there would be slight inconformity with the show.

If I may give a little bit of suggestion to your story, it might be more coherent should the legend focus on one particular royal child, such as, the child is only half-royal and mother is a Hexenbiest? No, that would be Sean and possibly other royal bastards with similar Hexen-Royal-origin.
Ah, how about the legend is a little more specific about the mother and father? Something like, the mother was a Hexenbiest whose powers were once destroyed by a Grimm but were restored while still carrying the child(like Adalind), and the father is the prince of one of the most powerful houses amongst the royal seven(like Eric and Sean), hence, the child would naturally have the Hexen-apparition in an unnatural way,and with the half-royal lineage,which would not only give him/her immense power(both magically and other sort like politically, financially,etc. ) but also some kind of darkness, and the darkness along with those powers,it was said that someday, the royal child might somehow start a war that most likely would drive the world into chaos/ would one day collect all seven keys and obtain the once sealed powers, then use it to start a war which would put an end to the current world-order and have the old imperialist privileges restored, becoming tyrant of the world, sort of these?
(Sorry thrice, you see, once I am in that "INTO" mood, always can't help doing such things, just ignore me, if it annoyed you! Deeply deeply apologize if I have overstepped!)

PS:Fantastic work it is! You are a natural writer. Having read tons of all kinds of fan-fictions, becoming less easier to be touched, not mention drown to one. But, you see, I am drown into this one,that is what how fascinating your story is!Please Have more confidence of yourself!

Best luck to your finals!

PS: Looking forward to your next chapter! Dying to see how you carry the plot out with Sean facing Adalind first time since she got pregnant and Nick confronting Sean about the royal child?!
valdislokidotta chapter 3 . 5/20/2013
Um,…No rushing! Just let you know your loyal audience is still waiting for your updates!

PS: Wish you best luck in your finals!
icelong296 chapter 3 . 5/18/2013
Hello, just finished re-writing one essay, back for now! And, read over the story again,ah, how I love it! You are unbelievably amazing! You are aware of that, are you not?

Also, have a few questions about the end of Chapter 3. Is "another Grimm" Nick's mother? And, "the most powerful weapon on the planet... the Royal child", do you mean royal child are powerful, or, just this particular Royal child, if the latter, is Adalind's child be "the most powerful weapon on the planet", because of his father, or, the child he/herself would born with tremendous power?
Sorry, too curious, asking too much!

Dying to see your next chapter!
icelong296 chapter 2 . 5/18/2013
This chapter is dedicated to icelong296 (tumblr), because people who encourage other people deserve an award or two or more. (this sounds so cheesy but it means so much to me)
Thank you very much! You are amazing!
Please do keep on, I am craving to see your next chapter! Checking for updating for your story becomes my daily basis now.
Your beautiful words would always be appreciated and delight my day to no end, you are aware of that, right?!
valdislokidotta chapter 1 . 5/13/2013
Sorry for my last overexcited message, hope it did not scare you!I certainly hope not! You see, my fantasy CP are often rare and do not have much peers, hence,there are very few fanfictions and the good ones are even fewer. When I found one, I tend to be excited-overexcited, and most time I do this, people scared or feeling bothered, so, if it was the same case this time, my deeply apologize! However, please do continue this story, you really did ingenious work as my cousin said when she recommended this fiction to me. The story is indeed fabulous and fantastic!
valdislokidotta chapter 2 . 5/13/2013
Excellent,wonderful,brilliant story! It has been a long time since I read such interesting fanfiction, and it is about Eric / Sean and Adalind,my favorite royal brothers and the weirdest and most fascinating triangle combnation ! Please do keep on and let my heartrate off charts! Can't wait ti see the next chapter!Will Adalind give birth safely to the prince/princess,or,twins?! Will the Renard brothers raise the child together?!Reluctantly in the begining, but then, as days going on, the child/ren growing up little by little, the Renard brothers…
mi guard chapter 2 . 5/11/2013
interesting, wonder which side Sean decides to take - looking forward to more
ps this was definitely better :)
guest chapter 1 . 4/24/2013
interesting story, wondering if you will continue it and what the two brothers will be doing together, except for driving themselves crazy, please update
ps you might not feel the need for a beta reader and I can accept that, but maybe a spell check would have been appropriate ;)